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  1. Maybe different versions of FICO, i.e. FICO 2 vs FICO 8?
  2. I have to ask, why are some calling it Discovery? 😂
  3. Zilch w/ 659 TU because of new accounts not having enough history. Maybe Ill try again in February or so.
  4. Holding out for the Discover Happy Endings card. High annual fee, but very worth it.
  5. Bumping since today is the day! Seems the application page isnt up yet, though I could be missing it.
  6. Nutritional supplements (protein powder, pre-workout drinks) Cable Credit Monitoring Service Credit Repair Service Turbo Tax Premium Bottled Water Premium Ice Cream, especially if purchased at a drug store or corner store Signing up for every web based TV/movie subscription service (Netflix, and Hulu, and HBO, and ...) New Years Resolutions Mid Life Crises Sales/Coupons (causing unnecessary purchases that wouldnt have happened otherwise)
  7. Paying them wont increase your score. Getting the collections removed will. Your path and ability to get them removed depends on a few things, most of which are on your credit report (paper copy, not Credit Karma, etc)
  8. Also, paying collections accomplished nothing other than getting them to leave you alone. Paid collections are just as bad as unpaid, except you have less leverage. Cutting them a check wont really fix anything.
  9. Date of first delinquency matters more than date last reported. Are these CAs or JDBs?
  10. Dates, dollars, details make a lot of difference in how you should approach each item.
  11. Id argue to anyone just starting out that they should be selective about which cards they apply for. I had no open CCs back in August, but I now have three. First I grabbed was a Capital One QuicksilverOne. Pretty solid 1.5% rewards card, but nothing spectacular. All in all, I think a good start. Second was the Chase Amazon Prime card. I spend a good amount of money on Amazon, and the cash back reward is 5%. I think this card is also 2% back in drug stores, and I work in a drug store, so... Third was Discover IT. Not a huge fan of the rotating 5% categories. Right now its Amazon and Target, which is mostly redundant with Chase. I might pop into Target every now and then, but not too often. 5% back on restaurants is great, home improvement, meh... (not sure what qualifies... sucks if its Home Depot/Lowes only...), I think the last category is gas or something, and I dont drive. Would be nice if it included Ride Sharing. Discover does seem to have other nice exclusive discounts. I scored $40 off $100 in groceries by paying with Discover, and there are other offers I may use down the line. As far as utility goes, Discover is likely to be my least used card, but it has some utility though. This Uber card coming out, 4% back on dining, 2% back on online orders (including Uber), will easily be my most utilized card, if Im approved. It serves two very specific purposes in my regularly scheduled life. Seems like a must have for my wallet. Other than that, I cant think of another specifically useful card Id need unless I came across a 2-3% card for groceries and utility bills. Im not yet clear on why/when/how travel cards are better than cash reward cards. Its on my research list. Personally, Id stay away from most store cards and giving some thought to what youre applying for and why. I dont have a BOA card, but I dont really need one either. One thing I plan to do in the next couple of weeks is to make a list of all my automatic payments and regular expenses and delegate them all to my various cards depending on which one makes the most sense. Something like: Capital One: Default everyday expense card. Amazon: Amazon / Drug Stores Discover: Rotating Rewards / Special Offers Uber: Uber / Dining / Netflix Id be happy with that for quite a while. If anyone is thinking of closing a card, Id suggest considering using it to autopay a small monthly expense, like Hulu or whatever. If the card carries an annual fee, call the OC and try to get it waived, provided youve been making regular payments.
  12. I agree that giving out a free 0% loan to irresponsible people is a bad idea, but for creditors it would probably be preferable to getting stuck with a complete charge-off, or getting stiffed in a BK. And the consumers, for such behavior, should be partially responsible for more than the balance. What if the credit card companies applied a certain amount of interest to the balance up front, say a years worth, and then the new balance is interest free? A 30,000 debt at 20% becomes a 36,000 debt at 0% (or even 5-10%) APR? Consequences? More money owed, possibly some sort of derogatory classification on the credit report. Benefits: Consumer not underwater in interest payments, less likely to stiff the OC. My thought process isnt to reward bad consumer behavior, but to prevent creditors from being stiffed.
  13. ...ever? After a certain point? It might be beneficial to them in some cases. I was doing some random credit related research just now, and got a certain Family Guy jingle stuck in my head. Because I have thirty thousand dollars in credit card debt. When they call I tell them I cant pay it back yet. Assuming Chocolate Goodness APRs, thats about $600/month in interest alone, which most people cant afford. Im glad Im not in that situation, but many are. I would imagine most of these people default on their balances, or file for BK, thus screwing over the OCs. Do CCs ever APR slash/drop on leveraged consumers? If I was a lender, and one of my debtors couldnt pay me back thousands of dollars, Id rather slash their interest rate and still get paid, rather than get stiffed by a BK. Or, legally, should there be a BK-lite option for leveraged consumers who can afford to make payments but cant keep up with interest/fees? Consumer still owes the balance, doesnt get charged fees/interest, for instance. Random late night musings, but I think its an interesting concept.
  14. Helps in disputing off old negative accounts.
  15. Barclays is new account sensitive. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully its not an issue, or I can get them to recon...

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