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  1. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    ROFLMAO just like politicians one lies and the other swears to it so that must make it TRUE.
  2. Your choice but I would wait for the provider to make a decision. The problem is CAs hear all kinds of stories and are not likely to believe you.
  3. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    I am sure you believe it is one but it isn't. You just are not smart enough to see it for what it is.
  4. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    Second verse same as the first......
  5. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    DO NOT waste another minute of your life that you won't get back on this drooling mouth breathing life form that has a room temperature IQ. He is nothing more than a "right fighter" who believes every word he utters is solid gold and thrives on those who are naive hanging on what he says. He believes if he keeps repeating it, loudly if necessary it makes what he spews actually fact based and true. Arguing logic and rational thought with him is pointless. Hopefully the majority of people coming here see through it but sadly there will always be sheep that follow someone like that because he says what they want to hear not what the reality and truth really is. Kinda like Jim Jones or David Koresh.
  6. CreditSucksNot

    Best way to handle this negative account- PRA/Capital One

    GOOD plan. Sending multiple frivolous dispute letters when the SOL is very much alive is too high risk. I would wait for that SOL to expire then work on getting it removed.
  7. That is only for care that is ordered AFTER the WC case is open and the carrier authorizes the treatment. Start with the case worker on the WC case and find out if the bill was paid.
  8. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    It should be noted for ANYONE reading this garbage that it is nothing more than your personal opinion and you have no published data or research to back up this biased statement. Reading the nonsense you post I am quite literally shocked you can walk up right and breathe let alone use a keyboard.
  9. CreditSucksNot

    Collections claims it's against policy to delete

    Pay for delete worked during and immediately after the recession. These days almost never. MOST companies have a hard line stance against doing it. Nothing in the FDCPA or FCRA requires they agree to it. Doesn't matter. They have all told you the same thing: they won't do it. Nothing in the FDCPA requires they send you proof. They are only required to produce that if a court or arbitrator compels them to. Depends on when you defaulted, how much longer it is supposed to report for, and what your goal is.
  10. Out of 50 states only 8 do not allow wage garnishment for civil debts such as yours. Was this a private or public hospital? Private for profit facilities can do this. It is disgusting but they can do it. Yes There is no set answer to that. It varies.
  11. Arkansas does allow wage garnishment for civil debts. This part should have never happened and many hospitals have gotten into a lot of trouble for doing this. For future reference when you go to ANY emergency room they are required under the EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) to evaluate regardless of our ability to pay. You do NOT have to hand over cash or a credit card for them to diagnose you. If the necessary treatment is not a medical emergency they don't have to treat you without payment. If the medical situation is a medical emergency they do have to treat you until stabilized without regard for your ability to pay. You are correct they are not going to refund the money you paid. Indigent care does not automatically mean that the care is covered 100%. Sometimes depending on financial circumstances the patient is still expected to pay a portion of the balance. One reason they took until October to make a decision is because each hospital has a maximum fund out of which charity care is paid. When you received care the fund was likely already exhausted so they waited until the new fiscal year on October when it had funding again and applied it to your case at that time. They did not have to do this. This would not be permanent Medicaid coverage. It would be one time coverage for this major health emergency. You can still check. The worst that will happen is they say no.
  12. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    Again, you are straight up wrong. In Georgia the limit is $15k. Many courts/states have expanded it to $10k with the changing economic standard. Well there is the problem. You base ALL your answers on your limited biased scope of knowledge based on your county. LOTS of court rooms in many of the states do not work on that time frame. Again, you are wrong. Most likely because you are basing your statement on your limited scope of knowledge. It is VERY cost effective for the attorney to attend court. You are delusional to believe he is standing around waiting on one case to be heard. These firms book anywhere from 12-20 or more cases in a single trial day knowing that 90% or more will not show. The hearings even if there is a trial take less than 30 minutes and more likely 15 minutes at most even if the Defendant shows and fights back. Even if a larger firm or in house counsel that files the case hires a local yokel attorney to be in court for them they typically are not hired for one case. They are loaded up for the entire day if not several days. Some consumers win their cases because of this. The hired gun attorney has a stack of files, no time to review and has no knowledge of the case they are trying. Actually I would say the one making the over estimation is you. There was a time almost a decade ago when that was true. However, after the CFPB stepped in and went after not only JDBs but the large law firms (like Freddie Hanna) they have grossly cleaned up their act. Do a few occasionally fall through the cracks where the attorney comes unprepared? Sure but by and large times have changed and tactics that you are claiming as 100% effective no longer are. The courts, attorneys and creditors have adapted but you have not. The courts got wise to many defenses and creditors learned a lot about debt collection, evidence and laws after the recession. There are bad members in every profession but painting EVERY attorney that does debt collection with the same skill level is a HUGE mistake in my opinion. Without knowing who is involved you convince unprepared consumers that their attorney has the intelligence of a gnat leaving them unprepared to defend themselves when confronted with counsel who clearly is not. BIG mistake.
  13. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    WHO did they buy the debt from? While the demand for arbitration can work there are some creditors where it won't. Capital 1 has removed arbitration as an option almost 10 years ago and CITI and Credit One have carve outs for small claims cases.
  14. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    WHERE do you get this garbage? First the ONLY district that I am aware of that takes over a year to schedule trial dates is Orange County California. MAYBE New York due to the large dense population. The courts in New Hampshire are not that loaded and will likely schedule a trial date within 30-60 days at most. Even the busy Atlanta Fulton County Courts get Magistrate cases set within 30 days of receiving the Defendant's answer. Second: many Magistrate, Small Claims or Justice Courts do not even allow discovery. For example: Georgia does not allow discovery in Magistrate Court and Texas requires permission from the court in Justice Court and permission is not always granted. Pre-trial motions? The only one the Plaintiff would be filing is a Motion for Summary Judgment; the Defendant: dismissal or arbitration. NOT a huge number of filings if any at all. Last: NO JDB is spending $20k per case to try it. If it isn't in house counsel like Centex said they are hiring a large collection law firm on an annual retainer for a specified number of cases/hours including litigation knowing that if they prevail the court awards the attorney fees back to them. It is a flat fee per standard case around $1500. Not even close to your delusional estimate. They don't have to prove you received their response to validation only that they sent it and NO they are not required to send it certified mail return receipt. Merely producing a copy of a letter dated prior to the filing they state they sent will be sufficient for the court they responded. The other major problem is the maximum possible fine for an FDCPA violation is $1,000. Your debt is 7 times that amount. PRA won't care. They will simply deduct any award for a violation from the amount they are awarded. An FDCPA violation works when the debt is less than $1k or close to that amount. As soon as the debt is 2.5 times more than the maximum possible fine the benefits of continuing out weigh any possible consequences.

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