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  1. thank you clamber1273 not sure if this is how i reply..... ok so i will start with removing names and address. is there like a letter sample or specific way to do that? then after i do that how long before i send a dispute to the CRA?
  2. hi, i've been around here and there reading about over a year and i finally decided i need to actually do this. i guess you can say i read it all but im still confused on where to start. I have about 11 collections and they all past SOL some are ready to be deleted in 2020. My problems is that i need to rent. i dont have a home i got kicked out. no one wants to rent. i got my credit report and ready to start.. i read the pscho seminars should i send validation letters to all 11 collections at the same time in one certify letter or send removal of address letter??? thats where im stuck. please help
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