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  1. Got my first BarclayCard (Cash Forward) 2 years ago next month, started me about $7.5k. 0% for 15 months on purchases so I rolled with that. Got an automatic increase of about $3k a few months in. Haven't seen an increase since then. No decreases either. After a year in the sent me an auto approval for Ring, but I didn't bite.
  2. Welcome! CCT (creditchecktotal.com) has a 7-day trial (it actually lasts 10 days) for $1. You get all 3 FICOs/reports. Make sure you cancel the day after enrolling so you don't forget. The trial will continue even though you canceled the next day. Nice offer they have, gonna check it out. Already use the freebies Credit Karma, Sesame, and Expierian's basic free report (no score).

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