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  1. Thank you for this clarification. I’ve been lurking around looking for rebuilding strategies/dos and don’ts etc. but it’s been hard to find info/posts for beginners. Do you have any favorite posts or threads that you can recommend? I want to avoid wasting time on accounts or programs that don’t help. As an example, I just got a NFCU account but not sure if I should apply for any of their stuff yet. Can’t find good guidance of when to implement certain steps or programs. I also couldn’t open the earlier link that you posted to see if I could understand why OP was utilizing the loan versus the card and figure out if any of it would apply to my situation Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Why not do the secured card instead of the loan? Are you addressing credit mix at the same time? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you for this! I’ll stop worrying about them and keep working on improving the rest of my profile. Just worried that it would set my scores back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey, I just realized I overlooked your mention of 4 bureaus. Who is the 4th? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ok here’s an update. My family got a paper report from Experian. We sent a dispute letter last month for other accounts so EX sent an updated report once they finished the dispute. So her mortgage is definitely missing from her EX report. Not a bad thing, just wondering if it will come back and report (old negative payment history and foreclosure initiation) because the account is still active and she’s currently making payments (May 1st will be 3rd on-time payment) If it stays gone, it will be good news, just wondering if it is likely that it comes back. I’m still waiting for my paper reports to make sure my students loans are reporting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ok, I'll get some paper copies ordered for both of us to compare to see if the accounts show closed there or not.
  7. Hello - I have two similar scenarios. One is mine and the other is a family members'. My scenario: I have 3 student loans that are currently in forbearance. However, they are showing closed on EX. They are active on TU & EQ. Can these be disputed to get them reporting as open on Experian, will making on-time payments when out of forbearance fix this or should I just leave it alone? (They are older accounts and help the average age of my accounts). Note these accounts have a long positive payment history. Family member scenario: Family member's home was in foreclosure, but they reinstated it right before the auction. They are now current and have made two on-time payments. The account is now closed on EQ and EX, only open on TU. Will this account eventually report correctly now that they are making on-time payments? Should they do anything to get it to report accurately as open, on-time payments and not in foreclosure?
  8. What are you gonna to say on the phone? Are you making payment arrangements? Have the accounts charged off yet? Whether they sue you depends on more than amount. Do you appear to be collectible? I’m assuming you are within SOL because you’re asking the question. How much time is left? Cap One is aggressive and will sue for small amounts. Citi and Barclays will probably sell to debt buyers who will attempt to sue. Chase, not sure, may depend on amount. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ok, so based on the soft copy reports I have, the following credit cards/accounts are still reporting balance dues with each of the OCs. I don't have my reports in front of me, but I think only Calvary & Caine Webber shows up on the CRs right now. CitiBank BOA Kabbage Barclays Cap One Discover Chase * Lending Club - only shows on TU, $ 0 balance on EX & EQ So if I understand correctly, it is suggested that I contact the OC to settle, make payment arrangements? Note that I can't provide a large lump sum at the moment, but might be able to in January at the earliest. I could work on the small ones now, but decided against this because didn't want to wake the larger debts up by stirring the pot until I could afford to settle with them. So I figured in January or so, I would start with larger debts and work my way down the list to the lower balances. If I can finagle payments with two largest ones now, I'd be open to that too but, it might restrict how much is left for the smaller balances depending on how much they want me to pay. If they want PIF, that could take years and I figured they wouldn't be open to waiting very long to get the full amount. Any insight into how they might approach my payment arrangement requests is very helpful
  10. I don't think any are still with the OC. They are all charged off and are assigned/sold to CAs and JDBs now. I noted each CA/JDB on the screenshot in case it might need a specific strategy. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be the messy ones like LVNV. Do you mean try to have the OC call the debts back and pay directly?
  11. Thank you Breeze and JeffeVerde!! I will request the hard copies today and then sit tight until I receive them. I'll try to repost this in the "Help I've been Sued" section too and see if others can comment on how to prepare for what is to come. You'll see from the balances and the freshness of the wounds in the screenshot that it is not a question of IF, it is a question of WHEN the lawsuit will come unfortunately. I probably shouldn't say this, but I'd sue me for this kind of money.. LOL. All jokes aside, I really am not against paying these folks, I just need some time to come up with an amount or payment plan that will satisfy my obligations in some fashion whether paid in full or via settlement. Here is a link to the screenshot. Let me know if this doesn't work https://www.dropbox.com/s/ivd6f0dcu34xrsm/Screenshot%202017-09-26%2013.09.46.png?dl=0
  12. Hey there, I'm new to the forums and need some help formulating a strategy to address my accounts. Background: I'm currently self-employed and starting to get stabilized after suffering a huge drop in income last year which caused this mess. I don't have savings built up yet to settle without a payment plan, but want to get in front of the big ones because I know lawsuit(s) are coming, BOA acct seems to be gearing up now based on local atty letter. Laying low until out of SOL doesn't seem to be an option due to length of time necessary, high balances and I probably appear to have the ability to pay. I assume this because mortgage is current due to recent loan mod and car note is current (I have to have a car to get to work etc.) BK7 is not an option due to significant home equity that is not accessible due to credit score. Not interested in BK13 unless it is last resort. I'm not hard pressed to use credit for personal reasons right now, so while rebuilding is desired, it is not tied to any deadline. Time can heal these wounds if necessary. My thought process thus far: Haven't ordered hard copies of CRs yet, info below is from annualcreditreports and online CRAs. (I know, I know, hard copies are required. but I didn't know when I pulled them. I will get them ordered now). Already opted out and have been for years, just did it again to make sure. Haven't disputed addresses yet and will wait for hard copies before doing so. My hope is that I will be able to pull some funds together by the end of the year to be able to actually settle some of these accounts, starting with the largest two. I'm guessing $15K at least to start for the big two, not impossible, but will be tough, so I will scrimp as much as possible to pull this together. Question: Once I've done the address basics, I'm wondering how to approach this. I realize from reading that DVing some of these accounts is likely to trigger a lawsuit. The recency of these accounts also seems to work against me in some cases with regard to whether the accounts can be validated. I'm sure my file is still warm.. lol. What strategies I should consider or possibilities that I should prepare for? I'm hoping I can lay low, save money until at least Q1 2018, though I'm not sure these accounts will stay quiet for long. (They aren't really quiet, but if it wasn't for "Do Not Disturb", I'd probably would have a lot more stress dealing with phone calls.) Thanks in advance for your help and let me know if I can clarify anything. I hope my screenshot shows up. Let me know if it is missing. I have no idea what I'm doing..LOL **Note that DOFD in below screenshot differs in some cases, I noted actual DOFD based on my bank account statements. I believe the discrepancies on DOFD are due to payments that went NSF (I paid a ridiculous amount of NSF fees in 2016)

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