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  1. Ok thanks for your help, I will send the DVs out again and follow up with the CRA.
  2. Hey whychat I contacted the insurance company that I thought I had and they don’t have any claims for those services. I’m thinking now that I may have been between jobs and was uninsured at the time, so should I keep sending the CA the debt validation letter or what I should I do at this point? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey I have successfully disputed other medical collections before using your program so I followed the steps to a "t" this time as well. The collection accounts say they were opened 9/1/16 and 10/1/16 respectfully so im assuming these services would have been done in early 2016. Im pretty sure I was insured through my employer but I don't have the EOMBs. This is my second time disputing these accounts and the CA never sent any correspondence verifying the debt. I don't know what to do at this point??
  4. Hey recently 2 medical collections appeared on my credit report and I disputed them with the CRA following your directions exactly for disputing medical accounts, however they decided not to delete them. They said that the disputes were valid after contacting the CA however they never sent anything validating the debt. I then followed your instructions for contacting the CA for debt validation and I never received anything back from then, so I then contacted the CRA using your letter stating that I never received any debt validation from the CA, so the CRA opened another dispute and still determined that the dispute was valid but I have received any validation from the CA. I don't mind paying the 2 medical accounts however I want to make sure they are deleted after being paid so what do I do now if I haven't received any validation of the debts from the CA???? Thanks for all you do!!
  5. it verified the charges and services and procedures that were provided by the Emergency Room for 4 of the accounts i disputed
  6. so whychat i got written correspondence from each bureau stating that all 13 items have been deleted(yes!!!) however i received a letter from the collection agency verifying a debt. Should i be worried about this since they have been deleted or how should i respond, now the date from equifax is Dec 11th and the letter from one of the CA is December 12th. It says the debt was verified and this an attempt to collect a debt. What should I do?
  7. Ok so it sounds like I should just be patient at this point and wait for transunion and equifax written correspondence at this point?
  8. Are you saying that although you received notice from CK that there were 7 accounts deleted from TU and Eq you have been unable to confirm that information and you are unable to use the back door ?? My initial dispute with both bureaus were 13 collection accounts on each bureau. I got a notice that 7 were deleted for both bureaus. On CK the remaining six are in a re-investigation status for Equifax but for Transunion they have them in a collection status not dispute status. Im unable to use the back door method for Equifax as i just used it earlier this week and it wouldn't let me in today. Im also not able to backdoor on transunion. Did you receive anything from any CRA relating to your disputes?? I haven't received any written correspondence in the mail from either bureau. I wouldn't trust CK completely as to accuracy on your deletions from your reports, however it may be a question of timing. You say that your back door of TU shows them all still in a collection status with NO indication of a pending dispute and that Eq has them as being re-investigated?? I havent been able to back door either bureau. What i was saying was that on CK the 6 items that were still showing on CK were still in a collection status and the 6 items for Equifax were being re-investigated. Exactly what do you mean that you followed the program "step by step"?? You opted out and deleted old addresses and used real reports for your disputes? https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html You followed the HIPAA program guide? https://whychat.me/G...AA PROGRAM.html You sent the initial dispute letter to each CRA listing all medical accounts as they appeared on the report you were disputing? https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html When did the CRAs receive your dispute letters?? Yes i completed each step just as the directions stated. Equifax received the letters on Nov 12 and transunion Nov 13.
  9. Hello first of all I would like to say thanks for all the help and information you provide daily. I recently came across this forum and Whyhcat researching ways deal with medical debt and long story short i start reading the post of fellow members here and decided to dispute my own collections. I have followed the program step-by-step and have just had some success getting 7 medical collections removed from equifax and transunion(i am very happy for this), however my initial dispute letters to both bureaus had 13 collections circled and to be disputed. Sorry to ramble here but I would like to know what to do from this point? I tried to use the backdoor method to see what accounts were still in collections but equifax wouldn't let me in at this moment however i just received an alert from credit karma informing me that those 7 accounts were deleted from both transunion and equifax. Now when check my collections on equifax it has the remaining 6 collections in a re-investigation status however, transunion has them in a collection status. I wanted to know what should my next step be to tackle those other 6 collections that i initially had on my dispute letters from the beginning. Sorry again to ramble, hopefully you can understand what im saying through all the rambling. Thanks again for all your insight!

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