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  1. You want to get credit reports that are not free annual credit reports or you will be giving the CRAs 45 days to complete their disputes instead of 30. Be sure to request paper copies by mail. Will do this ASAP If you ever want to have an Amex again, accept the Optima offer. Alright, should I PIF and gain OPTIMA card or pay monthly? They offered both options when I talked to them a couple months back. Should I remove addresses off my CRA and dispute the account while i'm paying them? IDK if that's a dumb questons, sorry if so. Does Verizon own the debt or did they sell it? IDK, On my report it says verizon but when I call the number on my CR they say it's being handled by another person. The other CA haven't reported on my CR though. FYI all that opting out does is make sure you don't receive pre-screened offers. It can actually slow down the repair process. Should I reverse this?
  2. Hey, Friends! I've been following CB for the past couple of months quietly lurking and learning. Reading success stories, The Newbie information, PyschDocs & Flow Charts I finally dare to ask for help. I went through a very rough stage in my life where I couldn't even make minimum payments. But that's the past; I'm now trying to rebuild/ remove the baddies and clean my report up for an auto-loan. Below are the steps I have taken and any relevant information I think you guys/gals might need. Current FICO scores :*( EQ: 549 Pulled w/ CCT TU: 542 Pulled w/ CCT EX: 516 Pulled w/ CCT Hard Copy from AnnualCreditReport.com also I Have a Savings & Checking account with NFCU, I'm using them for my main Checking Account. Waiting for SL Rehab to finish to see if my score increases before applying for NFCU CC or CLOC. - Opted out with CRA - Lowered my Credit Utilization - Pulled Hard Copy Reports from 3 CRAs Currently, I have 16 Baddies on my report including 4 charge-offs 12 US Department of Education Student Loans: Defaulted/ Charged-off All 12 Enrolled in Loan Rehab After Rehab I have read, they will all be "removed, " and 1 loan will show with the new lender. American Honda Finance Auto Loan: Repossion/ Charge-off DOFD: 05/01/16 Balance: $6587 Comments: Charged-off not showing repossession on any of the accounts Contact: No Contact American Express CC: Charge-off DOFD: 10/01/15 Balance: $4649 Contacted Via Mail: In-house AMEX w/ settlement or Optima Card Offer Chase Freedom CC: Charge-off DOFD: 11/01/15 Balance: $3401 Contacted Via Mail: MRS BPO w/ settlement offer Verizon Wireless Cellphone: Charge-Off DOFD: 08/01/14 Balance: $717 Contacted Via Mail: National Recovery w/ settlement offer No Derogs: CAP 1 CC: Closed Discover IT CC: Open I have some money stashed away to PIF on 1 of the Charged-off CC accounts, but I want it removed from my credit report. My goal is to get a chase sapphire one day, so I don't want to settle with chase and have that bite me later. I would like all Charge-offs removed, and I don't mind paying for them as long as they're removed. I have read PFD don't usually work so; Please help with any advice and suggestions.

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