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  1. I successfully got 3 items deleted out of 7.
  2. Also, just in case you're doubting what I said about the money I make. This is only one of several sources of income. This is from last month KDP (kindle and paperback) royalties.
  3. Part of the story that I left out intentionally. Her 7 year old daughter died, so it's just her. She was working and building something to leave to her daughter, but after her passing she just wants to enjoy life because she doesn't have anyone to leave anything to. She has a business she's about to launch, but it's more of a lifelong dream for her just to say she accomplished it. There's way more to the story that couldn't be packed in. These are just the highlights.
  4. 1. I wasn't really debating on floating a car payment. I was just brainstorming various scenarios, but that was in MARCH. 2. My credit score was 605 in January, but that's not what it is now. It's actually gone up quite significantly. 3. I literally said I'm "low key", and my point was the flashiest thing I own is a $700 watch. Most of my money goes into stocks and crypto right now, which is what caught her attention more than a watch. The other guy is super flashy, but doesn't invest or know anything about buying crypto. He doesn't own any real estate and basically spends his money as he gets it. The story is 100% true and not trolling. My credit has fluctuated over the years for many reasons, but ASSETS attract more gold diggers than being flashy ever will.
  5. One thing I've never personally seen discussed on the boards are the things good credit and cash bring outside of just financial security and stuff. This is just my personal story that I find kinda funny at times, but it is what it is. I had the HUGEST crush on my current gf in high school (1997 - 2001), but back then I wasn't the kinda guy that just talked to girls... especially beautiful girls that were "out of my league". Now it's different because not only am I a lot more confident in myself, but I have good credit and cash. You have a completely different swag about you when you know your bills are paid, money is abundant, and you don't have to go to work and answer to a boss. Some women can see there's something different about me. Fast forward to 2018. I saw the girl I had a crush on all through high school, but this time without hesitation I struck up a convo and she remembered me. She still looked good (11 out of 10). Actually even better than she did in high school, but she had a guy she was dating. He's somewhat well known around town, but so am I. We just move a little different. He's kinda flashy and I'm very low key. I almost always wear jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. I have a $700 watch that only comes out on date nights, but aside from that, I look like a normal guy. I own 3 cars and none of them are older than 2013. My house is a modest 1,600 square feet in a middle class neighborhood (fully paid off - no mortgage). Nothing that stands out to anyone that doesn't know me. She told me upfront "I'm a little bit of a gold digger", and my response was "good because that's exactly what I'm looking for." IDK why I said that, but sometimes the right response can also be the most ridiculous response. We laid everything out on the table. She told me what she wanted in life and I told her what I wanted. We both agreed to see where it went. We had lunch the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that, and so on for the whole week. With that done, Mr. Flashy was out of the picture except for some angry texts he sent her a week later. The first of which said, "I haven't seen you in a week." She was laying next to me when he sent it and showed it to me immediately. I had completely forgotten about him until I saw that text. We never discussed her situation with him at all. She dropped him on her own. I asked her how long they'd been dating and what he was doing for her. She said he was sweet, but was only "spoiling" her with $200 a month. I met him in person once and he's a complete nerd. A flashy nerd, but a nerd. I'm a nerd, so trust me this guy made me seem like the coolest guy on the planet in comparison. Completely caught me off guard because he's much shorter than his FB pics and he's very thin. His FB profile makes him look like a rich lady's man, but I can't even look at it without laughing after meeting him in person. She once said she could put him in her purse like a b**** dog. 🤣 Marry A Golddigger? 🤑 In 2019, my best friend from high school called me. I told him the name of the girl I was "dating". He remembered the name from high school and asked me, "the tall one or the short one?" I said, "the short one", to which he responded, "you're gonna marry her." He knew all about the crush I had on her. In fact there were a few of us that still keep in touch and all of them had a crush on her, but she wouldn't date anybody at the school back then. Fast forward to 2020. We're talking about marriage and looking for houses together (primary residence and rental property). Crazy... I know... marrying a gold digger. She's cool with a prenup. That was laid out day one. I also managed to negotiate the occasional affair while we were house hunting. Her exact words were "these houses come with side b******. I just have to approve first." This Is Why We Work My grandfather brought me up to take care of my family as a man. Even if my wife doesn't work, I should be able to pay all of the bills by myself, and by the grace of God I can pay all of my bills and hers. It comes up to less than 20% of my monthly income. I'm currently bringing in low 5 figures per month without a traditional job. She just wants to be spoiled and not have to work... but she's also willing to do whatever it takes to keep me happy as long as she's happy and secure. Match made in heaven. On top of the above, we've found out that we have a lot in common. We both love the same genre of reality shows, we both laugh at inappropriate jokes / happenings, we have 58 mutual friends from high school on FB (more in real life), we both like feet, neither of us wants to work for anyone, and we both believe in owning our own. Since dating me, she's started her own stock portfolio and wants to learn about investing in crypto. Beautiful and brilliant. It's almost completely unbelievable sometimes, like I'm living someone else's life. It's cliche, but the smart guy got the cheerleader / dance team leader / mascot (yep she volunteered to be the mascot senior year). I'm no marriage expert, but this is easily the best relationship I've ever been in. Some of you might be wondering if I'm worried about her leaving me for a guy with more money. Not really. Remember, I said she told me she was a little bit of a gold digger. She also believes "all money ain't good money", so she doesn't just chase every guy with money. Part of her chase includes happiness and security. I'm not abusive and I love her feet, so she gets daily foot rubs whether she asks or not, a bottle of stella rosa black, her bills are paid so she doesn't have to work which led to us spending even more time together. Even semi living at each other's places (we're not exchanging keys). Thank You Credit Boards Much of the money I make is tied to my journey to improve my credit over a decade ago. I lurked the board for years just reading. Learning about credit helped me with my personal finances. That helped me establish several streams of income so I could work on my credit. The credit and cash helped me get the girl I fantasized about for 4 years in high school. Anyway, I was bored so I figured I'd tell a non credit, but credit related personal story. Please share a non credit, but credit related story with the board.
  6. I'm sure this has been mentioned, but I couldn't find it. What are some of the best ways to take advantage of this crisis? 1. I've disputed several items on my report. I'm hoping that they miss the response deadline. 2. I would like to negotiate the removal of collection items. Would this be a good time to do it since I'm pretty sure a lot of bills are gonna default? I figure I might have some leverage. If anyone has any ideas how to best take advantage of this crisis in reference to credit repair, please share.
  7. kingdf

