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  1. Sewer service can happen yes. But you should periodically monitor the court dockets until the SOL has expired (at a minimum), and if it's determined you were sued and a process server committed perjury in the affidavit of service, then you hire an attorney to reopen the case and counter sue. I know this site is a lot about DIY. However, an affordable cottage industry of legal experts exists to defend against these suits if and when they happen.
  2. There is nothing fraudulent about the advice. Asset protection not fraud. Privacy not fraud. Avoid service not fraud. Bad is an opinion. This advice is not for everyone, as everyone's situation is unique.
  3. Not TRUE. Your driver license address is your MAILING address in many jurisdictions. private mailbox allows you to remain private if you wish. You are not required by law to be a registered voter. NOT TRUE. you need to be personally served, or substitute service in most jurisdictions for you to obtain a default judgment. NOT TRUE, it's called asset protection. lookup spend thrift trusts, just an example
  4. Its referred to as a "poor man's bankruptcy." How to: 1. keep a file for each credit you decide to default, save the last statement you make a payment on 2. go under radar, change mailing address will all creditors, block all credit reports, block all data collection service providers, change address on driver license 3. if sued, avoid service, document all communications with original creditor and collection agencies and counter sue 4. move all assets into someone elses name, be ready to fight garnishment, exemptions exists and likel
  5. There is hope. CCS deleted from all reports. Based on limited research, I think colleciton agencies are deleting paid accounts more and more. From a compliance/risk standpoint, I think it makes the most sense.
  6. I paid the service provider directly. I had no dealings with the collection agency.
  7. Just appeared on my credit for $300, I paid the company directly (not CCS) and sent a debt validation letter. Instead of removing the collection account, CCS updated the balance as paid. CCS never collected on the account, so how can they report balances on an account that shouldn't exist in their files. Any tips for removal?
  8. Is there simulator out there for TransUnion Classic 4 that consumers can access? I called MyFico, but they don't offer it.
  9. Does Amex still only report after 60 days late? Looking to pay balance in full 32-33 days late.
  10. Tried opening an account online but they said my credit report was locked. I opened up Experian and still got same response. Can someone please help me identify which reports they need to see? I asked in HSBC chat, but they said they can't tell me.
  11. Make sure you put all major purchases through the bidding room, a virtual discounting process. In my experience, the best people to do these orders with is a sales person in the flooring, window or major appliance department, because they have sales goals and will be motivated to make the sale. To make it easy for them, just build a shopping list online (make sure the items are not sold online only) and bring the list in for them to create a bid. Huge discounts usually come from building materials. Home Depot supervisors and up have the ability to provide additional discounts
  12. They should take 6k all day. They will sue. Lawyer up.
  13. Leasing is fixed. You walk away from the deal when the term is up. Owning is variable. Can can lose value faster than anticipated through demand, car accident on title, trade-in negotiations, etc. Get a spreadsheet and do a side-by-side comparison (loss on trade, tax differences, ect.) Lease would likely be better choice for short term ownership. However, a lot would also depend on the car. Running the numbers is key.
  14. Equifax reporting 686 Applied for DCU unsecured visa with the mistake of having report frozen. Resulted in a manual review and denial. Applied online for Best Buy Visa and approved for $2,000 after a short call to verify my identity. This is my first unsecured card. Not the greatest, but with equifax as my cleanest report, I didnt have much options. It should be useful with promos for appliances when I start flipping houses next year.
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