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  1. Thanks, LE. Hopefully the email I got from AAA (the same email was sent to both parties) will pressure them. I won't do anything unless directed by AAA. If AAA closes this case due to lack of Midland response, then I will demand them to C&D collection and credit reporting or will take them to court. I know Midland won't do anything, and they want to call my bluff.
  2. Yaaa! FINALLY got an email from AAA. They are taking my case. Case Number: 01-18-XXXX Me -vs- Midland Funding Response Deadline: March 30, 2018 Dear Parties: Thank you for choosing the American Arbitration Association (AAA) to assist you in resolving your dispute. This case is being administered by the Pro Se Arbitration Administration Team. Please review the Pro Se Arbitration Information Sheet and the Consumer Arbitration Reference Sheet, which will provide you with some basic information about the AAA 's administration of this case. You may also view our website, www.adr.org/prose. This will acknowledge receipt of a Demand for Arbitration between the above named parties and an arbitration clause providing for administration by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). We trust a copy has been sent to Respondent per the Rules. The Consumer Arbitration Rules have been applied to this matter. . . . Answer: • The Respondent has until the above response deadline to file an answer to the claim. If no answer is filed within 14 calendar days, the AAA will assume that the respondent does not agree with the claim filed by the claimant. • The case will move forward after 14 days regardless of whether an answer is filed. • Answers received after the due date will still be provided to the arbitrator. • Please reference the Rules if filing a counterclaim. So, my question is, what happens if Midland does NOT respond at all? Can I send any additional docs that AAA sends me regarding that Midland did not respond to this arb, to each CRA to have Midland removed?
  3. I guess I should offer a settlement with Midland ($300?) to get this removed from my CRs. They claim $805. Guess AAA wants nothing to do with my complaint and I need to move on to bigger fish.
  4. Well, no email response back from her, nor anything in snail mail. I guess I should have tried JAMS instead, which I will do with LVNV once I get this Midland wrapped up. A quick 'we received your complaint and am working on it' letter would be great, instead of crickets
  5. Thank you, sir. I really appreciate the contact info. I'll email her now.
  6. Anyone with advice on how to proceed? Wait for AAA?
  7. Still nothing from AAA; no emails or anything and is just about 3.5 weeks now. Besides waiting, is there anything I can do regarding Midland?
  8. Thanks Big Bear. Yes, I'm rebuilding. We (wife and I) got hit hard several years ago due to my health (21 straight days in hospital last year, then 2 surgeries within a month AFTER being discharged from my 21 day stay...and that was just 2017!!). We were set before this just fine. What I hope to achieve (again) is to 'buy' a car over the 'Net like we did in 2011 when we bought my wifes' Cruze. I did everything over the phone and email with the dealer, told him what I (well, the wife) wanted, and we showed up at the dealer, she picked out her color, and drove home. Dealer had all paperwork ready except VIN number as he had several cars with the exact same features in them for the exact price, except the color. So, it was easy-peasy. I want to do that in about 2 years when I go looking for my truck; I want to tell the dealer what I am looking for (color, features, etc). Anyway, I am happy with my progress so far, thanks to everyone here. Still have some messes to clean up, and I can't do anything about the CO's, but those will be no factor in 24-30 months anyway.
  9. Awesome. I just hit 617 on FICO8 this AM (my thread is somewhere in this topic) and was 'elated'. Still have a ways to go, but beats what I started at when I started to tackle my credit in November.
  10. Woke up this AM, and logged into my Experian Creditworks Premium account. My FICO8 is now 617! It was 589 yesterday! And, my PayPal SmartConnect account hasn't even updated yet (I paid that down about an extra $100 last week before statement cutoff...past reports show PayPal updating around the 5th-6th of the month so anytime now). That will (hopefully) give me an extra few points. Anyway, when I started this journey at the end of November with clearing out medical collections, my score was approx 530 (I can't remember the exact as I wasn't doing the monitoring yet but that was from the hard copies). I'd post a pic of my score, but don't know how. I'm still working on a few collections, like Midland and LVNV; just waiting to hear back from AAA on arb with Midland. Hope that can be taken care of real soon. This may not be 'great' for some of you 700+ members, but this is a HUGE step for me. Besides cleaning up my credit, my goal is in 2 years is to buy a new'ish truck (2017 or so Toyota Tundra crew cab 4x4 manual...I REALLY have my eye on one) without being bent-over with high APR. My 2008 Nissan Rogue AWD has 180k on it and I take great care of it, maintenance-wise, so it'll hit 200k easily and last me until most, if not all, CO and other negative items drop off and will be in a position to buy what I want, not what 'slim pickings' are offered. Anyway, this really made my day. Just wanted to share. Thanks to all that lend a helping 'hand' in advice.
