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  1. MunsyBuns16

    Changes coming to Amex PRG

    I hate GrubHub with a passion (bad experiences with it in the past and I think Favor/Postmates are better). However, I might try the airline gift card thing to take advantage of that credit. I *also* have a referral link for anybody who's interested.
  2. Capital One is apparently upgrading the existing Savor card. Now, it's a 4/2/1 card (4% dining and entertainment, 2% grocery, 1% base) with a sign-up bonus. However, it now comes with a $95 AF (waived in the first year for new cardholders). https://www.capitalone.com/credit-cards/savor-dining-rewards/ And now, there's a SavorOne card with the old 3/2/1 structure (3% dining and entertainment, 2% grocery, 1% base). No AF https://www.capitalone.com/credit-cards/savorone-dining-rewards/ If only they countered the UBER Visa with a Lyft World Mastercard (but no one at CapOne could be that smart, could they?)
  3. MunsyBuns16

    90 days same as cash or pay off now....

    If paying upfront won't hurt you cash-wise, pay cash now. If you want to finance it, take the 90-day offer and pay it off way before the 90-day period ends. I did that with my bedroom set.
  4. No rewards pffffffffffttttt
  5. MunsyBuns16

    Vig's 2018 Credit Recession (self-induced)

    Only recession I might see in the future would be to get rid of my Capital One Platinum card. Small limit, and it hasn't unsecured yet after almost three years.
  6. MunsyBuns16

    We're All Subsidizing People Who Use American Express

    Who's a millennial with two AMEX cards? This guy
  7. MunsyBuns16

    Discover luv button fixed: Your credit line has been increased.

    My $200 limit went to $400 this morning after I paid off a $5 charge for bus passes.
  8. MunsyBuns16

    This should have been a 2% card..... [AMEX Cash Magnet]

    Perhaps this initial flat-rate offering makes room for a better version down the road (Cash Magnet Plus/Preferred/whatevs, a dark green card in the same style of this one) with a better rewards rate. 2% flat rate, or 1.5% flat rate, with a 25% bonus for at least 20 swipes during the statement cycle
  9. https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/card/cash-magnet/?eep=25330&intlink=US-Acq-Shop-Consumer-VAC-CardMember-CardArt-CashMagnet Perhaps with tougher underwriting. AMEX missed a big opportunity here, but at least the card design is kinda nice (but almost the same shade of blue as the Chase Freedom Unlimited). The sign-up bonus is slightly enticing.
  10. MunsyBuns16

    Money worries have more Americans anxious

    The people who are worried certainly don't budget. I'd be worried too if my account went to zero every two weeks.
  11. hurr durr Why are yew worryin' about an "I love debt" score ma darlin'? hurr durr Musings from Evil Dave Ramsey
  12. I had a small refund. I used it to pay part of my student loans. This year, I think I'm gonna have to write a check.
  13. MunsyBuns16

    Just Grinding

    Does anybody have thoughts on leasing a car vs. trying to purchase a car? (I've somehow become even skeptical to buying a car now). I say this because my tastes in vehicles change far too often. If I were to lease a new car instead of buying used, I would look at mid-sized sedans and/or compact crossovers.
  14. Don't care about my neighbors. I have fun some weekends by blasting my music loud, turning the lights off, and dancing badly to the movement of my party lights. [Cheap entertainment]
  15. I'm one of those salamanders - I made my mom, knowing her bad history of managing money and credit cards, an AU on my first credit card back in college. She ran up the card and didn't pay it back. Went to collections. Still bitter about that.

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