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  1. Ok one of the llcs I have been building credit is coming along nicely. 3 lines reporting. Been in business since 08 but registered in a new state in 2017 So thats what shows on dnb. So far we have supply works, uline and grainger reporting. Im trying to get to 5 lines so we can get a vehicle so I figured fuel card was the way to go. Applied with bp and was declined. They want 2 years of bank statements. Which I can do but dont want to, that seems a little excessive. Any other easier options? Or another option to get us to 5 lines? Disappointingly our spark card doesnt report and supply works never reports our whole balance so right now we have 500,200 and 100 as high trades Pg isnt an option
  2. A lot of the apps you have to hard copy and fax in to avoid the pg now. I havent tried Lowes or hd since I know I dont have enough credit to get approved but you may try that. Or apply in store.
  3. Everything Ive read says sams is pg. I havent tried though.
  4. Nav shows you your personal credit just like credit karma or whatever but it doesnt link them per se
  5. When my renewal came up I ended up going with nav instead
  6. Anytime I call Interline they give me the wrong info 😂 I need someone that reports to eq. My file is literally blank. Even though I have multiple trades on experian.
  7. Hey! If you dont mind me asking what is the starter limit with hardware express and how did you obtain it? Thanks!
  8. What were your 2 trades reporting? And for how much?
  9. You need to be doing high millions to get a credit card with no pg
  10. Interesting. What is your industry? Home based business or do you have a store front/office
  11. Well I know its not our bad account lol. We pay cash for everything. But we have a common last name and its part of our business name also. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact our llc is registered in another state so its not shown on our States SOS website. I told them this when I emailed them though.
  12. Thats strange. I setup our account online and I had to wait for like 3 days for them to send an account number. We are a licensed business established as an llc pay taxes and all that jazz. So Idk

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