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  1. Just want to report I completed the refinance. Formal application made on July 22, 2020 and closed on sept.21, 2020. Happy with the savings and the help from this forum!!!
  2. Sure...thanks again for your support. really appreciate that. I will update the credit pull db
  3. Well, I couldn't resist the temptation: Over the weekend, after getting the official word my mortgage is now paid off (old lender), I decided to try a few cards; First I applied for the Amex Blue Cash Everyday and got instant approval for $2000. They pulled Experian FICO 8 which was (score) 771 (not the Bank card version). I felt good and followed that up with Chase Freedom Flex and got rewarded with instant approval for $5000. Again they pulled Experian. Feeling so good and probably stupid, I figure why stop...next was Citi Rewards and boom I got a rejection...Too Many inquiries. So for the mortgage hard pull in July and 2 cc apps(this weekend) ...that was too many for Citi. They pulled Experian by the way. I did call their recon line and the answer was still a rejection. They say you can wait for sometime and apply again. I asked for how long I needed to wait but go no specific answer. At this point, I didn't care anymore. I went to Bank of America and applied for CLI since I've had their card for over 5yrs and never got any CLI. This card started out as a secured $500 cc. Expecting nothing positive, I was surprised they approved the CLI to a total of $3600. Surprisingly, they did not pull credit report. In all, I got $10,100 in additional credit ceiling with $7000 between Amex and Chase with 0% APR for 15 months which is sufficient for my flooring project. My observation: If all cc issuers are all using Experian, why do we need Equifax and TU. I was hoping for some spread in the credit pull but they all came from same CRA..Experian. Then this morning I got my reward... -19pts off my Experian credit score. I still feel this is a success for me. I have no plans for more now. I'm happy with everything. I know I'll get the scrore higher by the time i pif for cap 1 when it's reported next. Will also PIF the remaining balance on Chase Freedom Unlimited...the only 2 cards with a balance,
  4. Just opted back in. Supposedly takes 5 days to complete request.
  5. I'll opt in and give it a try later tonight.
  6. The reason for not wanting to wait for new one to report is the possibility my credit score will decrease (not sure by how many points and dont want to risk the score being too low) since the refinance will appear as NEW.....my understanding from posts here is that when you have a new loan, including credit cards your scores go down. Is this assumption incorrect? All the cards I listed offer 0% APR for atleast 15 months. My intention is to divide the $4500 (for flooring) into 3 different cards with 0% apr. My plan is: #not pay interest on the borrowed amount...PIF within 15 months #get some cash back rewards for new card owner in the range of $150-$250 for spending atleast $500 to $1000 within the first 3 months of getting the card. #these cards all have varied rewards besides the initial 0% APR. I found out from posts here that lots of people pay their monthly utilities with their cc and then pay the cc in full. I have always paid for these utilities from my checking acct. and I figure I can get lots of cash rewards by using my cc tp pay utilities and then paying off. I guess its a better way to use these cards. #For Costco Visa...I have costco membership and when you buy electronics and pay with your visa, then tend to give you additional 3 years warranty (for a total of 5yrs). Otherwise, you have to pay something like $99 to get additional 3-yr-warranty..depending on cost of the electronics item you purchase. I have not asked BOA for CLI. I guess that's one thing I can do but since this is an existign card, there will be no 0% apr which is one of my reasons for opting for new cards so I dont pay interest. I believe I tried some of the pre-selector sites (not sure if you posted one this past June or maybe somebody else did) but it tells me that I opted out and so they could not make a determination.
  7. Hello! Just closed on a mortgage refinance a few days ago and looking to add maybe some 3 or 4 cc. Currently I have 5 revolving accounts but only 3 are major credit cards: Dell....Credit Limit -$5000, balance 0 Bestbuy..Credit Limit - $1000 balance 0 Bank of America - Credit Limit $500...balance 0 Chase Freedom UnL..Credit Limit $2500 - balance $1100 Cap 1 Platinum --Credit Limit $4500 - balance $1400 I have student loan and mortgage. Inquiries: 1 mortgage inquiry in June 2020. No other inquiries My current FICO 8 (Bank card): EQ (799), TU(770), Exp[798] My goals: 1. Looking to update flooring in my house. My intention is to take advantage of 0% APR of some of the cc to buy flooring ($4500) and I am paying cash out of pocket for actual install ($3800). I plan to payoff during the 15month period of the 0% APR. If this is a bad idea, please let me know. 2. I read about "THIN Credit file". My total credit line including Dell and Bestbuy is $13500. I would like to increase my total credit amount. Hopefully that will take care of the thin credit designation 3. I closed mortgage refinance 2 days ago and I read the loan actually funds (wired to my previous mortgage lender) after 3-day-wait. So I figure my credit score will probably go down once the new lender reports new loan and I want to get these credit cards before my score goes down Questions: 1. Do I need to wait complete 3 days after closing to apply for new credit cards?...to make sure fund is wired to new lender but before they report to CRA. 2. Is it preferred to apply for credit card from the cc issuer's web site or from web sites such as experian that suggests cc you qualify for? or even better calling cc company on the phone to apply? 3. If applying for multiple credit cards from same issuer (such as chase, cap 1, etc)...do they run credit twice?...my reason for thinking it might be better to call on the phone and let them know which cards you're interested in so they run your credit just once 4. I read posts where people indicate they called the cc issuer for reconsideration for CLI...can somebody share a link for these tel#. 5. To avoid too many credit requests appearing in my credit file in one day, assuming I'm applying online, could I complete applications ..ex 3 applications in 3 different tabs of a browser and hit apply on each application such that one issuer does not see credit inquiry from the next credit card issuer?....this sounds silly but I am thinking this could work. I don't want any rejection. If it helps..looking at any combination of these: AMex Blue Cash everyday, City Rewards+, CAP 1 quicksilver, SAVORONE and Chase Freedom Flex. also Costco Visa but I can live without this if its considered a store card. No AF on these cc.
  8. Pretty interesting read!. For me I see Amazon Rewards Visa Signature and Citi double Dash card as worthwhile cards. I can't see myself using any card that has aAF in any foreseeable future.
  9. Thanks! . I'll check those resources you pointed out.
  10. First, I'm thankful for the help I've gotten from this forum. I found this forum back in 2017 when I was looking to buy a home and my credit score was in the high 590+ and low 600s. With some minor moves cleaning up some hospital collections I was able to get my credit to a middle FICO (mortgage) score of around 640 and 660 and I was able to get an FHA loan. Since then I'd used @Why Chat method to get rid of other baddies including a charge off account and paid down my credit cards to less than 20% utilization. My middle credit score (mortgage) is 786. I applied for a refinance last month so I can get rid of MIP (PMI) which is $239 at interest rate of 3.875 for 30yr-mortgage. Luckily I have now locked in to a 2.75% (2.91% APR) conventional loan for the refinance. I am very happy with that even though I still have maybe $62 PMI since my current residence does not have the 20% equity. I am currently going through the underwriting process. No set date for closing until I hear from the loan office. While I'm happy with everything, I've been curious to see what kind of rates forum members are getting (those who have refinanced or purchased property recently). Just today, I see something on MYFICO.COM that indicates the rate for August 12 is 2.57% for 30yrs mortgage. Does my current rate seem about right given the credit score and ongoing refinance rate?.

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