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  1. That's where I'm not sure which one to get... I've been thinking Discover it. https://www.creditcards.com/cash-back/ here it says Discover it can turn to $300 yet I don't know how easy that would be at 1% cashback being dupicated the first year though. Most of the other one's which I've seen say $200.
  2. Do the travel points expire and does it work for any airline? Is it easy to obtain the credits annually?
  3. Hello, I'm looking for the best card to pay for a $4k purchase. I've got the money but I'd like to use a card that will get me the most value back like in cash back or sign up bonus for spending a large amount. This is an orthodontist purchase but I want to get the most bang for my money. I have: AmEx everyday preferred, Capital One secure, CreditOne platinum. My relative has Discover it. I hope y'all can help with this!
  4. I mailed the dispute to Transunion with the extension agreemen... to my surprise today the 1 late mark is deleted. With Experian & Equifax I disputed online yet it still shows. I received the dispute reply from Experian with the late mark. I'm guessing maybe trying to dispute it by mail with the rest of the bureau's to see if it works better.
  5. The document was made early April after they had reported me late. I didn't know about it as I was informed due to the pandemic they were helping consumers. I don't think they had the extention option in March because they verbally said they'd give me time to pay and then in April it's when they were giving out these extension. Aside from that they billed me a late fee, which I didn't complain about. Most creditors are working with consumers waiving fees, etc. Yet my extension includes March and April. I contacted their executive offices, they deny help. Won't remove it on goodwill. Then, I mentioned the agreement to them. Lady said it was done after they reported late. They don't want to delete a late mark, saying it's impossible... I submitted the document to the burau's.
  6. Yes, my signed doc says it's for 3/1 and 4/1. To pay 5/1 that it's been extended.
  7. Do you have a sample of that letter? They don't want to remove my 1 late mark and it's due to covid-19.
  8. My auto loan by Santander Consumer USA reported a 30 day late mark for March 2020 on my credit report. Before they reported this I had contacted them and they said they were assisting customers due to the pandemic. They agreed I could make my payment later and that I wouldn't have any lateness reported. I sent them a letter to request the removal of the late mark. I have a perfect 100% punctual payment record with them for over a year. This is the one late mark and it's due to a pandemic. After seeing they didn't remove I filed a dispute with the credit bureau as one of their reps suggested. I then received a letter from them stating the following: We have investigatedyour dispute and verified the information provided to the National Credit Reporting Agencies is accurate. It is our policy to report allcustomer accounts to the credit reporting agencies in a consistent and accurate manner. On the bureau dispute they also left the late mark for March and updated my newer payments. How can I get this late mark removed?
  9. I’ve had my auto loan with Santander Consumer for 6+ months. I want to refinance like the dealer suggested to lower my payments. I pay $650 monthly and it’s $612 due every month. I have to confirm this information but I think the apr is at 17.05% & CL is $27,292.08 Who should I refinance with?
  10. Great tip! I'm using these cards for things like this from now on for the protection. My bank denied the claim twice and now closed my bank accounts. If this were those cards I'm sure I'd have the money back especially with the proof I sent them.
  11. Yes, I found the paperwork. It shows declined... which auto insurance do you recommend?
  12. Hi, yes I did find my agreement with Enterprise where it clearly shows my initials declining this damage waiver. I submitted this document as evidence to Suntrust, my bank with the rebuttal form and they denied it like they didn't even look through it. Now, Suntrust closed both my bank accounts in consequence of this. I had requested the documentation Enterprise provided my bank with they were promised many times. Months went by and I never received anything. Enterprise also didn't provide any documents but just an invoice. Enterprise says they escalated to the regional office yet I don't hear from them.
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