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  1. I had miss my flight and stay in Chicago for two weeks longer, sending Rom home. Which gives him two weeks to install three faucets, finish the under the stairs hideout, hang all of the blinds, get all our stuff from storage, find a place for it, and unpack rest of boxes so we quit teaching our kids it's ok to live like hobos. Oh. And put hooks in bathrooms. And hang up pictures. And bathroom shelves. ...and procure and install a nursery glider. I feel like that's fair.
  2. Thinking about you and your family, stay strong for him. Make good memories. (())
  3. And, Rom took photos of the section in detail so I could critique later. I was pissed that OB didn't trim fatty stuff when he put me back together. All that money he charges, and we were already there, and cut wide open.. As usual, men have no common sense and need play by play instructions.. Sent from my GPSing, Candy Crushing, Photographing, Interneting, Messaging device that can also make phonecalls.
  4. OC!!!!! PS, Mouse and Eboni are same person, you forgot Ugby. lol! Sent from my GPSing, Candy Crushing, Photographing, Interneting, Messaging device that can also make phonecalls.
  5. I am no longer knocked up, I'll have you know. Miss Julie is thriving on Facebook, out of reach of all the mean, judgy, snippy wenches. Giraffe. Cough. Giraffe.
  6. I hate it when you get off your meds and go behind Thor'd back and get online.. Nobody is questioning Eboni's blackness. She is for sure more black than Sillyviolet is honest.
  7. Not to channel Tigz, but a while ago you had no degree of any kind, and now you're a graduate student? Those chai cupcakes were the best.
  8. Thank you And thanks Pam for my little family. They're kinda super adorable.
  9. I'm interested to see how many lawsuits pile up during this affair. Yesterday, there was a possible sighting of the dude in a Lowe's, so they locked in all the customers for something like an hour, then let them out into the back, and then sent them home on foot, telling them to come back for the cars later. I would be pretty pissy if I was being offered up as a hostage to some dude running around shooting people.
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