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  1. I had a foreclosure in 2014. The loan balance was $278k, Home was foreclosed then sold for $195k. The loan was through JPMorgan Chase, but backed by VA. I have yet to file my taxes for 2014-2016 because of a huge tax mess with my ex/ divorce, identity theft, etc. We are done with the court piece, so I am working with IRS to straighten all that out. In the meantime they sent me my 2014 transcript and it shows 100,000 for the foreclosure possibly reporting as income? I'm not sure why else it would be listed. Would I be responsible for paying taxes on that amount? State is Maryland FYI
  2. Awesome, guys! Thank you. This makes sense. Ill update with results.
  3. State was Maryland, legal date of seperation was August 2014 per court order, divorce finalized October 2016. I figured as much with the medical. Hpefully the hospital will let me pay directly to them. Pretty POd that she didn't bother telling me or filing the insurance I pay for. Could have avoided the higher fee.
  4. I have 3 Collections showing on my report that I am not sure if they are legally my responsibility. I sent the general DV letter to each and got a half a-- response, Need suggestions as to do next. Specifics: Divorce agreement does not address the debts in question, as I did not know they existed. The ex set-up the accounts at some point during our messy split and just never paid them. Finances were an absolute nightmare with her especially at the end, so I really have nothing to go off of. They are registered to the address we lived at briefly together before I completely moved out in August 2014. Sprint: Enhanced Recovery $1,633 opened 1/29/16 Childrens Medical: IC Systems $453 opened 2015, I have the kids on a medical plan and flex plan, but was never notified that they were taken to this facility. Directv: IC System $273 opened April 2016 All three of these accounts they responded with the first page of a statement with my name and the joint address on it. I am pretty confident, these are not mine, but how can I get them to distinguish that for sure? I may try to pay the Medical directly to the hospital since it was legit for my daughter, but I just want to make sure I am making the smartest decision. Thank you.

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