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  1. I saw that too. I think they have their numbers backwards.
  2. It's hard to get anyone to work at these facilities so they end up having to pay more to attract employees. Add in all the other rising costs it's easy to see where they need sharp increases.
  3. There has to be a group of guys all driving Ferraris and dating super models with the amount of crypto theft that's happened.
  4. I volunteer 1 morning a week at our local Food Bank. I've been doing this for 7 years and this is definitely the busiest I've ever seen it.
  5. My wife always gives the Wells Fargo credit card a workout. 😁 I have to say in all honesty that WF has been very good to us. When I had my BK Wells didn't cancel our cards but made the wife the primary and let me stay on as a AU.
  6. We call that a basement here in the northland. 🤪 This should be a fairly easy job, for a good contractor, putting in a couple of additional supports to make up for cutting the joist.
  7. I always have a $20 dollar bill ready for Friday night pull tabs at the local watering hole.
  8. Experian seems to like to "roller coaster" Fico 8 scores. Mine goes up and down 14 points every month like clockwork. At some point during the month I've paid off all my cards and it drops, latter in the month it goes back up.
  9. Lol, my wife does but I like the 80's (both temp and decade). 😁
  10. I also live in the Twin Cities and it's friggen hot.
  11. It's hard to believe they could tap the banks for $30 million without an underling business that looked legitimate.
  12. I got the same via email today. Obviously, we are part of the chosen few. LOL
  13. https://www.wsj.com/articles/more-subprime-borrowers-are-missing-loan-payments-11652952602 "Consumers with low credit scores are falling behind on payments for car loans, personal loans and credit cards, a sign that the healthiest consumer lending environment on record in the U.S. is coming to an end."
  14. A took a buyer out last night to look at a couple of houses that "survived the weekend". It's been quite awhile since we've seen houses not getting an offer over a weekend.
  15. The same thing happened here in MN last year. I went to my credit union to use the ATM and...no ATM. This was a huge machine, anchored in concrete, and they managed to pry it out and drive away with it.
  16. Finding places to park cash, and get any kind of decent return, is getting harder. 1.2% 1 year rate from Marcus, at Goldman Sachs, seems about the best.
  17. Most of my business, over the last 2 years, has been people looking for bigger houses. Between work from home and home schooling there was a need for more space.
  18. I had a client one time that tried to doctor his tax returns to show higher income. The fellow didn't realize that the mortgage company pulls a copy directly from the IRS. He didn't get the loan. 🙄
  19. Here in cold MN we just hit $3.99 at the pumps for Reg. unleaded. Sam's Club has no more jars of shelled peanuts (2 weeks in a row now). Eggs are up about a buck for 18 packs.
  20. It sounds more like a case of mental illness then forgery. She didn't gain anything financially by doing this.
  21. If you have a 580 or better FICO score you should be able to get an FHA loan. Put at least 20% down to avoid PMI.
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