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  1. It's been a while since I've posted. Seems like Murphy's Law will kick you when you're at your lowest point. My update: 1. After working with Ally to catchup on my car payment that got behind (btw it was a lemon) after I had posted the 800.00 payment for 2 months, August 5, 2018, they repoed the vehicle and told me if I came up with 2500.00 within 3 weeks, I could get the car back. Ally immediately put repo on my credit report. Crazy, the score went up! I didn't know what to do but I had decided Ally wasn't getting another penny from me. Instead, I boldly went to a dealership explained that my car had just been repossessed. I knew the interest would be high. I had just received $3900.00 for side work so I had money for down payment. With a 2500 down payment, Capital One gave me a loan with a repo that was less than a week old on a 2017 fully loaded Altima with very low mileage. 2. Capital One gave me an unsecured Quicksilver with a 300.00 limit. They've stated that they will increase the limit after 5 on time payments (which would be May). 3. I opened a secured Discover IT in April 2018 and have made all payments on time. 4. I opened a Credit One unsecured card and realized that was a mistake. I've made the payments in full but, will not use it again . 5. Finally, I joined the Navy Federal Credit Union this month. They sent me an offer for the nrewards secured card and said after 6 months the card would insecure. I've decided to wait six months while I clean up my credit a bit more. 3. I haven't tackled the medical collections because I don't understand the process but will try this week. 4. Since the AD Astra collection is now 5 years old, I'm going to address it as well. With what I've read lately, I should be able to work out something with them. I still have Fingerhut and now a 5000 charge-off on my report from Ally. I have a car and got the Quicksilver with it reporting. Not sure what to with Ally. This journey is taking longer than I thought. But, I'm improving it. Equifax - 530 - Frozen Experian - 637 Transunion - 560
  2. I didn't state she posted in this thread. I referenced a post of hers that I used and it was for a contracted gym membership. I sent that letter to the bureaus and they removed it.
  3. Thanks to ladylunis, I modified this and it worked. My gym membership was removed from my credit report. Dear Consumer Relations: The record in question (listed above) is not considered a consumer credit transaction, as per the National Consumer Assistance Plan settlement, and therefore should not be listed on my consumer credit report. Please remove the item immediately, and send an updated report to the address above. Thank you,
  4. I followed your advice and sent a written dispute to Transunion regarding the gym membership. I received an updated copy of my credit report in the mail today. I'm happy to say it's been removed!
  5. I'm back to working on my reports. I signed up for the Discover IT Secured credit card ($500.00) to start rebuilding while I clean up my credit report. Hopefully, I will get some points for adding a "revolving" credit card to the mix. In November, I took out an unsecured installment loan for $1200.00 with my credit union it will be paid in full on April 5th. I have all charge-offs off my credit report accept for Fingerhut and the AD Astra CA for the Payday loan which updates monthly. I don't know what to do with Fingerhut. Should I just pay them off (I know it's not a recommendation and I don't want to restart the clock). Should I DV AD Astra first? If I can get rid of these 2 baddies, I can focus on my rebuilding efforts. I haven't applies for NFCU as I want to get the last 2 collections off and have the Discover reporting for at least 90 days. I only have 1 hard inquiry and that's on Equifax. My scores actually decreased a bit but are moving up slowly. As of today my scores: Equifax - 549 Experian - 564 Transunion - 533 My Goal - 90 days paying towards principal on 2015 auto. Owe $14,000/$28,000. Continue to pay all bills on time. Hoping I can open my NFCU account by the end of this quarter. I want a cleaner slate and higher scores. Work on a plan to get rid of Fingerhut and DV Astra 1st?? I have researched the boards and have not found where anyone has had any success with deleti g FH. My SL debt is $25,000. I used the cc simulator to get an idea on score impact but, there wasn't more than 5 pts given. I don't know if it's in my best interest to focus my extra dollars there. I am open to all suggestions for anyone who is willing to help me.
  6. Did you pay by check? If so, take him to court. Just a thought moving forward, if it's not your spouse, get it in writing.
  7. I can't wait t o be in that number. Very inspiring.
  8. It took 35 minutes but, I was able to get through to cancel my trial membership. I put the call on speaker and kept myself busy until someone answered.
  9. I called today and I got a crappy representative. I told him that they had my current address listed as a former address and the former address that I had no association to for over 12 years listed as my current address and that the information that was being reported was inaccurate. This representative told me that because I lived at the old address they had to report it on my report. I told him but, that is not my current address. Your information is being reported inaccurately and how could an address that I have had no association with for over 12 years be required reporting on my credit report. Well maam you admit to living there. I am not going to lie I became really irate and pissed off. I said do you not understand that address has no ties to anything on my credit report and like Equifax, you are exposing to possible fraudulent activities. No joke, I got so pissed I hung up the phone. I lost my patience. I will send a letter in writing and see what happens (providing them a copy of the 3 forms of identification required). Also, Transunion and Equifax deleted all addressess and previous employers from my credit reports upon request without proof or submittal of additional information.
  10. 58 point difference for me.
  11. @ladylunis, thank you for sharing. I am going to draft a letter to the CRA regarding the fitness center and will will post my results.
  12. I have enjoyed reading the progress on your thread. I just started my journey and have had some success. If you can help, how did you get the Gym Membership deleted, was it a PFD or did you DV the collection agency after they verified with the CRA? Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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