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  1. Not sued yet. It is about $750. I do have a Cred1/LVNV for about $2400 that I'm hoping to arb next if all goes well with Midland. I'm doing slot of research on LVNV & they seem nasty so I want to be one step ahead
  2. Good luck. I'll keep watching, & if I hear anything from either A AS or Midland, I'll let you know. I hope they have easily
  3. I have LVNV next on my radar, so I'm hoping to get some positive results back with Midland.
  4. What is the 'best' way to 'threaten' federal court? Do I have to get a consumer atty and have them file, or can I write Midland a letter letting them know that action will be taken? There is a Federal Court in the city I work in, so I don't have to really go anywhere. (Sorry thesaintly for hijacking your thread)
  5. There is an arb within CreditOne agreement. I am 'hoping' to go that route with LVNV once I get Midland cleared up.
  6. You know, no one forced Midland (or any other collector) to buy these debts, so they should be forced to either arb (if part of OC credit agreement) or delete & give up all efforts. Just my .02
  7. I'll post anything I find out on my end. One would think that if they refuse to arb, that they wouldn't have any leg to stand on for lawsuits
  8. Thanks. I sent AAA arb request last week; they got it Wed according to tracking number. If it is closed in their eyes, what recourse does one have (besides filing lawsuit in Federal Court) against Midland to get this off CR, and to have them not pursue this any further?
  9. Following this thread as I filed arb w/ AAA against Midland. Haven't heard anything back so want to know what next step is if AAA closes arb against Midland
  10. Thanks. I will just let them be and try to seek out new creditors that don't pull EQ (such as my bank; I think they do TU).
  11. Why Chat, Received 2 letters from different CAs that are reporting on EQ, even though I did all the dispute steps in your guide, and the last thing I did was file a CFPB complaint, and sent a copy to EQ. Anyway, on one of the letters with Date of Service of 8/30/16, can I just pay the OC, or maybe try PFD? It is a small amount that can easily be taken care of. On the other letter, they had 4 collection accounts: 1 that they are deleting 1 that has Date of Service May 2013 ($139.29) 2 that just have INVOICE date of 2/5/2018 from the same OC (which is the same date as the collection letter from this CA). Dates of Service is listed on the bottom, along with cost/adjustments on these 2. It is just 2 separate 'faxes' (they look like faxes, anyway), that list Pt Name, Acct# (I assume OC account number), DOB, and SSN# that has 17584 (that is NOT my SSN, not even close. I have no idea what this number is). Can I use that 'SS#' as ammo and send it to EQ? Thoughts and any other advice? I really appreciate it.
  12. LVNV also has Cred1. I haven't sent my AAA paperwork to Midland yet (it is ready to go). I haven't paid any fee to AAA, yet in my paperwork (and copy of the filled-out AAA form) to Midland, I did tell them that I have filed with AAA and that I am sending them (Midland) their copy as per AAA instructions but if they notify me in 10 business days of dismissing their collection activities and reporting and to not sell this debt to any other CA, then I will contact AAA and dismiss arb. What do you think? Will that 'scare' them? If not, I'll just pay the $200 fee but was hoping to not do that if I don't have to.
  13. Would JAMS be better to start out with? I noticed in one of the CreditOne agreements, it lists AAA or JAMS. Since I don't want to mess this up on the first try, I'll wait to hear from you (legaleagle2012) before I send my letter to Midland.
  14. BTW, LE, if AAA won't arb for Midland, does that mean Midland will HAVE to stop collection efforts?
  15. Thanks, LE. Midland hasn't sued me (yet), I'm just trying to get ahead of them. Once I'm done with Midland, I'm going after LVNV next. My letter and AAA copy is going out to Midland today, USPS Priority/Signature.
  16. Nice. I'm starting that journey myself. Hope I get to where you are in a few years.
  17. I'm filling out the AAA consumer arb form regarding Midland, and was thinking about putting this in for explanation: Unknown account on Credit Report. Sent Debt Validation on January 12, 2018. Only received settlement letter and letter regarding deletion of reporting account if paid. Would this be good to put in the form? Or, any other 'generic' wording I can use? Thanks
  18. There are several user agreements on Cred1 site, and none of them list any dates/years, just the type of card that was issued. All of them have the arb agreement (most with AAA, some with JAMS and AAA). Would it be wise to send a letter to Midland asking for the agreement with Cred1, or would they even have it? I don't know which one to upload.
  19. Thank you, LE2012. From my Experian report today (I have signed up for their 3B Credit Monitoring..well worth the $24.99/mo for me right now), the last 'OK' on Cred1 was Oct 2015, then starting Nov 2015, it is 30day, 60day, etc until June 2016. I think that is when Midland took over. So, I need to find 2015 agreement?
  20. I'd love to pull the trigger and file AAA arb against Midland (Cred1). Best way to go about doing it? Can I just print out the AAA consumer dispute form, fill it out and send to Midland and not pay the $200 fee in hopes they 'think' I'm actually filing and then go away, or hold out? I have DV'd them; only thing I received was a settlement letter (no statements or anything like that) and also another letter regarding their PFD policy. Thoughts? Advice? WWYD (What Would You Do)?
  21. Quick question on this (and maybe helpful for Caliclimber): is it 'possible' or preferable to print out the AAA 'Demand for Arbitration' consumer complaint letter, fill it out, and then send it to Midland without actually 'filing' and paying for the arb fee? Would this spook Midland into dropping everything, or will they contact AAA and get more details?
  22. Subscribed! I'm getting ready to do the exact same thing to Midland.
  23. WhyChat, So far, zip/nada/nothing from EQ on this process. The last communication that I received was from CFPB that EQ replied that they were doing another 'investigation'. EQ also signed for the CMRR of the letter WITH a copy of the complaint, as per your guide. I don't hold out much hope for this on EQ, but TU and EX medical collections were wiped clean. 2 out of 3 ain't bad...just got to avoid lenders that pull EQ. I'll update whenever I hear back from EQ or CFPB. I do have the EX monitoring service that alerts me with 3B changes ($$ well spent while I repair the damage I caused)

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