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  1. I had that happen earlier this week with mine. 4 old in-good standing Sallie Mae student loans dropped off, dropping my TU VantageScore down double-digits.
  2. Sent my medical DV letters to the CAs today. Will be sending my follow-up dispute to EQ as soon as I get notice that they have been delivered. I'll update as soon as I get some sort of results, but so far Why Chat's guide is just aces!
  3. Thanks, ICANHASMUNY? They called again yesterday here at work. I am pulling those incoming calls from Tues and yesterday from my call log and saving them. Should I send them a letter letting them know that they violated my request?
  4. BTW, I used WhyChat's template on the Cease and Desist part, which said: 'Please also be advised that this letter is not only a formal dispute, but a request that you cease and desist any and all collection activities, including reporting of; or verifying of this account on my credit reports.'
  5. If EQ doesn't list the addresses for these CA's, I imagine I can use the addresses from TU? Is that acceptable?
  6. OK, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt
  7. Had a 'small' collection from EOC CCA and sent them a DV (they just sent me their first collection letter a few days before Christmas) along with C & D notice with this statement: Please also be advised that this letter is not only a formal dispute, but a request that you cease and desist any and all collection activities, which includes electronic communications.. According to USPS tracking, they received it on Friday. They just now attempted to call me at my office (caller ID...I didn't pick up). Did they just violate my C&D request? If so, should I call them out on it?
  8. Were you successful due to a different address?Of course. That's part of the instructions. If you follow them it works. Why do you ask that, if you already know that's part of what makes it work? Just curious, not trying to be a ding-a-ling about it. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk Different situations/scenarios. Was just curious
  9. Nice...only if it was that easy but I am working on it diligently
  10. Were you successful due to a different address?
  11. 799? Awesome! I like that alot better. Thanks cv
  12. Fake skores aren't a good indikator of anything. I wish, as a consumer, we can all the free scores and reports we want. I would hate to keep paying $$$$ for real scores and reports.
  13. Logged into my WalletHub and my FACO TU VantageScore 3.0 dropped 28pts since yesterday. Looks like 3 old student loans (Sallie Mae...all 3 good standing) dropped off my report due to age. How long before this 'recovers'? I'm really trying to get things cleaned up, and this drop sure didn't help me. Again, I know that is a FACO score but it at least gives me some sort of idea on what is going on. Thanks
  14. Yes and No. All med disputes from Ex and TU are gone, but EQ has 10 still listed (some of the ones in EQ were not on Ex and TU but most were). There are 6 CAs with 10 collection accounts on the EQ: 2 accounts on 1 CA, 1 acct on 1 CA, 1 acct on 1 CA, 1 acct on 1 CA, 4 accts on 1 CA, and 2 accts on 1 CA. Looks like I have to send 6 letters; I'll get them drafted tonight and sent tomorrow, and in the mean time, get my EQ dispute follow-up letter written up, ready to send as soon as the tracking numbers show 'Delivered'.
  15. WhyChat, I'm going over the https://whychat.me/GUIDE%20HIPAA%20PROGRAM.htmlguide, and I'm confused on this: The next steps depend on your results from the initial dispute letters: If all the disputed accounts are deleted from all credit reports, you need not do anything else except KEEP hard copies of your records for at least 3 years If the accounts are verified AND you receive a response FROM THE REPORTING CA ( Collection Agency) with account details that MATCH your records, you can then pay the ORIGINAL CREDITOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER directly using the HIPAA letter insert "a", be sure to follow ALL the directions If Equifax hasn't sent me ANY results (again, I just happened to look on CK), how would I 'know' the disputed accts are verified? I just want to make sure I understand since I have received zero communications from EQ, verified or unverified. Some of the collections are from the same CA, so would I just send one letter to that CA and reference all the accts they have that is reporting, or one letter per account (even with the same CA)? I have 10 medical collection accts: only 3 (which are the lowest $$ amount) say that "Consumer disputes this account information". The other 7 have nothing in the remarks. This was updated Dec 30. Slowly but surely....
  16. Thank you, WhyChat. I am reading this right as in I DON'T wait for a response back from the CA's before I send Equifax a follow-up (I just wait for the proof of delivery to each CA)? I just attach proof of delivery to my Equifax letter?
  17. OK, I'll do that but I was for sure that I would get something from Equifax on their 'investigation'...I thought they were supposed to let the consumer know within 30 days. I'll follow up with each CA with a medical DV on EQ report and hope that they don't put them back on TU and EX. EDIT: What do I put here for the CRA if they never responded to me from your "Follow up letter to CRA Send Priority Mail with tracking#"? 'as per your instructions in your response of xx/xx/xxxx to my dispute of xx/xx/xxxx and have had no valid response.'
  18. Whychat, Both TU and Experian deleted all my disputed medical collections and received mail copies of what they did. So far I have received nothing from Equifax. I checked CK and 'some' of the medical collections on Equifax say it is in dispute but still nothing in writing from them (and why they aren't saying all of them???). Should I send them another request, along with my initial copy and tracking number, and insist they be removed since it will be 30 days on Tuesday (well, 31 actually)?
  19. Anyone try this, especially getting the courts to actually validate? https://rebuildcreditscores.com/how-to-remove-a-bankruptcy-from-credit-reports/
  20. ICANHASMUNY, you are GOLD! Thank you! I'm gonna stop by my bank this AM and see what they can do.
  21. Yes, same bank. I'll ring them up and see if they can. I do believe last payment was around May 2013. How would I approach PRA about this if it was 2013?
  22. Centex, what does this mean? No OC reporting; CRs show PRA only PORTFOLIO RECOVERY 120 CORPORATE BLVDSUITE 100 NORFOLK, VA 23502 (844) 675-3407 Placed for collection: 08/28/2015 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: DEBT BUYER Balance: $3,801 Date Updated: 11/08/2017 Original Amount: $3,801 Original Creditor: WEBBANK (Banking) Past Due: >$3,801< Pay Status: >In Collection< Remarks: >PLACED FOR COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 08/2020
  23. The only things I have saved in my email was my initial 'welcome' email from Dell, along with their website to log into my acct. Can't do that any more....

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