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  1. Thanks Whychat for clearing things up UPDATE: I just got a notification this morning that my Experian score changed...Surprisingly it went up! (30+ pts) I havent done anything besides what I mentioned in the original post; so i havent done the whychat method yet. After looking at my Experian account it shows that the collection has dropped off. Not sure if my original dispute with Experian and the CA worked or not but its gone! Additionally the collection on the Equifax report has dropped of as well. I wonder if this has anything to do with this: (since it happen around
  2. Hey Whychat, Quick question, on the top of the dispute letter there is a space labeled "PD#___" what is the "PD#"? thanks
  3. It sounds like I messed up the entire process by jumping the gun to pay the OC. Ok I will do what you have listed here and report back. Thanks for the feedback WhyChat
  4. Hello! First want to say thanks to all the forum contributors and the creators as there is a wealth of info here! Through lurking on the forums I’ve been able to solve all my credit hurdles up to this point. But in response to a recent Experian credit alert I reacted without double checking the forums which has led me to my current situation. Currently, I have a collection on my account showing as PAID. The debt is tiny: between $5 and $20 (I know the actual amount) I have recently paid this debt to the ORIGINAL medical debtor with receipt. My goal is to have this acco
  5. Good point. And as I think about it seems as if the app turns your credit card into a debit card lol. if your credit card lacks a point/reward system then theres little reason to quickly charge then quickly payoff the card; unless your looking to show the credit card company you deserve a bigger limit? Further, if you didn't have funds to pay debit at the beginning of the day you probably wont by the end (when they withdrawal from your account). I thought credit was to be used for times when you could pay debit/cash or when you just didn't want to? I would hope they would allow for
  6. This is definately a post worthwhile for the beginner. Wish I saw this when I first started. Definitely print out worthy!
  7. Hey! I found this website looking through the myfico forum. Specifically I was looking for accepted scores for specific cards. Then I stumbled upon the forum via a search for the "whychat method". Very thankful for the site!
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