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  1. I did not dispute these as not mine. I sent these CMRR and used the "I'm not sure about this account please investigate this" should I send another dispute with very specific reasons? CMRR again?
  2. Experian refused to investigate 7 out of 8 disputes this past month. It says they won't re investigate since they did an investigation in the summer if 2016 on these same tradelines. Wtf. Where do I go from here?
  3. Any thoughts? Intent to sue bureau for not investigating?
  4. Many of the tradelines I disputed just say "this item was updated from a dispute in 2014" from where I had previously disputed. However only one "result" is listed on pages 2... I don't think they send out partial result packets .
  5. I sent in a dispute CMRR to all 3 bureaus about 3 weeks ago. I got a results letter from experian with a full copy of my CR. They only investigated 1 out of the 7 disputes on my dispute letter!!!! Only one result which wad verified with updated information. It's like they just ignored most of my disputes on my letter. How do I move forward from here???
  6. Also thanks for the information everyone.
  7. Is it a violation if they are reporting a large balance? The OC is correct. Since they issued you a 1099 on this debt, that basically cancels the debt. By doing this, the OC has written it off and they cannot continue to collect, which means they can't accept a PFD. You do have to report it in your taxes, however. I'm not a tax professional but I think it's basically considered part of your income. I wouldn't worry too much, I was in a similar situation and it didn't really have a significant bearing on my taxes. However, if you can prove you were insolvent at the time you can look into other options. They can still report the information of your credit report as long as it's yours and accurate. The negative TL will age off after 7 years of DOFD on its own. I will let others chime in with further options for you since some people on here might have better insight. In my own situation, I waited until mine aged off and that might be what you have to do. Since you don't have the leverage of being able to PFD and you say they keep verifying the disputes, it might be difficult for you to remove it before it ages. If you do go that route, EQ and TU will usually remove obsolete TL early. ETA: Just having the TL on your credit report is not considered collection activity. They have a right to report accurate information for up to 7 years, in the case of negative information. I also wanted to include that since they issued a 1099, they are required to now report the balance owed as $0.
  8. They also assured me it don't be sent to a collection agency. But the original citi/cbna tradeline is still showing on one cra. And they keep verifying it.
  9. Yes i found out that it is out if SOL and they have already sent the irs a 1099. I am in NC. They OC said they can't accept payment on it and cant even send me an invoice in it because it's past SOL and that they cant even pursue collection activity. If its past SOL isn't being on the cresit report itself collection activity?! It's been 5 Nd a half years since date of first delinquency.
  10. I have a Citi/Cbna account that has a balance and is in a charged off status. It only appears on one of the bureaus. Other than a dispute with the cra, what is the smartest approach to handling this? It's for 2800 dollars and is about 5 years old. Anyone ever hear of citi doing a PFD?
  11. Thanks guys. Tobettercredit, Okay I will call tomorrow and pay this over the phone with Verizon. Centex yes that is exactly the nature of the date discrepancies. Sounds like I shouldent hang my hat on that. If i pay verizon will that ensure the CA they hired to collect wont appear on the CR? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for these, it helps some. I tried the executive group and they werent any help though
  13. I never got a dunning leter or a bill from verizon because i had moved and they didnt have my old address. I have not spoken to the CA, only to verizon. Verizon said i can still pay them directly. Would that keep the CA from reporting? Should i just pay verizon and they try and attack the tradeline after that?
  14. Thanks! I found a number to executive relations and they pretty much said the same. No goodwill, and they dont even have the option. Can i use the irregular reporting of the opening dates to my advantage?
  15. I have a 380 dollar debt that is owed to verizon wireless from last year. I never got a bill because i had moved years ago and never updated my address apparantely. They said they will only mark as paid in full but will not delete tradeline. The hired a CA to collect on this because i got a call from them the other day but did not answer. Only Verizon is on my CR not the CA and id like to prevent the CA from reporting and get the verizon TL off too. What do i do? I dont wanna get a verizon tradeline AND a collection account on my CR! PFD seems to not be an option here. For what its worth the open date is different on trans union than it is on he other 2 bureaus. Please any advice on what to do would be great. Thanks

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