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  1. Hi, diligaf, Yes, I do still have that package. I should contact them and see if I just need a new package with new dates before I do anything else. Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone! I guess if I end this for less than $1000 I can consider myself lucky, lol.
  3. Actually, I paid LegalZoom about $380 and then I paid another $150 at the courthouse, if I remember correctly, so a little more than 400 but I think I will try it myself this time. We don't own any property and no custody disputes, child support already in place so it should be an open and shut case. Thank you for that tip!
  4. I'm in Michigan. Ugh, I hope not....another $400 down the drain! Thanks for the response!
  5. Hi, guys. I have a question that the courts won't help me with by phone but I don't want to take a day off to go there unless I know what I'm doing. I paid LegalZoom for a divorce package about 2 years ago and filed the papers with the court. However, since I was doing it myself, I had to serve my husband with the papers and he was often homeless so I was never able to get the papers to him. Eventually, the case was dismissed for lack of progress (or whatever the legal term is for it). Now that I do have an address for him, I'd like to get him served and wrap this up, especially since I've already paid $400 for it. I called the court to ask but they said they can't give legal advice - I don't think she was listening to me, I'm not asking for "advice", I'm trying to find out the actual procedure needed at this point. Do I just go ahead and serve my old papers, pay for new ones, etc? I hope I don't have to start over and pay another $400! Does anyone know the process and can tell me? Thanks in advance!
  6. One more thing, the deadline they gave me to respond to this is October 28th, next Tuesday, or they say they will file a small claims suit against me. Obviously, that is not enough time to get an attorney and file against them. Will that make any difference - or do I just let them go ahead and continue sinking themselves while I get the lawyer in place? They will have to pay for my lawyer too. It's been 8 years but I wonder if I can also still bring up the fact that they put a judgment on me back then, illegally? Thanks in advance!
  7. Right, its not a CA, its the original creditor, a dentist. I think you guys are right. This is what I should have done 8 years ago when they filed the judgment AFTER my BK had been filed, but my lawyer at that time did not advise me to do that, and i certainly didn't know. It was not until I came to Creditboards and found out in 2012 that I could even get the judgment vacated! It was a violation that they even filed. Hmm, so now I should get with an attorney instead of even responding to the dentist?
  8. Thank you, BoxCar44! I would appreciate a version of your letter - I can modify it myself, I just want to see the wording. I've drafted a few but they all sounded a little too nasty, lol. I figured I'd just go with a very calm professional approach first!
  9. Okay spent some time googling and everything I've read says that since this is discharged then they are not allowed to attempt to collect in any manner, including putting it on my credit report, calling me, mailing me letters, sending to collections, etc. I think I'm going to respond with a copy of my BK and specific parts of BK law as well as FDCPA and inform them that they're violating law already, just to let them know that I'm aware of my rights. I'll also let them know that I am alerting my BK lawyer of their actions in case they decide to continue to commit violations.
  10. Hi, Sandscrit, yes, I do have my BK papers showing the discharge - its what I used to get the case vacated. I also have the court paper where they discharged it, if not I can easily go to the courthouse and get another printed but I'm sure I have it. Even in the letter they say, "this debt is several years old" so they realize that they are trying to collect a super old debt. I think they are hoping that I don't know! BTW, the letter has no information about the debt as far as date of origin or case number, just an FYI, but I know what it is because of all I went through with them. It's probably a new person in the office that is just trying to score points by collecting and hoping I'll just write them a check.
  11. Hi, a couple of years ago, Creditboards helped me get rid of a nuisance debt that I had previously discharged in BK back in 2006. Weeks after the BK had discharged it (gone to court and all), the company still filed a judgement against me and had it attached to my credit report. I came to CB for help and was instructed on how to successfully go to court and have it vacated. Here we are in 2014, almost 2015 and the same company pops up and sends me a letter telling me that they intend to file a small claims case against me for this same amount. I was able to get rid of the PR, filed BK and its been 7 years for the debt (which occurred in 2005). Please tell me that they cannot again come after me for this same debt! I don't think they realize that I have vacated the judgement, they probably didn't check. How do I respond to them? I haven't gotten any notices from any of the credit monitoring services that I have anything new added to my reports. I believe the judgment was vacated with prejudice, if that's possible, but I can't really remember. At any rate, after being served with the BK and then discharged, they should not have been able to file a judgment, which is why it was vacated, so I don't think they can turn around and file again, can they? And, like I said, its been over 8 years at this point, almost 9. Thanks in advance!
  12. Wanted to make sure to come back and thank you all for your advice! I'm going to do the care credit now. I appreciate all of your insight!
  13. Yeah, I like the idea of interest-free, I checked the chart on their site and that $1350 interest free could be like $80 a month for 16 months or so. The NavChek has a lot of interest, but I'm already carrying $2k on that one, and my Navy Visa has a $6k balance. That's why I'm hesitant to put another $1350 on either....
  14. I have a dilemma. I desperately need to get a crown on my tooth - had a root canal and maxed out my crappy dental insurance, so the crown must come out of my pocket. It's gonna be about $1400 and I don't have the cash. My credit is pretty decent now so I know I would get approved through Care Credit, but I also have enough available credit to put it on a card, BUT I don't like the idea of carrying so much of a balance on my cards. Which is gonna look worse - opening a new credit account (care credit, interest free) or putting in on existing card and letting the balance 'skyrocket'?
  15. That's the one they keep sending me pre-selected apps for. I get one at least weekly. I didn't know it was a rebuilder card. I don't really NEED it but I would like an "in" at Barclay so maybe it wouldn't be so bad to get. I see they pull TU so I was waiting until I resolve some things with TU before I apply and I have until January. I wonder if I freeze TU would they pull another?

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