    Buying Points

    Not familiar with the $2 method, but I'll look it up. My driver behind the higher score is real estate. I'm sure after the aftermath of this virus situation, people are going to be selling and discounting. I happen to be flush with cash and fair credit. I don't actually need my credit cards to live on. I honestly use them just to build credit history. My living expenses are about 20% of my income. I'm already aware of snowball and avalanche methods. That's not my goal. I'm specifically interest in actions that will increase my points AND leave me with access to money. I think I'm going to go ahead and start paying my car note with my cc and then paying off that balance immediately, so I still have it available as credit, car note gets paid, and I only lose access to $183 a month. I did a little more research.
  8. 1. I plan to pay my credit card balance immediately so that I don't accrue any interest. 2. My loan company charges $1.95 to use a credit card. 3. I bought my car when my credit was a 472. It's at 615 now so my card has a slightly better rate, but not much.
  9. I'm trying to wrap my brain around something and I could use some help. My car payment is $417 per month and I can afford to pay $600 per month. If I pay my car note with money in my account I won't have any access to that money, but if I pay it with my credit card, and then pay my card off with the money in my account I'd still have access to it if I needed it. I could then make a separate payment for $183 directly to the principle of my car loan. If done right I should only lose access to $183 of my money every month instead of the full $600. Am I missing something? Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to conserve resources. Extra Info That Might Help My cc interest rate is lower than my car interest rate. I would be paying the full amount of my car payment towards my cc.
  10. When I say "buying points" I'm not talking about some scam company. Moreso the concept of strategically paying down debts to get the biggest point gains. Here's what I'm looking at right now. My car payment is $417 and I usually pay $600 (I owe just over $11,400) My student loan payment is $76 and I pay $76 (I owe just over $6,900) Would my extra $183 that goes toward my car give me bigger boost if I applied it to my student loan or does it even matter?
  11. kingdf

    Capital One

    Las Vegas
  12. When you say "over a period of time" would that be 6 months, a year, or more?
  13. For 2019 roughly $50k. I haven't done my taxes yet. Also, I've had a pretty nice bump in income over the last 3 - 4 months and it is rising consistently.
  14. Here's my situation. I've been building my income apart from work for about 10 years now. In June of 2018 I quit my job and haven't looked back since. The last time I tried to buy a house, I could show check stubs as proof of income. My situation is sort of unique because I didn't technically start a business. Over time I've built up multiple revenue streams online. I don't know what information you need so I'm just going to dump it and hopefully I get some answers. Sources of Income 1) Royalties: $5,000 - $6,000 per month 2) Adsense: $1,000 per month 3) Patreon: $900 per month 4) Affiliate Income: $200 per month 5) Etsy: $800 per month 6) Misc: $500 per month In total I have 11 streams of income. My current house is paid off free and clear. Expenses 1) Car Payment: $417 per month (I've been paying an additional $50 toward the principle every month) 2) Car Insurance: $169 per month 3) Cable / Internet: $300 per month 4) Power: $200 - $250 per month 5) Cell Phones: $90 per month for family plan. 6) Gym: $30 per month 7) Website Hosting: $27 per month 😎 Groceries: $300 per month 9) Water Bill: $30 per month 10) Misc: $1,000 per month My current credit score is 605 What do I need to be prepared to show to a lender? What does my debt to income ratio have to be? (IDK if that's the right term) Any other answers to questions I don't know to ask would be appreciate as well.
  15. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the people on this board that have posted. I tend to mostly lurk although I signed up a while back. By using much of the advice on this forum I've managed to increase my credit score from 472 in August 2019 to 605 as of yesterday (01-29-20). Thanks again to everyone. You've helped me get my credit under control and headed in the right direction.

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