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  1. I want to add, he has soft inquiries on all three bureaus from Portfolio Recovery, and neither of us has any idea what that could be for. The things already on his reports accurately reflect the things he actually owes. I'm kind of waiting with bated breath to see what they decide to add on in the next few months.
  2. My husband and I would like to purchase a home in the next 2 years or so. As it stands right now, I have the good credit (short but thick positive file, 700-range FICO) but lower and harder to verify income (I am a freelance writer), while he has higher income but poor credit. Combined, we make around $70k a year. His FICO scores right now are sitting right at 600 on EX and EQ, 580 on TU. I finally decided to dive in and see what I could do to repair his at least a little bit; it would be nice if he could at least get a real credit card and close or sock-drawer the collection of predatory ones
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