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  1. Like with my credit account that has 14 collections do I list each one and send them to exp, transunion and equifax?
  2. I'm so confused on this and im so sorry. I've read the process over and over again, and yet to understand it. =/
  3. Im learning about the hippa process letter, and im so confused on even where to start. I've read it but i dont understand it.
  4. Hello all! I've been reading a while and need a lot of help. Long story short, I was living in FL from 2015-2017 and all my medical bills are showing over 2015-2016. I've moved back to Georgia. I got on CK to check my score and see my collections. Well, I have the following: I was covered under insurance during this time and i was never offered charity help. I was very sick and almost ending up dying and lots of medical bills. Some are for $150-$5k. I want to get these paid so that I am not going to end up being sued (that's my huge fear). Transunion - 17 medical collections Equifax - 21 medical collection accounts Experian - 18 medical collections. I am desperately need of anything I can do and setting up payment plans, cause I am so scared from all of this. Any help is gratefully appreciated.

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