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  1. I refinanced an investment property through Cedric (cedski) and am going to refinance my home through him, also (if you can put up with me a little while longer, Cedric lol). This man knows his stuff and is very thorough and prompt in returning emails and calls. I had a bad experience with the company I had originally tried to refinance through (they dropped me like a hot potato lol) and came on here looking for advice. Cedric was very helpful and that, combined with the great things I read about him on here, led me to pm him. He got right back to me and things have been rolling ever since. My condo was very hard to finance but he stuck with it (and with me) and we closed last Wednesday. And, I have to mention his loan processor in this post. She is awesome! Cedric, I hope you know what a gem you have in her. Anyway, Cedric, thanks much - you da man!
  2. Kitty, I'm so sorry about your baby girl Lots of hugs to you
  3. cedski - Yes, I was taking cash out to pay off other things. I wanted a 30 year fixed rate loan up to 80% or whatever it is where you don't have to pay mortgage insurance. When they pulled my credit at the end of last month my scores were: EQ 621 EX 636 TU 639 I have a 9 year old BK7 and a 4 year old paid state tax lien. Also, high utilization which is probably why my scores are so low (part of what I wanted to pay off). No lates or collections. I am also co-signer on my daughter's house to the tune of $279,000 (something else I wanted to pay down). Anyway, I'm not finding fault with this man for being optimistic in thinking my loan would go through. And you're right, I'll probably have to forget about the appraisal although I will try to get a copy. I'm just really irked that he didn't have the decency to return any of my many phone calls and let me know straight up what the status is. To leave someone hanging like this is unacceptable. I even said on a couple of the messages that if the loan didn't go through it was okay just let me know what's going on. Maybe he thought I'd go ballistic on him but I'm not a member of the mob or a serial killer or anything scary like that lol. Do you think it's even worth trying to refinance with someone else or with my information is it hopeless? And, thanks for the help.
  4. cedski, sorry it's taken so long to get back to you I owe just over $15,000 on the condo. And the appraiser was paid at the time of appraisal. Like you said, there could be a number of reasons why things aren't going forward - I'm guessing the loan wasn't approved for whatever reason. It would just be nice to know what happened.
  5. Marilyn, yes, I assumed it was a done deal. They pulled my credit reports, I faxed copies of my paystubs and tax return, scheduled the appraisal and he sent this whole packet of papers with the GFE and a boatload of other stuff in it. When I last talked to him he was waiting for the appraiser to resubmit the appraisal as an investment property rather than primary residence. Then I guess everything had to go to underwriting. Oh, and he needed to revise the paperwork he had sent to me. So, as far as I know, there wasn't any negotiating to be done - just getting the loan approved which he didn't seem to think there would be any problem with. Like I said, this was nearly two weeks ago (it will be two weeks on Friday) and nothing since then. Everything was verbal except for the two papers I faxed back to him. Hope I answered your questions - if not, try again (I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes)
  6. I'm sorry, Marilyn - don't mean to put pressure on you or anyone else. I'm just so totally baffled by this whole mess. I truly appreciate your time and advice (((hugs))). Think I'll start by sending a letter to the President of Homebridge and reading over that NY Bankers website. I definitely want either the appraisal or my money back but that isn't the only issue. It's just blowing my mind that no one at that company is professional or courteous enough to return a phone call (much less several phone calls). And on their website they state that they promptly return all emails and phone calls lol.
  7. He scheduled the appraisal immediately and someone did come out and look over the property. On one of the papers in the packet he sent it has the present market value as $104,000 so I assume that's what it was appraised for. The only things I've signed are a Statement of Borrower's Benefits and Credit Authorization form. Should I be totally freaking out???
  8. I don't know - is that alot harder to refinance? He said it might be at a little bit higher rate but he didn't gasp and slam the phone down when he talked to me about it. No, he just vanished into thin air lol.
  9. Thanks very much for the advice. I didn't want to overreact but this just seemed really bizarre. I'm in MD, not NY but will read the info on the website and go from there. Thanks much. I didn't know that about the appraisal - thought since I had paid for it I owned it. And, no I never locked in a rate - it didn't get that far. He never sent the revised paperwork for me to sign and send in. Should I have sent in the original packet (even though it was wrong?) Maybe I'm holding things up - wouldn't that be a riot lol? But still, he could call and tell me he needs the papers or something. Very confusing. Anyway, thank you all for the responses.
  10. I had been working with a loan officer from Homebridge Mortgage Bankers on a refinance on a condominium I own. He first sent a packet of papers with a GFE and listing the condo as my primary residence. When I told him it was a rental property he said he'd resubmit the paperwork as an investment property (which is how it should have been done in the first place). The last time I spoke with him was almost two weeks ago - I left voice mail messages for him every day last week and again this week. I've checked with their receptionist to make sure this man still works there and have left two messages with his supervisor. Nobody has called me back. I even called a cell phone number he left on my home voice mail at the beginning of this refinance procedure and it was not in service. And, I've never been sent the appraisal which I paid for up front. I'm not sure what to do now. If they can't do the loan they should at least return my calls and let me know. And I want the appraisal ( it cost nearly $400). Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=154369 I hope that link works. My computer sounds like it's about to gasp it's last breath, too. I remembered reading that post a while back - am going to try it. I have cats and dogs so the computer is probably choking on animal hair in addition to the dust LOL
  12. Shawnee, please give your wife a hug from me - I know how heartbreaking it is to lose your beloved friend. You'll both be in my heart (((HUGS)))
  13. HelloKitty, I'm so sorry (((HUGS)))
  14. As my husband used to say, Good Googli Moogli

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