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    Spending many hours on the internet and credit boards, trying to learn how to clean up our credit reports.
  1. Actually she DID apply for employment with them, but because this is a small town with 3 factories closing down over the past month or so, NO ONE is hiring. Most places are closing down because of the loss. Angelweezy Bump for the night crowd.
  2. This is for my friend. She had bought some furniture,paying monthly payment, got it almost paid for,then added stove and frig, made 6 more payments and lost her job,no longer able to pay on the loan. What will they do to her? She still owes 1600.00. Can she return the stove and frig? She has technically paid off the furniture, just not the stove and frig because it was added into a whole new contract with the other stuff? Thanks for your great help. Angelweezy
  3. Years ago we lived in an apartment building that the walls were very thin. Right after we moved in, we were laying in bed one night, just about to go off to la la land and low and behold our neighbors start yelling, moaning and they yeh baby bit. My smarta** hubby started knocking on thee wall and Yelled " Hey Man , are you two into swapping", you know we never heard a peep from them again. Angelweezy
  4. It is about time.... Many prayers and best wishes for Mason,new baby and family. Angelweezy
  5. http://www.wyff4.com/video/9267800/index.html I thought someone that recieved an offer such as the one on this video might benefit from this. Angelweezy
  6. My husband has been a "Trainer"/Manager" for Waffle house for well over 12 years and he says that since they started taking Visa/MC, that sales have more than tripled in the district of South Carolina, he is over.....I smell a raise coming soon.. Now if only they paid him as well as his other Restaurant Trainer position does......CHILI'S Angelweezy
  7. Lilac, I am telling you our mom's are related in some way. They seem so much alike, it is scarie.... You are going to have to move away, to ever have a second of peace. Angelweezy
  8. I love me a great bargain. Our home is the same way. I am very picky and I do not deal with junk, I deal with unappreciated treasures. Angelweezy
  9. I read this as i look behind me to see my "CAT" stretched out in our bed sleeping. This is the exact feelings of most Pet owner(Geez, I hate that term),I prefer hairy son/daughter. Angelweezy
  10. Poor wittle NCO, how could they pick on them? NOT Angelweezy
  11. Congrats! Now go enjoy them, but pay in full each month and let them age, You will see your scores increase. Angelweezy
  12. Before sunset tomorrow, you will be admitted and before 9pm, you will grace this world with a beauty. Angelweezy PS: Seems like yesterday, you announced you were pregnent. Boy times flies for everyone but the Mommy to be.
  13. AFNI showed up on my reports at the end of last year for a bogus Charter Communications bill, but the funny thing was, we had Charter communications everything in our home at the time and in my name as well, They claimed this bill was from 2001, yet we have only lived in the Charter Cable/phone/internet area of service since 2004. They NEVER sent any letter "First Communication" they just appeared out of the woodwork, I called EX,EQ,TU, when they first appeared to try to find out the exact placement date....I waited about a week and off DV letter 1 of 2 sent. Never heard anything and I disputed them3 times and each time they verified. I finally got really PO and I set down lastweek and wrote them a letter: WASTE...But Wait. Dear AFNI, This is to let you know that I will be the big fat woman at the front of the courthouse with the smile on my face. I have bonified and provable papertrail to prove that Wilful Non-compliance is your agenda. I also have letters from the President of Charter Communication that states I have never had a delinquint(SP). account with them and that I have ONLY been a customer since 2004. I have been dreaming of a wonderful Christmas holiday vacation and I thought I would thank you in advance for being so gracious to pay for the vacation as that is what I intend to use the big fat check you are about to write out to me for your continued neglect and outright disrespect to any and all collection/reporting laws. See you REAL SOON..... Guess what I got in the mail today......2 days after they signed for this last letter A letter saying, we made the mistake,please forgive us, we have deleted the alleged account. Charter Communications has demanded that we return this account to them within 30 days along with proof of assignment or purchase. I guess the CRAZY WOMAN<READY TO SUE got their attention...who knows with these losers. Angelweezy

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