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  1. CreditSucksNot

    Dispute Strategy - Settled Chase CO

    You can ask but they are not required to delete the trade line only to correct the error. Post recession the creditors have taken a hard line stance against deleting accurate trade lines. CHASE is one of them. They will update the trade line to a balance of zero.
  2. CreditSucksNot

    Help winning with a rebuttal letter to my bank

    WHO had the rental car coverage?? If it was the other driver they owe you nothing until a court of law says they do even if you do have the same insurer. When I had to have my car fixed after being damaged in an accident Progressive provided me with the rental car directly not by sending me to another agency. Are you certain they didn't must make the reservation and were planning to reimburse at the end of the claim? You need to start with the claims agent and find out specifically how that part of the claim was going to be paid.
  3. CreditSucksNot

    From 800 FICO to 600 in 3 weeks - HELP!!

    Your major problem is the information is NOT inaccurate. You DID pay late. As for mitigating factors that is what goodwill letters are for: you explain the circumstances and hope they will take pity on you and give you what you want. "Mitigating factors" have no effect on the bureaus. Their only concern is accuracy. They are allowed. What they are is no longer effective. Rarely does one work these days. After the recession melt down creditors stopped doing goodwill changes to accurate information and most have a hard line stance against it. If they are reporting accurately it stays.
  4. CreditSucksNot

    Please help!! - Collection related

    I would go back to the OC and verify who they placed the debt with and if it has been sold. This is only a guess but they may have originally intended to place it with V&H only to choose the other firm. That or V&H phished your information and is scamming you. The refusal to give an address is a red flag for me. The biggest red flag is this: You could offer SCS the $700 and pay for delete. You cannot force the OC to bypass SCS and take payment from you. DO NOT pay V&H.
  5. CreditSucksNot

    Vehicle Foreclosure?

    Once he was in default the creditor/seller has that right and YES, being late with the payment is in default. The "in person" requirement is the major downfall of buy here PAY HERE. One reason why anyone contemplating using that purchase method should seriously look at the location in reference to where they live and convenience. Unfortunately your friend has no defense. His options are to pay the loan off or return the car. There is no "out" legally on this one.
  6. CreditSucksNot

    Advice on rental car collection

    I vote this way too. I made the mistake of renting from them ONE time. NEVER again. I posted a review on Yelp and TWO years that is right TWO years later they actually responded and offered me a free rental for their poor customer service. I turned them down. I also like this plan. I think they are scamming for $230. Even where I live the priciest place to get a tire fixed is around $75 at the MOST. Personally for me I would fight them tooth and nail (no pun intended) since they inspected the car on return. Waiting 2 months to notify of damages they state you caused is suspicious. I would have no qualms about taking them to court if they damaged my credit over this since there is absolutely no chance they can prove you damaged the tire. Not to mention a nail in the dead center is a risk of driving period not negligence in causing damage unless you personally hammered it in there. But not everyone has that level of tolerance. My guess is that if you contact them they will "settle" for a smaller payment cause they are just looking for some cash.
  7. I wouldn't say they defrauded themselves. Made a bad business decision: without a doubt. It is essentially a payday loan for the business. I disagree with the consent judgment and would NEVER agree to that. I also disagree that they are allowed to put language in there that allows them to use a court outside the state where the business exists. That part is unethical and as far as I am concerned illegal. NY needs to put a stop to it.
  8. I actually got a text message from these criminals 2 days ago. I don't even own a business! Wanted to know if he could call me the next day to discuss how they could help my business and it would not affect my credit. Yeah right. I responded NO and blocked the number.
  9. CreditSucksNot

    Inquiry from Collection Agency

    Only if they don't have a permissible purpose. If they have a debt of yours that they are legally allowed to collect on that is permissible purpose and they can pull.
  10. Actually the insurance carrier (there is only one that sends the check for the provider to the patient to hand over) is listed on the check. The contract with the carrier by the covered person states that they will be mailed the check and are required to pay the providers. While the hospital cannot press charges themselves they can ask the state to pursue theft by conversion. At the very least you have breach of contract and potentially fraud. You cannot possibly believe that someone is mailed checks worth six figures and is legally entitled to not only keep the money for themselves but not pay the bills? He doesn't want to pay it. He wants clean credit AND to keep the money.
  11. CreditSucksNot

    How to keep apartment inquiry off credit report?

    No because it isn't fraud. The judgment has a myriad of ways of finding you to collect and the inquiry from an apartment complex is so low on the list it is ridiculous. When your new address reports that will tell them where you are and it WILL report. If you need utilities, cable or to change your address with other creditors all of that will trigger a new address on your reports. As for the stalker it all depends on how crazy they are and if they are not registered with the bureaus they cannot see your credit report or inquiries.
  12. CreditSucksNot

    1-2 Punch

    Without knowing who the creditors are, how much the debts are, or when you defaulted it is impossible to give you the advice best for your situation that would achieve the desired results and possibly avoid lawsuits.
  13. CreditSucksNot

    1-2 Punch

    If you sent the DV in response to finding it on your credit report they can ignore it under the FDCPA and it is NOT a violation. Unless you live in a state like Texas or California that affords additional state rights to their residents to DV at any time by invoking the appropriate state law. No. They will mark additional disputes for the same reasons on the same account as frivolous. They are not required to keep investigating accounts that are verified by the creditor. This is patently FALSE They are NOT required to respond within 30 days. They are only required to cease collection activity until they DO validate. The courts are DEEPLY divided on whether a trade line is collection activity and there is NO requirement in the FDCPA that they delete until they do. This myth has persisted for almost a decade and often misinterpreted and misused. Again, wrong They send an E-Oscar inquiry to the creditor who either replies or doesn't. If the creditor does not respond the bureau deletes. If they do then the account is considered verified and remains. There is no "tape" for them to check. I have no idea where you got that nonsense. No one disputes there is actually a trade line sitting there. Consumers dispute the validity or accuracy. No. The consumer can request a Method of Validation. The bureau must then respond with that information or delete. No, but you are not going to let go of your fantasy. The 1-2 punch used to work a decade ago during the recession when most records were still paper and few creditors could keep up with the sea of paperwork. In the electronic era this rarely works and often results in the immediate "this is frivolous we will no longer investigate" letter.
  14. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued

    ROFLMAO just like politicians one lies and the other swears to it so that must make it TRUE.
  15. CreditSucksNot

    Debt Validation Ignored - Now Getting Sued


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