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  1. Oh, I agree the advice on these boards is the best there is. I used them 2-3 years ago to take disasterous credit up to where I could actually finance my car through a bank. I swear by the advice here, and refer as many people as I can here. I just keep hearing those ads on the radio, and wondered what the catch was with them.
  2. I hear a lot of companies on the radio that claim to be able to get people settlements on credit debt for pennies on the dollar. I was just wondering if anyone on here had ever tried them and how they would work. (Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place or has been discussed before. I didn't find anything using search.)
  3. CHASE sent me an offer for one of their cards and I was approved online. When it arrived it stated it had a $900.00 CL. When I called to get it activated, I asked for an increase in CL. He punched some numbers and got it increased to $1300.00. I was happy to have that. Few weeks later I got an offer for the CHASE Disney and got approved online again. When it arrived it had a $1300.00 CL. When I called to activate, I again asked for a CL increase, and he asked how much. I figured what the hell, and said $5000.00,and he said for that kind of increase, it would have to be processed through another dept. I figured that was a nice way of saying wait for the letter saying no. A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail telling me I was approved for my CLI to $5000.00!! I haven't had any problems with CHASE so far, so I will keep my fingers crossed. (BTW...Thank you CB! Without you, I would still be bogged down in poor credit.)
  4. Read that story this morning. Truly sad. What makes it even more sad, is how many women have been treated the same that we will never know.
  5. Disgusting. Would you feel the same if it was a male teacher and a 14 yr old girl? She should have been locked away.
  6. Thank you...I credit this site completely with allowing me to get my dream car: 2006 Ford Mustang GT Tungsten Grey I was Credit clueless until this site educated me on so many topics. If you want it, the help is here.
  7. I just wanted to say Hi to all the great people here who helped me repair my credit. Not that its done, I am still working to do more every day. Those of you who are starting out in the process. Use the help on this site and realize it wont happen overnight...but it can happen. I am living proof. (From 0 credit to getting a $30,000 auto loan and several credit cards) Well, take care!
  8. You would think that Congress would enact a streamlined everybody on the same page type legislation so that all the FICO/FAKO/ETC scores are not so confusing. But then that was assuming Congress was there to help us. (What was I thinking?)
  9. It is the single best car I have ever owned, and the first brand new car I ever bought. I am in heavn right now.
  10. The whole reason I started out to clean up my credit was a string of denials trying to get an auto loan. I couldnt believe how naive I was asking people for a loan and my credit was so bad. Well, I determined to fix it, and searched the internet to find any tips I could. This led me to CreditBoards. I started reading, and working. My success was relatively quick, I admit. I dont think its typical, but shows hard work pays off. Feb 2005 I was the laughing stock of any Loan officer. Sept. 2005 I got a loan for >$30,000 to purchase a 2006 Tungsten Grey Mustang GT fully loaded. I have said it before, and I will say it again. All this good is due to those who came before me, and I sincerely thank you all! My work isnt done, but It's satisfying driving that car.
  11. Pulled my BofA PS and FICO today, thought I would share the difference to some who ask if one shows higher than the other. FICO-------FAKO EX672-----EX679 EQ689-----EQ654 TU691-----TU653 (By the way...if you are impressed in any way with the way my scores have jumped in my signature below, then believe in CB. I truly believe CB saved my credit life. Can't say it enough, Thank you CB, and those who have taken the time to help me out!)

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