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  1. I close today, it funded on Monday. We asked for 5 day possession, but it looks like i'll have the keys Sunday and the movers are already scheduled for next Wed. So I will go in and clean and stuff Mon/Tuesday...then I'm on vacation Wed-Monday 5th
  2. THANKS! You still on for 8/31? Thanks all. I'm beyond excited. ONE WEEK till the movers get here.
  3. Was it off by a lot? That is my biggest worry! When do we get to see pics? I actually got $250 more then they had in my GFE So it worked out very well for me. Will pay for the movers and the case of WINE i'll need! I'll be back with pics!! :hugs:
  4. All done. Closing/Recording is tomorrow. The seller will be there tomorrow at 8:30AM to sign the deed. I get $500 back and will have a check tomorrow!! So easy. I couldn't believe it...but yes....two pages I DID close my eyes The one where I found out how much i'm REALLY paying for that house!! Mami, I don't know what funding really is, either...but I guess it's a good thing to have it earlier then later, lol.
  5. Thanks for getting me through this, everyone. VALoanguy, thanks for taking the time to talk me off the bridge a few times. This was the smoothest transaction of my life, and I really be believe it's due to having a great LO. Nothing was a surprise and I was called during the entire process. I got the call today that I was already funded and the LO's assistant says "now just go sign girl, so I can get this off my desk" THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! I'll be officially closed Thursday!
  6. Odd to see this post!! I started getting calls from them a few months back for a cell phone bill from college 12 years ago!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday, they pulled a hard on my TU?? What to do? I close on my house this Thursday, then....I plan to zap em.
  7. Can you or someone do me a favor, and tell me what closing documents mean? Where do you 'order' them from?? LOL what are they? Where do they go? I just don't understand this part of the process. thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer that question. WHEN does it get funded? :confused:
  8. I sign on Wednesday 8/23 and close on 8/24... I have been getting random calls for a GTE Mobilenet phone I had in 1994!! I have told them to stop calling, it's been 12 years, etc. Well, this Portfolio credit company has pulled my credit as of yesterday. Ofcourse I'm not worried about the debt itself, as it's 12 years old and way over the SOL...BUT...what if they put something on there between now and Thursday??? I would have no time to dispute it, etc. I already have the Clear to Close and the closing papers are ordered and the prelim HUD has been faxed to me. Will they possibly pull again at the closing table? Please Please help me put my mind to rest. I'm all packed, lol and ready to GO!!!!
  9. Congrats ! I cannot WAIT to post this same post next week I have the ITCH, too...but i'm too skerred
  10. CONGRATS fellow Spazzer!!! My closing papers were ordered today and we are set for 8/23 at 8:30 am!!!!!!!!
  11. Oh DEAR!! I'm proud of you...!!!!! :hugs:
  12. Can I stop worrying that something will go wrong? Closing in 10 days
  13. I checked my credit report today and one of the first mortage companys that I started to shop with pulled another HARD inquiry. They pulled it yesterday. They were from one of the companys that tried to give me a HIGH rate last month when I started looking? Since then I found my current lender, bought a house and received a clear to close. Done. How can this company still pull hards on me?? Since I have a pre-approval from them, does that give them the right? More then anything it just TICKS ME OFF. They were just horrible, but a referral. My new lender made this so easy, 4 % LESS then these bags offered me. Grrrrr. I just don't want them to keep pullin'. I've worked too hard to clean up stuff! What do you think I should do? I left the person that I dealt with there a voicemail...should I do more? Thanks
  14. Got my CLEAR TO CLOSE TODAY!! All done!! with 20 days to spare!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! Did anyone in here get on payment plans for their first year of insurance? I guess some companys will do that for you and give the lender a "PAID" receipt???

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