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  1. No I have immaculate credit Amex Gold card since 1988 among other high credit limit cards. Citibank and Capital one ($1500 CL) Is the only 2 cards that treats me like a step child
  2. Ive had the Citibank Double cash card for over 2 years now with a measly $2060 credit limit and with high 700 credit scores, 6 figure yearly income and only 2% Utilization on 18 credit cards, Mortgage and no late payments These suckas keep declining me for a simple credit limit increase.. Sock drawer it goes.. F Them!!! Im not saying im entitled But dang I KNOW im atleast a good candidate for Hell a $1000 increase atleast..sheesh smh Anybody else want to weigh in on this?
  3. How much do you report as annual revenues to get such high limits?
  4. Just wondering if anyone has been successfully approved for business credit in the last 30 days and by who? Are the major banks and creditors still extending and approving business credit cards/loans ect Good to know so we dont waste our time applying just to be denied
  5. I would like to clean up my error info via these demi credit bureaus also. Can you tell us how you did it? Did you have to pay? Who did you contact? Please list companies and contact info and what did you say to them.
  6. They say its NOT pg. Its just for ID verification and they use Lexus Nexus to do so and it wont put a inquiry on your personal credit. It appears to be in place to combat fraud So strangers wont be able to open accounts in other peoples business names and that the person opening the account is truly a real person and officer of the company
  7. New Law Requires Ownership to be Reported on Business Credit Card Applications So anyone have experience with this lately It seems alot of business credit applications are requiring your SS# and such now to get business credit
  8. So heres the deal I applied for a few cards in the last 30 days and was approved for all of them (Tough process since I havent applied for a card in over 10 years and only had 1 card usage that whole time) One of the cards was the Amex Everyday credit card and they did the whole we need to verify yoiur home address through your bank on their letterhead crap. So I did that and had success, (Even though my bank lists my UPS address AS MY HOME) I get the card and lo and behold It says member since 87 Damn. The story is when I was 18 I got the green card and within 6 months, Defaulted and havent heard anything else from them. Fast forward 30 years later I apply, Get approved, and instead of putting member since 17 It says 87? Ofcourse I figure they cross referenced my SS# from their database but the kicker is I went by a different name back then (Used my mothers maiden name because I resented my dad). Suprised they approved me knowing I left a... Im guessing a $5000 bill from 1987 and they didnt mention it. Any thoughts?
  9. Its crazy that I seen others with lower FICO scores Get approved for $25K ect I understand I had a thin file but dang I would think that because im already with Barclays It would be instant approval Or atleast for than a measly $2K
  10. OK So I was just approved for the Barclays Arrival Plus Mastercard and was only approved for $2000? Ive been with Barclays for almost 10 years Never been late and never asked for a increase in all that time. Albeit that is the only credit card I had for the last 10 years, Been using my debit cards 97% of the time. My original card was the Juniper/Barclays itunes card with a $2250.00 Credit line. So now that my Fico is between 780-807 I figured Ill apply for the Arrival plus and hopefully expect atleast a $12k or more limit...Nope They originally declined me due to ID verification???? I called them and said Ive been with you guys for almost a decade What do you mean you cant verify my Identity? I spoke to a UW and she said since you only had one credit card (Even with us) Thats not enough history to be approved for the Arrival plus. But since you have been with us since 2008 I will approve you for $2k and well see how it goes. Now you do know I have to pay $89 a year to have this card and the special they have going is Get 50,000 points if you spend $3K with the first 90 days of opening account.... This is crazy Anyone else had anything like this happen to them? Ad could I get a CLI sooner that, lets say 3 months?
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