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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, WhyChat! Yes, absolutely. I admit, I had opted-in about two months ago in order to look for SP prequal while rebuilding. This did work for that purpose, but I have to imagine that it also brought the CA as well. Afterall, the jacklegs had the account since February 2018 and didn't report till now "coincidentally" when my scores jumped up 75+ points, new credit was obtained, and old collections paid. Future rebuilders reading this should take heed. Cuts both ways. Pulling all three reports today, and will be hand writing and address
  2. So I've spent the past year patching and repairing my credit. I've documented my progress over the past few months in this thread. My Sunday afternoon was upset by alerts from my various credit tracking apps. A new medical collection for $3800 had been added to my EQ and TU dropping my scores by about 50 points. After some digging today, I found out what happened. I spent a week in the hospital last July 2017. It took till the end of October 2017 for all the insurance claims to be made, and in the end, I owed around $3400. I have gap insurance which was more than enough to pa
  3. Thanks to some market shifts, my job responsibilities are expanding and I'll be hitting the road more frequently starting next year. Since we exclusively fly Delta, I figured hey, see if AMEX is still showing that Delta Gold SkyMiles pre-approval. I figure worst case scenario, they SP my old score from July and I get declined. No big deal. Checking the AMEX site, I found that yes, the Gold is still showing up with a slight difference. Instead of the previous 24 or 25% APR, it was showing 17.25%. I also noticed it had the 50K SkyMiles points bonus after $1000 spent in 3 months
  4. After being lost in spreadsheet Hades for the past week, I decided to take a break and follow up with AMEX. I checked the online status of my recon, which had gone from Declined to In Process after my call. Well, it reverted back to Declined. I figured I would have at least gotten a HP, but nothing on EQ, TU, or EX. Also, when I reviewed the e-doc attached to the Declined, I noticed it was the same as the original from 8/21. I received a letter in the mail from AMEX yesterday. It confirmed AMEX had "reviewed my recon request, but they were sorry to inform me that they had dec
  5. althes, correct. The SP was before the increase in EX. EX FICO Timeline Today, Disco reported the new CL to EQ and TU with similar effect to EX: EQ: 639 -> 667 TU: 655-> 687 EX: 679 Again, very happy with the numbers. As of this evening, AMEX hasn't done a HP from my recon request from yesterday, and the app status is still In Progress.
  6. Insufficient FICO of 604 on EX from 7/14/2018. Reason codes were: Account(s) not paid as agreed. Proportion of revolving balances to revolving credit limits is too high. Number of accounts delinquent Insufficient number of satisfactory accounts. I know AMEX isn’t known for recons but I figured with the 45 point FICO jump on EX, all accounts paid, and UTI now showing zero, it was worth the call. Like dvd said, worst case the u/w gives me another decline when they HP and I follow up on the Optima program. Best case scenario, I become one of the rare few with a successful AMEX recon and g
  7. dvd, Done and done. Just spoke to a very nice rep who couldn't do too much for me, but sent the app to u/w and said to give it 5 days for recon. We shall see. cashnocredit, I wonder if Camus would have called for recon, or would he have considered it an absurd, sisyphean task. LOL! I'll opt for strapping on my wings and giving it my all over resigned acquiescence any day. In the immortal words of Neil Young, "it's better to burn out than fade away." 😊
  8. DVD and CV, Poor Icarus. He flew too high. Went for the BCE and received an instant denial. According to the decision letter, it was based on EX FICO score of 604 from 7/14/2018. So no hard pull. Maybe I'm still on the Black List, but why would I have gotten a pre-qual yesterday? I just logged into MF to check EX and see that the brand new Discover reported yesterday and resulted in ANOTHER score jump: EX: (June 2018) 604 -> (yesterday) 648 (+44) -> (today) 679 (+31) Not bad for having activated the card less than 12 hours ago! Guys,
  9. Quick update, and a question for you wonderful folks: As of today, score progress is as follows: EQ: 587 -> 639 (+52 since 6/2018) TU: 604 -> 655 (+51 since 6/2018) EX: 604 -> 648 (+44 since 6/2018) Charge-Off Balances Now Reporting ZERO As of last Friday, all the charge-off payments I made last month are now showing on all three bureaus, as well as the new INQs for my Capital One and Discover Secured. All 3 FICOs increased a little at a time over the past couple of weeks as each posted, while FAKOs flip-flopped all over the place like a dy
  10. Thanks for the link, it was a good read. I get the fact it's a non-linear model as well as the tendency for bone headed consumers (such as myself) to make assumptions based on false causality. Just found that particular one on my report humorous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks, cv, and I agree! I find this interesting. Just got a FICO notice and took a quick glance at it. I'm new at all this, but I don't think I remember seeing or hearing about a new INQ increasing a FICO score. No other changes on EX. 🤣
  12. First time ever getting to add to this topic! [emoji846] Discover It Secured $2,000 Capital One QuicksilverOne $3,000 AMEX Optima $500 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Mulling things over this weekend, I decided to go ahead and go for my secured card. My thinking being that once the accounts I paid off post, I have nothing to offset the utilization. Again, my charged-off accounts were causing all three reports to show a 161% credit usage. Once the payments posted, that would go away but so would the credit lines. I pulled the trigger on Discover It secured with no problem. Went for a $2,000 line of credit and got approved. I know that's not a big deal to some folks but it is a huge deal to me. Quite happy! Then I decided to roll the dice. I applied for t
  14. Woke up this morning to my cell churning out app notifications. My first derog account just updated after my charge-off payments from July. Kohl's/C1 changed the status to PAID IN FULL on EQ which resulted in a nice little jump, and EX updated to PAID COLLECTION ACCOUNT with a 1-pt. bump up: TU: 634 (no change since end of July) EQ: 587 - 596 (+9) EX: 615 - 616 (+1) I still have the other two larger and older charge-offs waiting to report, and I noticed at the end of July, all three reports were behind by about two months reporting. I think I mig
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