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  1. The 'credit card agreement' listed on that link has several 'agreements' in the pdf file, and only one of those mentions JAMS (the others mention AAA). How would I go about knowing which one to file at? I don't have any of my past agreements. Also, with the link I mentioned earlier regarding Midland and AAA, does that mean that Midland CAN'T initiate arbitration with AAA but I can, or is that door closed?
  2. Thank you, cv91915. This forum is just awesome.
  3. Anyone know what this means for arbitration against Midland?? https://library.nclc.org/new-developments-limit-arbitration-fdcpa-other-claims-against-debt-buyers-and-collectors In an August 1, 2016 letter, the American Arbitration Association (AAA) stated that it would not arbitrate claims involving Midland Funding, one of the nation’s largest debt buyers. Midland Funding, as a debt buyer, relies on arbitration clauses found in the credit agreements that it purchases. If those arbitration agreements list the AAA as the sole arbitration forum, and that forum is integral to the agreement, then the arbitration agreement cannot be met as written.
  4. LegalEagle, which arb would I file for CreditOne (I don't have the credit card agreement)? JAMS or AAA? From https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=594619 Go to the website of either AAA or JAMS, depending on which one your card agreement mentions. Find the document titled "Demand for Arbitration". The instructions for filing are at the top of this Demand form. Remember that you are filing for CONSUMER arbitration, so file the instructions for CONSUMER cases.
  5. It IS an option if he hasn't been sued yet. The carve out only applies to cases filed in court. File BEFORE they sue you. Great. I saw an 'arbitration' step-by-step guide somewhere on this forum..gotta find it again. I'll be doing this tonight. Will this also remove them from my CRs?
  6. Noticed in a recent thread that Credit One has an arbitration clause (or did I read that wrong??). LVNV has one of my Credit One accounts (@$2000), and Midland has another (@$750); both are from 2016. I recently sent Midland a DV and all I got back from them was a 'settlement'...nothing more. I haven't sent LVNV anything, and I don't recall ever getting anything from LVNV in the past. If Credit One has arbitration clause, how would I best approach these? If not, then I may not 'wake' the bear on LVNV as I haven't done any communication with them, and may settle with Midland and get it removed from my CRs. Thanks so much.
  7. I just disputed some medical collections via CFPB just like you...and it was also Equifax and got the same generic interim response. Both TU & EX deleted them. Guess your experience with CFPB complaint isn't giving me warm fuzzies
  8. The very last step to try to deal with EquiFUX would be a CFPB complaint-- however with the gutting of this agency along with many other consumer protection agencies I do not hold out much hope in the near term for getting your Eq report clean. https://whychat.me/hipaaftccomp.html Just to be sure I am on the same page, I only send EQ (that's the only CRA causing me trouble) a copy of my CFPB complaint, and NOT any of the CAs, right? What about those CAs that I haven't heard back from (from either my initial CRA dispute, OR my letter to the CAs that haven't sent me anything), yet my CR reflects a 'consumer disputes this information' from all the CAs and collection accounts I disputed?
  9. Thanks, Why Chat. EQ is the ONLY one reporting. Both TU and EX deleted them quickly with no issues.
  10. Why Chat, I found this on the HIPAA guide. Is this my next step, even if they didn't provide a real 'validation' letter? I have no idea if either one of the CAs that sent me 'validation' letters are correct. If the accounts are verified AND you receive a response FROM THE REPORTING CA ( Collection Agency) with account details that MATCH your records, you can then pay the ORIGINAL CREDITOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER directly using the HIPAA letter insert "a", be sure to follow ALL the directions Or, should I send ANOTHER dispute with EQ? I also thought about just forgetting anything to do with EQ and leave that CRA alone and just concentrate on TU and EX. I think our local bank uses TU. I'd really like to clear up EQ, though
  11. OK, the last step I was on was sending EQ a follow-up dispute on these collections, which they received last week (I did this step right after getting delivery conf to each CA). What's the best next step? So far, I have 2 of these CAs sending me a letter 'validating' my initial dispute; haven't heard from the rest of the CAs. Thanks so much, Why Chat
  12. Why Chat, Received a 'validation' letter from one of the medical CAs that I have disputed with EQ (TU and EX deleted their entry). I wish I could attach a scanned jpg of the document (with my personal details left out), but since I can't, I'll type it all out. Please let me know what you think. They say it is a 'validation' letter, but you'll see that it isn't. Date: January 10, 2018 Reference #: XXXXXXX As you are already aware, ARS represents the doectors who provide services in the healthcare facilities throughout the country. In response to your request for verification of the debt we have listed the information below. ARS has confirmed the outstanding balance of $33.37. This past due amount remains outstanding from services provided on the following date(s): Service Date: 8/31/13 Creditor Name: Missouri Emergency Services, P Invoice #: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Original Balance ($): 33.37 Current Balance ($): 33.37 Account Number: XXXXXXXX The account(s) are delinquent and may have been reported to the credit bureaus. Best regards, ARS I had another one from the weekend (noted above) that was almost the same, except they just printed a statement (or, it looked like one, anyway). Do I send a 3rd letter to EQ? BTW, they didn't list the whole name of the creditor (notice after 'Services' it has a ,P). What I typed up in red is EXACTLY how it is in the letter. Thanks
