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  1. Yes, I am spreading the amount past due over a few payments. Am relieved to avoid the default. My extra money to my mortgage payment ends in early October so will also be happy to have that done.
  2. Spoke to them today. Since it just went into default, have an opportunity to get current and avoid default (they have a grace period).
  3. I just logged on to my account and it said I defaulted. This was very recent as I logged on earlier this week and planned to contact AES. When I log in, it says Due to the severe delinquency of your loan(s), your loan(s) have defaulted. Please contact Loan Servicing immediately at xxxxx to obtain contact information for your guarantor(s). I am so sick to my stomach. Their office is closed so cannot contact anyone. I don't want a wage garnishment. I plan to call them Monday. The last payment I made was in May so I didn't think I was at the risk to default already? I fell behind as I went through a mortgage loan modification and am paying an extra $1000/month until October. Any advice? I may be able to do a loan rehab? If so, does this avoid wage garnishment?
  4. I am in a loan modification with Wells where my past due amount was added to my regular payment for 6 months. The modification will be completed in October. I am paying more than my regular payment, will be credit score take a big hit?

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