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  1. kingdf

    Buying Points

    Not familiar with the $2 method, but I'll look it up. My driver behind the higher score is real estate. I'm sure after the aftermath of this virus situation, people are going to be selling and discounting. I happen to be flush with cash and fair credit. I don't actually need my credit cards to live on. I honestly use them just to build credit history. My living expenses are about 20% of my income. I'm already aware of snowball and avalanche methods. That's not my goal. I'm specifically interest in actions that will increase my points AND leave me with access to money. I think I'm going to go ahead and start paying my car note with my cc and then paying off that balance immediately, so I still have it available as credit, car note gets paid, and I only lose access to $183 a month. I did a little more research.
  2. 1. I plan to pay my credit card balance immediately so that I don't accrue any interest. 2. My loan company charges $1.95 to use a credit card. 3. I bought my car when my credit was a 472. It's at 615 now so my card has a slightly better rate, but not much.
  3. I'm trying to wrap my brain around something and I could use some help. My car payment is $417 per month and I can afford to pay $600 per month. If I pay my car note with money in my account I won't have any access to that money, but if I pay it with my credit card, and then pay my card off with the money in my account I'd still have access to it if I needed it. I could then make a separate payment for $183 directly to the principle of my car loan. If done right I should only lose access to $183 of my money every month instead of the full $600. Am I missing something? Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to conserve resources. Extra Info That Might Help My cc interest rate is lower than my car interest rate. I would be paying the full amount of my car payment towards my cc.
  4. When I say "buying points" I'm not talking about some scam company. Moreso the concept of strategically paying down debts to get the biggest point gains. Here's what I'm looking at right now. My car payment is $417 and I usually pay $600 (I owe just over $11,400) My student loan payment is $76 and I pay $76 (I owe just over $6,900) Would my extra $183 that goes toward my car give me bigger boost if I applied it to my student loan or does it even matter?
  5. kingdf

    Capital One

    Las Vegas
  6. When you say "over a period of time" would that be 6 months, a year, or more?
  7. For 2019 roughly $50k. I haven't done my taxes yet. Also, I've had a pretty nice bump in income over the last 3 - 4 months and it is rising consistently.
  8. Here's my situation. I've been building my income apart from work for about 10 years now. In June of 2018 I quit my job and haven't looked back since. The last time I tried to buy a house, I could show check stubs as proof of income. My situation is sort of unique because I didn't technically start a business. Over time I've built up multiple revenue streams online. I don't know what information you need so I'm just going to dump it and hopefully I get some answers. Sources of Income 1) Royalties: $5,000 - $6,000 per month 2) Adsense: $1,000 per month 3) Patreon: $900 per month 4) Affiliate Income: $200 per month 5) Etsy: $800 per month 6) Misc: $500 per month In total I have 11 streams of income. My current house is paid off free and clear. Expenses 1) Car Payment: $417 per month (I've been paying an additional $50 toward the principle every month) 2) Car Insurance: $169 per month 3) Cable / Internet: $300 per month 4) Power: $200 - $250 per month 5) Cell Phones: $90 per month for family plan. 6) Gym: $30 per month 7) Website Hosting: $27 per month 😎 Groceries: $300 per month 9) Water Bill: $30 per month 10) Misc: $1,000 per month My current credit score is 605 What do I need to be prepared to show to a lender? What does my debt to income ratio have to be? (IDK if that's the right term) Any other answers to questions I don't know to ask would be appreciate as well.
  9. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the people on this board that have posted. I tend to mostly lurk although I signed up a while back. By using much of the advice on this forum I've managed to increase my credit score from 472 in August 2019 to 605 as of yesterday (01-29-20). Thanks again to everyone. You've helped me get my credit under control and headed in the right direction.
  10. I pulled my credit yesterday and here are my scores: Equifax: 480 Experian: 476 Transunion: 457 I had several old addresses on there that I went ahead and disputed in Equifax. I'll fax my docs into Equifax tomorow. There was 9 collection items, 3 of which are form the Department of Education. 1 of them was from Gold's Gym which is out of business from what I've heard, so I went ahead and disputed that one. Hoping they won't be able to verify due to their situation. I also disputed a collection that had the name of an original creditor that I didn't recognize. I have 2 mortgages showing paid off and paid as agreed. Now it's just a waiting game. I'm gonna sit on my hands until those addresses are removed and hopefully those 2 disputes I filed.
  11. Marriage isn't worth the hassle and especially marriage without a prenup. I wish I could help, but to every other guy out there not married... don't get married without a prenup. Women don't want you to sign it so if they leave they can take yours stuff later. That's why they play that game "if you love me we wouldn't need a prenup"... don't fall for it.
  12. Thanks I'll check that out now. Should I do it now or wait until I remove the addresses? A little more detail and instruction would be extremely helpful. Thanks again.
  13. I've been observing this forum for years off and on. I recently went through a divorce (thank God), and now I'm trying to clean up my credit to buy several fourplexes at once. I'll be pulling my credit report and scores next Friday after I get my head around this last week of training for my new job. Income $1,700 (job hourly - net) $500 - $1,000 (job commission) $700 - $1,000 (royalties) $175 (brother/roomate) $75 - $100 (Adsense) $60 - $100 (Amazon Associates) Total = $3,210 or more monthly. My job pays $12.85 hourly + commission. Also should be getting a raise to $13.85 sometime within the next 70 days. Income estimates use the lowest number in ranged entries (ex. $500 used from commission) Expenses $280 (child support) $100 (power bill) $80 (cable/internet/phone) $70 (car insurance) $50 (phone) Total = $580/month in necessary expenses. I live in a house my grandfather left to me free and clear, so no mortgage or rent. I also split the power, cable, and phone bill in half with my brother, so the amounts shown are my half. Expendable Income $3,210 - $580 = $2,600/month I want to dedicate roughly 50% of that to paying down collections, etc. The Game Plan - Step By Step - Phase 1 (60 Days) Get old addresses removed (2 - 3 weeks) Dispute anything more than 6 months from falling off (2 - 3 weeks) Pay off all remaining collections under $100 (1 - 2 weeks) I just got a notice from Geico that I owe $13 and change on an old policy. I also have some other stupid small stuff under $100. Please let me know if you think it could take longer than 60 days to do this step. I'm willing to adjust my time as necessary. If you have any suggestions on what I should be paying down first (student loans, medical, etc.) please let me know. I'll be updating this thread instead of starting a bunch of new ones and I'll be adding my scores next Friday, so feel free to follow along and help along the way. Thanks in advance.

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