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  1. I like your sig! Great way to keep track of debt and saving. Hmm, I may have to swagger jack. thanks...each one, teach one!
  2. For BOA when I had that "managed by blah blah blah" in the comments on my report, I called and requested it be removed being that it was no longer the case...and they deleted it. That was 2 months after completing repayment, I cant see why 5 years later they would make valid argument to keep it there...worth a try. Sound stern yet polite
  3. My experience is different...I say they DO have the memory of a herd of elephants!! I had a MBNA account with lates (not charged off) that BOA absorbed, I (slowly) paid it off...they STILL havent approved me for any card BUT their secured products (CC with training wheels as far as I am concerned)
  4. I just sent this invited app back today $99/500 offer...was initially denied for a card this was their counter. Please, I hope this is guaranteed...does anyone know for sure??? I felt kinda bad enough without now being denied!!!
  5. I feel the same way...I think about my balances/utilization/payments WAAAAAYYY more than I would like to admit (but I just did). Glad to read I am not alone!
  6. I also think this is a viable option. I paid off $10k across several CCs using a reputable CCS. My interest rates were reduced, the cards were closed and yes eventually the dreaded notation of "managed by counseling service" was place on my accts, but was promptly removed once program was completed. Today I have made a fulll recovery and I have moved on to the next phase in my credit building. The notations shouldnt matter due to the fact you stated you really dont care about your scores for the time being. I think this is an option that will allow you to pay, but not triple what you owe. Like some others said, with a new baby you will never know what you will need as far as credit and since you plan to use cash only in future that can only improve your financial standing when and if you grow your family more or want to buy a home. You can fall back on credit if you need, but have the cash if you so choose.
  7. I most certainly havent lost anything. If one reads the ENTIRE POSTINGS instead of pulling out ONE word, they can see that the DISCUSSION progressed long past what you are trying to drag out into a negative exchange now... and as for those last few sentences about why would I ask & irrating you further etc etc...man draw back the curtains & get out more...not sure why you would threaten me. dont lose sight of why you created this board...questions & answers make this discussion board go around; therefore, when I asked my questions & members who chose to explained further the process and I said I UNDERSTAND that was a good positive place to end (for me) hence why I dont see a need for you to further demand MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS...no matter how much you spit on your screen & tap hard on your keys I have not violated any TOS ever in my time here and that continues to be the case when I hold my ground not because I dont have a response but because I will not be bullied.
  8. LOL, WOW what is with the cyber tough tonying?!?! What happens when I dont further explain
  9. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...p;#entry2512685 Tiff meet Katy...sounds like you guys can be of service to one another.
  10. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=279042 Katy meet Tiff...heading over to other post.
  11. :D this type of young love doesnt leave you all warm & tingly inside either...god bless'em!
  12. IMO 1. you can learn a lot here on financial building even if your credit is just fine 2. send him here after he pulls his report and chip away at the specifics...ppl here are helpful 3. help him thru the process/keep him on track...many here help significant others through financial issues BUUUTTT 4. why would YOU pay HIS bills???? no matter how many IOUs you collect from him, that is just a bad move

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