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  1. Outstanding! I really appreciate you helping me get lined up in the right direction. I'll get on the money mgmt sub asap!
  2. I suffer from depression. I, at one point, used it to my advantage. I joined CB and went from no credit mid 5's with multiple delinquencies to 6 cards, two 5k, which I felt proud of. I then was irresponsible and ran them up. Altogether 20k but I make my payments. I recently lost my kids mom and I'm late on one or two cards. Circumstances are a perfect storm of bs but my income is good enough to recover. I can pay down the 20k no problem in 5~6 months. What can a mentally disabled vet do to come back better? Deletions for late payments, child support rearage and inquiries are my issues. How long should my process take? What happens when my cc's expire 2024 and I'm caught up?
  3. Good read killa. Thank you. I'm just starting out, myself, so this is encouraging. Really appreciate it.
  4. Good morning, So I've been up all night looking for as much info as possible on the differences between child support and TANF. Without making it technical, I've come to find that TANF is a Gov't entitlement that is not subject to reporting. Simply put, it should not affect your credit! Does anyone agree with that? I have come to the conclusion to dispute directly to the Child support office directly demanding they delete the tradeline and report the actual Child support minus the TANF plus any interest.. My balances would have been thousands lower and paid off years ago. I also wonder would this constitute any suit?
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