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  1. If they sold the account to Jefferson Capital then there is no response needed. If they sold the account they are not even required to answer the DV and they cannot sue as they no longer own the account. Is Jefferson reporting yet? If not they will and they do sue. Your only hope of removing Nordstrom is a good will letter. Now that they no longer own the account you have no leverage to get a PFD.
  2. Many states put the seeking work requirement on hold due to the pandemic and businesses being closed to operate. I think it needs to be re-instituted now though.
  3. I don't think it is specifically that the added $600 benefit is expiring as much as the individual states not re-opening business and keeping the economic disaster in motion. Long term financial survival depends on actually working and bringing in income on a continual basis. The strategizing and maneuvering being done by leadership across the country regardless of the reason is putting consumers at peril. The presumption the CEO is making is that people will simply stop paying bills when the added benefit dries up. Well some will but many have paid everything off in preparation. I have been blessed to not need UI or the stimulus welfare at all but I have made sure to have ZERO balances on anything except rent and the car loan; both of which are current. The car loan I have even been paying more than the payment to get ahead. The supposed "cash shortage" is because of hoarding. Well if that is the case then the crisis shouldn't be immediate. Time will tell.
  4. That is because she has no talent. Other actresses get more attention because they deserve it. Were it not for Aaron Spelling being a producer she never would have been an actress. Plus if the money were truly spent on expenses for her career those were write offs and she shouldn't gave continued to spend when the parts dried up. It isn't rocket science.
  5. Meh. I read the story one day out of boredom. Beyond that I couldn't care less. It is interesting from the standpoint that MOST of us figured out to live within our means and despite all her set backs she keeps living as though the money grows on trees.
  6. Not really. Tori Spelling is a hack washed up "actress" using the term loosely who would have never had a career if not for who her father was. She has always had a bad habit of reckless spending that is out of control. Seeing this Aaron Spelling only left her $800,000 out of his 500 million dollar estate knowing her irresponsible financial habits. They still haven't changed. She refuses to reign in her spending and that caused her to be estranged from her mother who refused to over ride the Dad's wishes and cash Tori in. Candy Spelling in a sense does enable her because she pays for their housing, the children's schooling, and food.
  7. Especially considering that many consumers during times like these (myself included) have simply buckled down, paid off all revolving debt and are sitting tight with an increasing bank account. Things like cell phone, cable, rent, and utilities all paid but don't report. Sadly my "resiliency" score may not see a change until the bottom falls out for everyone else and there are no changes on my CRs. You would think but even then there are outliers. I work with a surgeon whose net worth is in the millions. He cannot seem to pay his bills on time. (side note I don't know if that includes credit cards) but he laughs when the bright yellow notice with the red letters comes in the mail from the gas company quarterly announcing they are about to disconnect him. Same for cable, cell, and electric. He will even ask: "hand up who waits until they threaten disconnect before paying?" If I were a lender I would think that behavior is higher risk in someone with a high NW/LNW than the lower earning NW/LNW consumer who pays everything and keeps a lower profile.
  8. The entire thing is a crock of garbage. It is subjective despite their claims it is completely objective. Considering most lenders and creditors haven't even adopted FICO 9 yet it could be 3-5 years before it has any impact on lending at all. Especially given the economic acid trip the globe is on right now with Covidiocy.
  9. I am in this frame of mind. Going to a movie sitting there in a useless mask isn't my idea of fun. Neither is having to put on a mask and take it off in between fork fulls of food or when drinking. It just doesn't spell "fine dining" experience. Nor is being served by someone in a dirty mask and gloves that are contaminating everything they touch including my plate of food. I don't miss the casinos, sports, movies or a few other activities and the reality is they NEED my money but i don't feel any need to spend it. Spells disaster for them but my bank account looks fantastic.
  10. This is the first major mistake. Debt settlement companies cause way more harm with their "solutions" than provide help. The major problem is the creditors are not bound by any arrangement with the settlement company but you are legally bound by your agreements with the creditors. What did CHASE list it as after 2 years? Did you pull your credit reports from all the bureaus at the end of this settlement plan and ensure that all accounts were updated per the terms of the settlements? Did you call Greenpath and ask why this happened? You need a copy of the settlement arrangement they made in writing with CHASE before you can do anything.
  11. You most likely are still right there. The score on CK isn't even a FICO score. It is Vantage and no lenders use it. DO NOT even give this "change" a second thought. Another factor to consider is TU is the most ridiculous of the 3 bureaus. Don't get me started on them. I have been doing the exact same thing you are and had the same frustration. I have learned to stop updating CK weekly as that only added to my issues and to be PATIENT. As the bureaus have caught up to my pay down the scores from FICO have jumped 30-40 points. I am waiting on this month to the final stage and should see the biggest improvement. [fingers crossed] Don't focus on the daily minutia and keep your eye on the prize at the end. It will be worth it. Be thankful that in this covidiocy we both have the opportunity to vastly improve our financial situations vs. many who are going to be in real trouble for a long time to come.
  12. Depends on the creditor. I bought my front load washer dryer set on the 18 months 0% interest deal and as long as I paid the minimum due each month I was fine. Of course to ensure the balance on the W/D purchase was paid before the offer expired I paid MY minimum monthly or more. Never needed a grace period because of that. Though I can't be sure because I never tested the waters. Not worth $800 or more in interest coming due. They "bank" on (no pun intended) consumers not realizing that the minimum payment they list on the statement is no where near enough to pay off the financed purchase without the interest unless a balloon payment is made at the end. Hence the reason I do the math. W/D + delivery/taxes = $1349 statement said minimum due each month: $25. Total purchase divided by 17 = my minimum of $80 to be paid. Sometimes I paid $200 so that if budget had other expenses I could always revert to the $80 if needed. I also set reminded on my Google calendar to check the balance at 3/6/9/12/15 months to ensure I don't end up in balloon misery either.
  13. For making the payments monthly there typically is. For avoiding that interest that was waived for a year or more: not a chance. If they are agreeing to remove it thank you lucky stars and move on. I have bought quite a few big purchases on an "interest free for 18 months" deal. I always do the math based on 17 months worth of payments so that I make sure it is paid off one month early to avoid that trap.
  14. NO. Public records which is what a judgment is are reported on consumer credit reports.
  15. I can attest that they will not miss the deadline. I just disputed something minor on line and the entire process was done satisfactorily within 2 weeks not by the July 5th deadline. My opinion is that the chances of leveraging this are not good in the face of many collecting an extra $600 a week in UI benefits and a $1200 stimulus check. They are likely to be more stringent not less. Especially considering your debts may pre-date the crisis.

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