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  1. Another question, while I'm printing letters. This paid medical that EX validated is also being reported to EQ. Since I haven't heard back from EQ, do I go on and print and send that letter in the same envelope to the CA? Or wait to see what EQ does? If the CA validated to EX, then my best guess would be they will validate to EQ as well.
  2. Well, I never had to check Experian back door. I got a letter in the mail. They validated the Paid medical collection with the following wording on the online dispute center: The company that reported the information has certified to Experian that the information is accurate. This item was not changed as a result of our processing of your dispute. Please review your report for the details. So have the next letter (Alternative medical DV for account that have been Paid) going out today. I have a stack of the Free USPS tracking forms and a dozen or so Priority mail envelopes that I ordered online from USPS and had delivered for free. Still nothing more from EQ on the paid and unpaid account disputes. TU sent their "Paid account is deleted" letter in the mail.
  3. Also, what does PM # mean on the letter template, next to date? C&P below... Your Name 123 Your Street Address Your City, ST 01234 ABC Collections 123 NotOnYourLife Ave Chicago, IL Date: _________ PM#____________ Re: Acct # XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX To Whom It May Concern:
  4. Thanks, drafting the medical DV to the CA now as prep. I will be using the "marked as paid" version. I can't check the backdoor until this evening but I will check that before mailing this letter. As I do not have the account number on this paid collection, do I just put the Xs and numbers I can see on my EX & EQ reports? I could probably piece together the full account number between my EQ and EX reports from previous months. Just thought I would ask before going to do that since I see on the link above it says to make the account number match the report exactly on the letter. I don't have any documentation on this account other than what I can see on my credit reports. Edit to add, I can see the full account number on my EX report. Not on my EQ report. Both are actual print out copies of my report from annual credit report. Same question still applies though. Do I put the Xs on the EQ letter I draft to the CA? I will have to send two letters to the CA, since they are reporting to EX and EQ. Though I haven't yet gotten the results back from EQ so will need to wait on that.
  5. Received a letter in the mail today from TU that it has been deleted, though they did not furnish an updated copy of my CR. I can see on another site that it is gone. Also received a weird letter from Experian. Has a report number and date. It says my name at the top and the following paragraph: Dear Radfam If you question the results of our dispute process, then you may want to contact the furnisher of information directly or review the original information in the public record. Please refer to your original personal credit report for the furnisher or public records office name, address, and phone number (if available). Now, if I go to Experian (where I already have an account) and type in the report number, it tries to make me opt in for online results delivery. I haven't done this yet. I assume they aren't deleting.
  6. EQ finally acknowledged. They sent an email this morning with a link to opt-in (I didn't click it).
  7. Received a notification this morning that Experian is opening my dispute. Nothing yet from EQ.
  8. Hi all. I am looking for some advice on how to address a TL that is negatively reporting on all 3B. The account was with GM Financial for an auto loan. Current Status: Charge-Off Date Opened: 03/2009 Date Reported: 08/2015 Date of Last Payment: 05/2015 Balance: $0 DOFD: 11/2014 DOFMD: 03/2015 Date of Last Activity: N/A Charge off amount: $598 (**paid in 05/2015) Comments: Paid charge off Activity description: Paid Lates: 30d - 9/11, 10/11, 03/12, 06/12, 11/12, 01/13, 02/13, 04/13, 08/13, 10/13, 12/13, 03/14, 05/14, 07/14, 08/14, 11/14, 12/14 60d - 1/14, 06/14, 01/15 90d - 2/15 CO - 3/15, 04/15 We did not get the vehicle repossessed. We paid the charge off amount and got the title in the mail. Now I am wanting to see if I have any options to address this. Goodwill letters have had no result and no reply from GM at this point. This was a joint account so it is on my report and my spouse's report. Is there anything we can do besides wait it out?
  9. Thanks Whychat! This is exactly why I asked. Im such a noob with getting these types of things removed. I will update once I hear something from EQ and EX.
  10. Just got an update this morning. My TU jumped up 65 pts because they deleted the unpaid medical. They got the dispute letter on Friday evening of last week. Will this return once they verify the debt? So here is what I have done so far: Opt out, delete old addresses, and sent initial dispute letters to all 3 agencies for both paid and unpaid. Next I am to send the Hipaa letter (with bank cashiers check for amount owed) to the health care provider after getting something back from TU? I do not know if the OC and the CA still have an existing relationship but I am guessing it is highly likely as there are limited CA options in that area.
  11. Life got in the way (parent passed). Just got my initial dispute letters mailed on Monday and delivery confirmation last night. Any insight to what I can expect to happen next?
  12. Ok so I am approaching the 2 week mark for the CRAs having received my address dispute letters. I got a 1 pt bump in my EQ score for "name update" on Friday of last week. (My full legal name had several variations on my CR, so I did clarify that as you can see in the above template I sent). I just did the backdoor method to see if address had been removed. They are all still there.
  13. Whychat - I mailed letters to all 3 bureaus yesterday to have old addresses deleted. Do I wait for a response before proceeding to the next step? If I am reading correctly, the next step is the Pre-Hipaa dispute letter.
  14. radfam


    Hi all, first post on this board so please forgive my newbie question. I've just received a copy of my 1st Chex report. I didn't even know this system existed until a few weeks ago and promptly requested a copy of my report. The only thing on my report is under a section that says "Inquiries Initiated by Consumer Action." There is one inquiry from a company I've never heard of in Georgia. That inquiry is on behalf of another company I've never heard of in Utah. I am in Texas. A google post of the "on behalf of" company tells me that Direct Financial Solutions may also be called Cash Central. I have never inquired at one of those Cash Central places but I did get some mailers for a while from one. Again, no idea why and just assumed it was spam mailers. Should I be disputing this inquiry or is this a typical thing for Chex (and not a cause for concern on identify theft)?
  15. Thanks Whychat. I hadn't even seen the post so I missed it anyway.

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