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  1. I am seeing the following when applying for a credit card to help my credit score in the long run but having more of a credit line, when I see the following: "Current or reasonably expected income includes, for example, current or expected salary, wages, bonus pay, tips, and commissions. Employment may be full-time, part-time, seasonal, irregular, military, or self-employment. Other sources of income include interest or dividends, retirement benefits, public assistance, alimony, child support, and separate maintenance payments. Proceeds from student loans may be considered as current or reasonably expected income only to the extent that those proceeds exceed the amount disbursed or owed to an educational institution for tuition and other expenses. Current or reasonably expected income also includes income that is being deposited regularly into an account on which the consumer is an account holder (e.g., an individual deposit account or joint account)." I am currently going to school full-time and I am finishing my degrees in Cyber Security & Software Engineering & Design. Long story short, I lost two children (stillbirth & miscarriage) and couldn't teach in the schools anymore, but I am finishing a new degree that will allow me to spend time with my two living children. I fell on some rough times medically and I now have several public assistance helping me to get back on my feet, which are paying off and I am in a much better place to finish my degree. I am only stating this because I have read a few board post that made me feel unwelcome because I was on assistance and shouldn't be allowed to have income breaks in things like Amazon Prime. **eye roll** I use Student Prime Keeps the kids busy and out of my hair and my store card increased my credit score and allows me to get things like Tylenol and other needs my kids need between financial aid and scholarships payments (deposits into my account). This month I used it for Christmas gifts for the kids though :-) Other than that, I only use Prime and the card for household needs, so I was insulted by reading the post because it seemed that all the people commenting thought we sit and take government handouts, when some of us are making a better life for our kids despite things that happen out of our control! I shouldn't have to justify why I am asking this question but after searching the boards and coming up empty besides the Prime discount post, I decided to write my own question and hope that I will not take heat for being on assistance when I am only trying to get off minimum wage work, which is all I could find after my medical issues and not wanting to return to teaching again or qualifying to reenlist due to age. Besides, my future jobs will pay more! ;-) So with the above being said, what does it mean by public assistance? What qualifies? FYI: Yes I tried Google but I might be putting wrong keywords in or something. I just couldn't pull up any information on this topic!
  2. I need help. I’ve been reading through the transcripts of PsychDoc’s Credit Repair School. I am a newbie, but I am starting to understand things. I’ve been reading through various Student Loans posts, but I am either missing the answer or not seeing someone discussing the topic. I currently have $27,363 in student loans and I am currently finishing my degree in Cyber Security and Software Engineering and Design. The problem has accorded during the time I found myself homeless due to medical issues beyond my control. Currently, my loans are all showing in good standing, as I have deferred payment due to being in school. The loans are through the Dept of Ed/NELNET. Most of my student loans are ok because they are still in good standing with no late payments; however, the loans that were taken out before my medical issues are not good. I have some that are 180 past due! This was due to the loss of a child due to stillbirth (when told I could never have children and finally becoming pregnant!) and almost bleeding to death, all of which caused some PSTD. ☹ The loans are around 8 years old or so. There are 15 total different student loans opened, with most in good standing. My current FICO score is 619 and I believe that a majority of this is due to the student loans and 4 other items my report that I am in the process of removing, several of which are not mine! (I’m an identical twin & also have a cousin born around the same time as I was that has my name.) The other items are medical and apartment complexes pulling some shady things! I am afraid that after I remove the 4 other items, that my credit will not improve that much. I’m not sure what the new score would be. I do have two good standing with regular payments and accounts: Amazon: $400 CL & opened for almost 6 months. Using a good amount of this limit right now due to purchasing needed items: think toilet paper, etc. and will be paid completely off the end of this month, unfortunately, 89% used. **note** Might divide the bill into 2 payments, one late November & then other early December. Not sure if this would help my overall score doing it this way or not. Fingerhut: was $200, but now $500 CL, only 2 months old. 0% utilized. Any advice on the student loans? Can these be fixed at all? Is there anything I can do to remove/repair the past dues? Opinions on the Amazon account also welcomed. From what I have read, it seems I have no hope in repairing these accounts until I finish my degree in a few years? I have a few goals that I would like to obtain with good credit once I have finished my degree in 1 to 2 years.

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