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  1. Please call a lawyer before you consolidate and ask questions. If you are in default, dispute your interest charges with borrower defense or dispute that the charges are not adding up. Then ask them to recommend you for Admin forbearance to bide time for you to figure out what's going on. Request all and every financial doc from your loan servicers including your master promissory notes. go line by line and add everything up. Remember they are not on your side. They are in it to make as much money as possible. My husband is in a similar situation. I have been fighting it since 2016. Do your
  2. @Centex, when a company purchases a consolidation, they have to obtain the original loan information so they know what they are buying. NELNET DOES NOT HAVE THE ORIGINAL LOAN Information. If they do not have the original loan info they legally cannot take money from me.
  3. I did a FOIA request but it doesn't add up. That's why I need to see the original Master Promissory Note
  4. I have been disputing my Nelnet student loan since 2016 with Borrowers Defense (still pending). One issue is the University of Phoenix scam, the other issue to which I have not yet started, is the Master Promissory note and the interest charges. I would like some input and help with these issues below, if anyone cares to give me some input and help: 1. While in Admin Forbearance isn't it that subsidized loans are NOT supposed to be charged interest? 2. I keep requesting the Master promissory note and Nelnet keeps sending me a promissory note with Nelnet on it. How can the mast
  5. I was not trying to be difficult. I'm working. The loan was at 189,000. The land and house is 208,000
  6. I's tryin like heck to find out if my loan servicer allows it. It is Lakeview. They don't answer the phone
  7. Does the appraisal have to be through the servicer? I pay more and put it towards principle.
  8. Not the words I want to see 😡, how can I get out of it asap?
  9. Hello, I'm trying to get rid of PMI. Can I pay my monthly mortgage payment and request it all go towards the principle in order to get rid of PMI?
  10. Does anyone know of a mortgage broker that will do a manual review. Thx
  11. Payments were made up for the missed payments. I have a consolidated loan part A and B but it is one due date.
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