  13. I'm following your post, and if you resolve your last med collection on EQ, please post as that may help me.
  14. Ok, thanks. I'll wait a bit to see what happens with my follow-up dispute with EQ. If they don't do anything, or re-validate, what would my next step be?
  15. Congrats. I got all med collections off TU and EX, but only 2 removed from EQ; the rest were 'validated'. I got a letter from one of the CAs yesterday that says they received a validation notice from EQ and provided me with a 'inquiry' from the OC. You can see it in my thread. Still fighting with EQ.
  16. I may ask our local bank on which CRA they use, and hope it isn't EQ as they are a PIA. No wonder they got hacked. TU and EX simply deleted the med collections with no issues. ACK!
  17. Thanks, Why Chat. I sent EQ the follow-up dispute a few days ago on my initial dispute (this CA was included in that follow-up dispute). I will wait to hear back from EQ on this and then should I send a follow-up to the CA or 'attack' EQ again on this CA (or any other CA that doesn't delete)? You know, at first I was really intimidated by everything negative in my CRs, but I'm finding this to be very interesting as I move forward.
  18. BTW, this 'validation' that I got in the mail from this CA looks like a printout from the OC (it says 'individual inquiry'); it isn't an actual billing statement. It lists all the diagnostic codes, referring physician, Dates of Service, procedures, costs, and then on the bottom of that 'Inquiry' it says 'Bad Debt-Collection' with a date of 5/29/13. Is this a true validation, or can I dispute this as insufficient? Nothing I received said anything about HIPAA privacy that I requested. This letter was sent to me dated 1/8/2018, before my follow-up dispute was received by EQ (tracking for my EQ showed that they received it on 1/12/2018.
  19. Received a 'validation' of some sort from one of the medical CAs that show the original OC and amount due ($62). Letter said that a dispute was filed w/ one of the CRAs (EQ) and they validated it. It drops off my report in 2020 so I'm not sure if it is worth pursuing. I haven't heard back from EQ on my follow-up dispute yet. So, why did TU and EX delete them from my reports, and EQ didn't? Advice for next step with this particular CA, or just ignore it since it is a small amount and drops off in about 2 years?
  20. Yes, it is a real acct. Found my EOMB statement and service date was 1/7/2017. I'll send the CA a DV as per your post. Do I wait to hear back from EQ on my follow-up dispute first regarding the other med accounts or just go ahead and send them an initial dispute also? I don't want any of the CRA's to flag future disputes as frivolous. Thanks for your advice & wisdom
  21. Why Chat, Noticed on my 'current' CRs that there is a new medical collection, which said 'Opened May, 2017'. It wasn't on any of the reports that I pulled in November to start this process. It is for $173. Since I recently sent medical disputes (and all were deleted from TU and EX...waiting for results with my follow-up to EQ), can I 'start' this process again for this one CA (this CA wasn't any of the ones that were disputed)? To date, I haven't received any letters from them. Or, should I just pay the $173 to the OC with cashiers check and require the CA to delete from CRs?
  22. I am trying to rebuild my credit, and I have signed up with CK, CreditSesame, & WalletHub but I don't want FAKO scores. I want a 3B credit monitor with REAL, usable scores. Would CCT or Experian Creditworks fit the bill, and if so, which one? Experian is a tad cheaper. I really want to monitor everything I can so i can get 'daily' snapshots of my progress. I realize things don't change in a daily or even weekly updates, but I still want to see my progress as I tackle my credit. Thanks
  23. Some 4-5 years old, others less than 15 months. It is easier than I thought...EQ is making me do 'more' work, but nothing terrible. So far, Why Chat's guides are doing exactly what he (or she..not sure) said it would if it is followed step-by-step.
  24. I'm following his guides and so far, all my medical CAs were wiped from TU and EX easy-peasy. EQ is being a pain, but I'm continuing his guide and expect my EQ to be 'clean' in the next 2 weeks or so. Good luck. I'm sure Why Chat will be along shortly.

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