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  1. Did Experian take over? I use to use both sites, but now when I go to CCT, it seems to have redirected me to the Experian site. (yes I know it's powered by Experian)
  2. Awesome! Oh wow! I only got their CashReward Visa Signature. I just got a PenFed Amex for $6000. Maybe I should've gone with NFCU's Amex instead lol
  3. I use it more than I use my bank card lol I use it for a variety of stuff, from paying bills, travel, shopping, etc. That's just it. They look at how often and how recent you use it. Also, even if I catch myself up in the 25% range, I always pay it down. I'm talking $1000 - $1500 payments, not the minimum, and sometimes (when I can) I pay more than once a month. (Golden rule: never use more than you can handle.) It always say I owe $0.00 on my next due date cuz I'm like a month ahead.
  4. It's been just over a year since I've been approved for their Signature Rewards card with a $14,300 line of credit (I almost fainted when I got that approval). 3 months later, I boldly requested an CLI to $20,000, which to my surprise was approved right away. Recently I just realized that was 9 months ago, so I figure I'd try it again. Thinking I'd have to wait for a letter in the mail or something, I didn't think about it when I went to check my account online. To my surprise, there it is! My CL is now $25,000 Not bad for someone who only a year and a half ago was limited to a $200 Cap One secured visa card EQ: 739
  5. Yeah reading this thread kinda inspired me to do the same. We're paying for Verizon Fios triple play package with ALL the premium channels, but then I realized because of Xbox, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc., the only time we watch any actual TV is when there's a game on. lol So I made the same call you did and cut all those channels out. lol
  6. Cold water washes clothes. We're a family of 6, so between cooking, washing clothes, and showers, yes even in the summer time can become costly, not as costly as in the winter time, but still...We've managed to save a few bucks during that time.
  7. I don't know if or how much this would help, but we actually had the gas company suspend our gas for a few months in the summer. We learned to take cold showers (even tho I hate cold showers, but temps were in the 90's so it worked), and used an electric hotplate and grilled outdoors. Of course we'd have it turned back on in September, but not having to pay gas bill for a few months allowed us to catch up on other things. This was something we tried twice in the past and it worked for us. Now I know there's only 1 month left of Summer 🙁, but for future reference...
  8. Awesome! Yeah we're kind of alike. I didn't think I needed credit, probably because I didn't understand it. I also started out with a Cap 1 card as well. Secured card, $99 deposit with $200 limit. I was so excited that I finally had a credit card, I took care of that card like it was a newborn baby lol Had that card for 2 year now (only increased to $500) and don't even use it. I got my oldest daughter (19) as an authorized user on it to jump start her credit. Now I have over $25,000 in unsecured credit and recently just been approved for my very first personal loan for $5000. Yep I'm hooked on the credit game too lol
  9. Folks, you have 2 choices: You can either sit there wondering why other people have what they have and can do what they can do, while you don't and can't, OR you can learn how to get what they have. I chose the latter. Here's my testimony: 10 months ago, my credit was so bad and scores were so low, I couldn't even borrow from myself (joke). I watched my brother fix up his and his wife's credit 15 years ago. Since then, they bought 2 homes, 1 in Baltimore and 1 in Pittsburgh. He was telling me that he was at the point where he could walk into any dealership and walk out with a new car, just like that, with no money down. I admit, I was kinda jealous of that. ME ON THE OTHER HAND, I remember one time coming home from driving over the road and trying to rent a car (with cash) for the weekend, and I couldn't because they required a credit card, which nobody in their right mind would ever give me. I was actually delusional enough to apply for a credit card. I'm surprised they didn't call the cops on me! 😂 I remember having to pay a huge deposit just to get a cell phone. 4 months after making a decision to fix my broken credit report, starting a credit repair program, learning the laws that govern debt collection practices, actually doing the work myself, as oppose to hiring some lame credit repair company (*caugh* Lexington Law) who just wants to make money off my misery, and learning how credit works, my credit scores went up nearly 200 points. My credit never looked this good in my life! Now, I'm getting approved for everything I couldn't before. All because I made a decision. Stop making excuses and start making that decision. Go get that house, car, loan, vacation, whatever it is you want or need that you think you can't.

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