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  1. Centex I don't disagree with anything you wrote. I also have the question on paying the fee for so long and understand they may not pay more than a specified time. I had read after finding the fee that some folks had been provided a year of refunds after calling and was quite surprised by what we were told in terms of refund. We may not receive the amount we were told, I was just curious if anyone had a similar experience.
  2. Hi. In reviewing my parents finances I noticed a Store Credit card had the Card Security fee. We called last week to have it removed and in asking how long she had been paying the fee the rep asked her questions and at the end told her she would refund the charges she had paid since 2006. The next day her card showed a refund that was less than quoted. Has anyone had experience with this, is this their normal business practice? We did not ask for a refund, only asked how long she had been paying the fee and if they have no intention of paying the full amount quoted I guess I wonder why tell us the full amount? We called back yesterday and that rep also quoted the higher value had been submitted and they put in a request for a call back. Just wondering if they have no intention of paying the higher amount or they are hoping we don't call back for the full value but will provide it with some work required on our part? If anyone has had a similar experience with this would love to hear your experience.
  3. Madelene263 - Question - your refund was not the $2900 they told you. The same happened to my mom. They told her a higher value than what hit her card. Have you called them? We asked for an escalation so waiting for someone to call back - was told 3 to 5 days.

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