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  1. Yeah luckily this car is not the 4Matic. He had a old 1982 Mercedes 300 SD that he loved. My wife drives a Volvo XC70 and there’s always something with that car but I just keep fixing it, one of the safest cars out there. A used Honda Accord would be a better choice but he’s old and knows what he likes I guess. Doesn’t sound like there’s a good finance option at this point, thanks for the input.
  2. It’s been in the family since new, meticulously maintained. He’s been driving it for the past year, just trying to get in his name. He loves that car and doesn’t want to drive anything else. If it broke I’d just pay for it to be fixed, not a big deal.
  3. It’s a 2007 Mercedes E350, NADA is $8400 so it would be a 83% LTV.
  4. My dad just finished his Chapter 13 on April 30th of this year. He has two perfect payment history mortgages, 10+ years on both of them showing on his credit, Equifax score is a 670 and the only thing hes applied for was a Capital One Card and they gave him a $3,000 limit, no annual fee card. He wants a $7,000 vehicle from a private party and its a 2007. Any ideas who he could finance this through? Navy Federal would be a no go. Thanks
  5. Sorry, haven’t been on here in a long time! He put $2500 down. It was the State max on new vehicle interest rates in Florida...I think 16.78% or something like that. Originally he told me 8% when I posted but said he would of had to put down $10,000 to get that rate.
  6. I didn't believe him but he showed me the score after he did the app online, gives you an option to see your score. He had to do another credit app at dealership but was approved for $31,000 and got a 8% rate. How is this possible. His DTI is very good but still.
  7. Wife was just approved today for a 4.1% rate on a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe for 60 months, would of been much lower if it was a newer car. Her scores are mid 600's. Opened savings 6 months ago and we have a joint checking account there. Not bad.
  8. I'm a commercial insurance agent so I know exactly what your going through. Many carriers have annual audits, I had a manufacturing company disclose that his sales were $250,000 during the application and during the audit was determined his sales were $3.2M...you can imagine the bill he received...the higher your sales the higher probability of a possible claim. They really do not want to send you to claims, not sure if you still have a relationship with the agent you purchased the policy through, maybe not since you switched companies, but if you do have them call. I've been able to get cu
  9. Be patient with them and build some history...I started with the same thing
  10. My wife did this and it came back with a range of 9.65% to 13.75%. She went through a credit union as a brand new member today and got 4.75% rate.
  11. My wife was able to obtain a car loan through Suncoast Credit Union at a 4.75% rate 1 year post Chapt 7. She is a brand new member with no history. We had the vehicle financed through Penfed just in my name but she needed to build some credit and they approved her in less than an hour after they received 2 pay stubs. They pull Experian and from what I can tell use the FICO score 2 model which on hers was a 643, her FICO 8 is a 690. Closed on the loan today, very nice people. Forgot to add, they also gave her a $200.00 check on the spot for financing a vehicle with them.
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