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  1. A good discussion on the "All In Podcast" of the FTX debacle.
  2. I'm holding out for the hot virtual sex with super models.
  3. Just did my month end tracking and Oct was a good month in a bad year. The big question is- can Tech make a comeback? or will Energy keep rolling?
  4. I have had this happen a time or two with contracts I've written. The usual culprit is one spouse has a blemished credit report and the other spouse can qualify on their own. The mortgage broker wants to avoid a hassle with underwriting so they remove the blemished spouse, who can still be on the deed, just not on the loan.
  5. I'm down around 10% this year with a 10/90 balance. I parked most of my money in the Stable Value Fund in my 401K earlier in the year. (Now I need to figure out when to get back in).
  6. I think Jamie Dimon sees an opportunity to bring some power back to the bank and away from Visa Mastercard.
  7. The "upselling" is the car is due for a -radiator flush, air-conditioning service, air filter, cabin air filter (I buy those in bulk on-line for 1/3rd the cost). I would go for the tire rotation but I always seem to be in the wrong bay that doesn't have a lift.
  8. I always go to the one on Lyndale in Bloomington. And yes, they always try to upsell you.
  9. Sam's Clubs seem to have it figured out with the same quick check, by a human, when you leave the store as HeMa does. I especially like the scan and go for the gas pumps. No longer having to insert a membership card and then a credit card.
  10. Interesting Article https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/12/goldmans-gs-apple-card-business-has-a-surprising-subprime-problem.html
  11. I'm surprised he got almost 3 years for $10,000 bucks worth of fraud.
  12. I saw that too. I think they have their numbers backwards.
  13. It's hard to get anyone to work at these facilities so they end up having to pay more to attract employees. Add in all the other rising costs it's easy to see where they need sharp increases.
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