  11. Thanks. I hope in 2 years I'll have a score like yours. I'm gonna hit those revolving lines hard in the next few months. Won't use them until I get them at or near $0, then keep them VERY low....
  12. Well, my EX FICO8 didn't change due to the inquiry for BOA (it is at 585), even though it lists it in the Inquiry section of my report. So, that is good I guess. No more apps for me until I get my util down lower, so maybe June/July timeframe.
  13. I know, but with my score low as it is, seeing it go up puts a smile on my face. I guess I wouldn't worry so much about 4pts if my scores were 680+. But for now, will put extra-extra $$ toward my revolving accts
  14. How much of a hit would that inquiry do? See my scores below to see the increase from Jan to Feb. I'll be sad if it goes down more than 4 pts 😟
  15. That is probably the reason for the BOA denial. Why so high? It's slowly coming down. I haven't used SmartConnect in a while (6 months or so). Used to be higher back in Dec. If I keep up making more than minimum payments (which I have), I should have them down to below 30% come June/July...maybe earlier. I'll just wait until I go below 30% according to Experian credit monitoring that I am signed up for.
  16. Thanks. I have 3 revolving tradelines (Discover secured, First Access unsecured, and Paypal SmartConnect). Util is 53% between all 3 accounts. Oh well. I'll wait. Hate to see how many FICO points it docked me
  17. That is a negatory on BOA. I did the prequalify, and it said that it looked like one of their BOA cards would be a match (it was an unsecured card). Applied and denied. Didn't offer the $99/500. Oh well. I'll wait for about 3-4 months before actually applying for Cap1.
  18. I just don't want to be sued by LVNV. It is about $2500 or so. I figured I would try and beat them to the punch. DOFD was 11/15, so it is within SOL (5 yrs in MO)
  19. I have a Discover secured (love their website w/ acct stats). I just didn't want to 'apply' for the 1st one they listed since it said it could find any card matches during the prequalify process. Would this be because I'm 'opted-out' (using Why Chats methods when I was clearing up my medical collections)?
  20. I've burned Cap1 in the past (they sued but I settled & paid the settled amount in one payment..no judgement or PR). I went to their prequalify site & it said it couldn't match your records to a card offer, but listed some cards they said I might like. The very first one was Platinum with 24.99% var APR. The 2nd was Quicksilver, & last was Secured. What is probability of approval for Platinum? I don't want a hard pull just to get rejected. Should i hold out another month & try again? Thanks for all the advice.
  21. I'm waiting to hear about my Midland/AAA 'request' before I attempt LVNV...hope I hear back soon. Good luck
  22. I did put a reason there. It was one of the 'generic' reasons that you posted in another arb thread. I think it was 'funny' that Midland responded to me yet I have received nothing, not even an email, from AAA.
  23. LE, I haven't heard anything from AAA (it has been about 2 weeks since tracking showed it was delivered). I did get a letter from Midland asking what I was disputing (I wonder if this was in response to something AAA sent???). Should I reply back to them or wait? How best to proceed on this? Thanks for any help you can give.
  24. thesaintly, have you had any contact from AAA or JAMS yet? I haven't heard anything from AAA, yet Midland sent me a letter to say that they have no idea what I'm disputing (I am assuming AAA contacted them????).
  25. My only problem, from what I hear, is that AAA no longer arb for Midland due to lack of fee payment. Cred1 does have JAMS in their credit agreement, but want to see what happens with AAA (plus, cost is cheaper upfront). I haven't heard anything back from either party but as soon as I do, I'll post here. I'm just curious on what I'll do next if Midland does nothing, or if AAA comes back and says they won't do anything with Midland. I think even my attempt at arb with AAA will stop them from suing me, but my goal is to remove it from my CR. Guess I could pay settlement and go that route, but this is a trial run (for a lack of a better word) for LVNV, which is a BIGGER sum of $$$ if they sue.

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