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  1. I keep checking USPS website for delivery to the CRAs although I know they won't be there for a few days...just apprehensive I guess. I hope the CA's that are reporting the collections don't cause me much trouble. I'd like to start on the other collections next if all goes well with the medical collections.....the wait is KILLING me. UGH
  2. Well, FINALLY got my initial letters sent to each CRA's this AM. One thing that the Post Office noticed was the ZIP code for TransUnion was 19016, not 19022 as per the address from Why Chat's HIPAA guide (https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html). I really didn't have access to any resources to verify, so I told the Post Office clerk to just put 19016 on it (rest of the address stayed the same). I hope this doesn't cause problems, and I am crossing my fingers I get positive results. I'll update as soon as I hear back from the CRAs. Two of them should get delivered on 12/2, and TransUnion is 12/4.
  3. WhyChat, Stupid question before I get this HIPAA letter to the hospital for the recent collection noted above: I have health problems and this hospital is my 'go-to' for all my medical care; my primary physician is part of this medical group, and my wife also works for this medical group. Can they 'retaliate' against her, or 'refuse' service to me if I send your HIPAA letter (with insert 'A')? I do have some bills from them that I am currently paying and up-to-date; how this one slipped by, I don't know (too many medical bills all at the same time). Thanks
  4. Just a FYI on the latest collection letter referenced above: it was dated Nov 8, 2017, yet the date of service was May 11-15, 2017. Insurance paid their part on June 29. Per WhyChat, I will NOT be contacting the CA on this account and will be sending the $100 to the OC (hospital).
  5. I'm beginning my journey into removal of past medical debt and stories like yours are very positive. I just hope mine goes smoothly.
  6. Great. I'll update my topic soon on my progress. I have a busy week this week, but my goal is to get letters sent out to the CRAs as per WhyChats guides by Saturday. I'll be happy with 60% of the medical collections to be zapped from my reports from this first round, if not all.
  7. Do NOT exclude the one you are paying. If you do not dispute it you will not get it deleted. The follow up dispute (after paying the OC) provides for that dispute to include a reference to the initial dispute. The one I'm paying isn't on any credit reports as of last Saturday. My guess is that it won't appear until AFTER the 30 days from the letter I got on Saturday. Question: once I pay the OC the $100 that the CA letter sent me on Saturday, would it be wise to send that CA a letter to tell them that it has been paid to the OC (hospital) so they are aware?
  8. Thank you, WhyChat. I'll get that done this week, along with mailing the CRA's about the other medical collections. Crossing my fingers for most, if not all, get deleted.
  9. I logged into my medical insurance portal and I found this one. Hospital service date is 3/11/17-4/1/17 (I was VERY sick..$75,354.85 total charges, insurance paid all except $100 and that is what this CA is reporting). Could I still send the $100 to the hospital and be done with it even though it is past the 6 months by almost 1.5 months?
  10. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Is the new account valid?? What was the date of service?? Do you have an EOMB for the date of service?? If you have independent verification of the validity of the account and it is less than 6 Months old you can pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a" https://whychat.me/hipltr.html I think I can get that documentation this week and I'll find out. Thanks so much. Crossing fingers here
  11. Thanks, Why Chat. Been reading your guides for a few days now, and started with pulling my reports and checking for incorrect addresses (there weren't any). I did just get another CA letter for, I guess, a new account for $100. It wasn't on any of my credit reports that were pulled, so I'm guessing that it will be sent to the CRAs in a few months if I don't respond to them. Since it is a 'fresh' one, shall I ask for DV and then pay?
  12. Hello all. Long time lurker, first time poster. Been reading several journey's of members removing medical collection items from their CRs. I think I am going to attempt to have some removed from mine, but have a question on a few of them and if I should 'try' those (one's that are between 10-11 months reported). Most of mine are 4+ years and under $200 and I would 'think' those should be easy to remove without any trouble using WhyChats guides, but a few of those 'recent' collections are being reported by the same CA as some of the older ones. Would this cause problems if I send the CRAs letters on the older ones per WhyChats guides, or would it be ok to just 'dispute' all of the medical collections with the CRAs? For instance, a CRA is reporting an account of $118 first reported May 10, 2013, and another account (same CRA) of $42 first reported Nov 30, 2016. There are a total of 4 collection accounts from the same CRA, although from different OC. Thanks for any advice. I am hoping to start sending letters to each CRA next week; the only address reporting on my CRs is my current one so one step complete.

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