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  1. Totally unpredictable and as you know I followed every FR story I could find. They did it to established accounts of 10+ years, they did it to new account holders, and just about everyone in between. One warning signal used to be fraud alerts that made no sense and constantly having to call them to release the hold on the account and verify charges. That happened to me for a month before the FR. IMO it was too much grief and they would not assure me the ridiculous fraud alerts and a potential future FR would be avoided if I gave them what they wanted so I closed the accounts and won't go back.
  2. A good example of 'manufactured spending' was a deal the US Mint had a few years ago. You could buy 500 dollar coins with no shipping and deposit them right into your bank account.
  3. My advice would be to return to your normal spending and avoid CLI requests or more AMEX apps. If you follow that plan they probably won't bother you again.
  4. It has happened before but is rare. As I recall the subsequent FRs involved unusal spending and/or repeated CLI requests/apps for more AMEX cards.
  5. I knew you had to have a thread here somewhere for approvals... I lifted the freeze on EQ for my merchant account and while I was at it put in two applications, the first in six years. Discover It $4500 - A little low compared to my other accounts but usable for my spending. I'll take advantage of the bonus cash back and go from there. Penfed auto loan - Instant approval for $22k @ 1.29%,
  6. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they're using their India center for FRs now. When I last dealt with them in 2006 they were only using India for late night calls, the FR I dealt with was handled out of Salt Lake City. I really wouldn't care to have sensitive personal information like tax return transcripts to be handled out of the US. AMEX isn't alone as you all know, customer service is rapidly being offsourced out of the country.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it much, with your current limit I don't think they will do much more than verify things. As I recall once you send in the info they complete these in a short amount of time.
  8. It's call skimming and it has gotten very sophisicated. The new skimming devices are tiny and easily hidden. I think most people here keep a close eye on their accounts but most people only look at their statements and the scammers can do a tremendous amount of damage within a billing cycle.
  9. I suppose so but these days at most places you would use your card no one sees it. About the only type of place I can think of where your card is seen is restauraunts which are also hotspots for having your card info stolen.
  10. Hey there, it has been a long time. The health has been good for several years now knock on wood. My problem is that I am juggling two businesses at the same time and business has been pretty good so I just haven't had a lot of time. Even though I haven't posted a lot I have come by and browsed threads when I had a few minutes. I'll try to remember to post here and there so you all know I'm still kicking!
  11. I should add Discover was kind of a white whale, they turned me down twice during the app-o-rama days.
  12. Hi Krish, nice to see you again! Trev, the actual name of the program is Penfed Auto Buying Program. You can find it from the Penfed main page. I only applied for the Discover because Sam's still doesn't accept Visa or AMEX and the rewards on my MC accounts isn't very good these days. Up until the Discover my newest account was just under six years so I figured I could add one card without much damage. The EQ freeze goes back into effect on Wednesday and I just don't see much out there that does much for me, at least cards I don't already have.
  13. Doing pretty well, thanks. I've managed to avoid any more hospital trips and just have a few nagging things that are taken care of in the office. Considering the issues I had, I'm thankful I am well enough to maintain and actually expand business. Hey Trevor, nice to see you again. I remember the app-o-ramas well! BTW, I wanted to share a good word for PenFed's auto connection. Once you pick the vehicle you're looking for they give you a list of dealers to pick from. I walked into the dealer with the PenFed approval and paperwork and was out of there in ninety minutes with the new
  14. Even though I don't post here a lot these days, I thought I owed it to some of the oldtimes who followed my colorful episode and not being able to control myself, that led to freezing all three CRAs in July 2008 and they remained frozen until July of last year when I finally had to break down and get a merchant account (the ability to accept credit/debit cards for payment). BTW, I've been through mortgage loan, auto loan, and credit card applications and nothing prepared me for the exam I received for that down to business licenses and state tax certificates. After the account was approved the
  15. Shawnee

    Discover It

  16. The purpose of the FR isn't really for CLDs but rather to verify income through IRS transcripts. With that limit if you have any income at all I don't think you will have much trouble.
  17. I've never had an Amex or Chase card declined due to fraud risk. I have had Citi declined once for risk but they re-activated after an SMS txt message. My largest purchases and payments by far have been online ones and the largest of those were with Amex. The Citi decline was an in-store decline of around $50 because of fraud risk. Creditors algorithms are pretty weird. I think a big part of it is the merchant classification code of the retailers, I'm sure that's a big part of their risk assessment programs as I've set them off with AMEX, Chase, and a few times with Citi. A quick p
  18. When dealing with AMEX it is always a good idea to have backup cards. Before the FR they were constantly cutting my card off due to 'potential fraud'. Chase will too if you start using the card online a lot at places you haven't dealt with before but nothing like AMEX, they were doing it to me 5-5 times a month.
  19. The 4506T on a mortgage or other high value/risk account is common and accepted, last year I had to submit one for a card processing account. Wanting one for cards with total limits of well under $10k is a bit intrusive IMO.
  20. If I'm not mistaken they're looking for income, at least that's what they were after during the big wave of FRs in 2005/6. I've been out of the loop for several years and their FR policies may well have changed. One thing is certain though, if you don't give them access with the 4506T they will shut the accounts down.
  21. It's really up to you. With those limits I doubt they would shut them down on you provided you do have income. Also, in the past even when AMEX has shut down accounts after FR some have reported they were noted closed by consumer. Every case is different though, when they pulled it on me I had many other accounts and chose not to give them access to my IRS transcripts.
  22. Thanks Trevor. Been getting along but have had some difficult times here and there, at least I've been able to stay away from the hospital! With as often as the various institutions have changed/cut rewards I just haven't been interested in new applications and accounts just to have the rewards cut later rendering the accounts useless. The last example was Penfed, now it's nothing more than a gas card for me.
  23. Thanks. As I pointed out here and in many, many other threads I believe that after seven years those who pull your file can't see it. I stopped getting AA/decline letters over it several years ago. Since then this was just a minor annoyance, I saw it on every EX report until last week when EX did me the favor of deleting it a month early.
  24. Bye bye FTB! This lien dropped of EX last week. So after eight years of work (honestly four, I stopped messing with this four years ago) I can now come here on CB and proclaim that I am squeaky clean on all three CRAs. Oh, and excuse the cobwebs!
  25. Maybe a handful of points. Shortly after locking my files I was bouncing between 780-800. Latest DCU EQ score was 812. Without a mortgage reporting I don't think it will go much higher than that if at all.
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