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  1. Update! This morning I received an email indicating that the Court judgment has been removed from my credit report. I pulled it again and lo and behold it is gone. That has to be a record for an EQ dispute. My guess is that EQ simply confirmed the error with the Court Clerk (or else pulled the original notification from whatever agency reported the judgment and noticed the error themselves). The attorney's office had told me I had to initiate a dispute with the credit agency. I was told that Midland Funding was the entity that would have reported this judgment to EQ. I'm still under the impression that EQ made the error and placed this on the wrong report. This is, as previously stated, the 2nd time this happened. I checked and it was just last year that a collection had been placed on my file in error. When I contacted the creditor and the collection agency, both were surprised as they had provided the correct info to EQ. It does appear to me that EQ might indeed have problems in the data entry area. Be that as it may, the issue has been resolved and my score was also re-adjusted. I want to thank everyone who was kind enough to offer advice. If anything, this shows that people do need to check their credit reports at least twice a year, if not more often. It also shows that the money I spend on having a credit watch service is well spent. Having no reason at present to pull my credit report, this could have sat on my file for quite a while and I wouldn't have suspected a thing. And might I add, this forum is invaluable. I'm so glad there is a place to go to for help with anything having to do with credit. It's so important in today's weird financial climate to have resources and people who are willing to help and share their experiences. Thank you all!
  2. It would be a lot easier on me that way. I did call EQ and the very helpful woman added additional information and listed it as "mistaken identity". So I'll let them take it from there. If they need to contact the attorney/collection agency they will do so. The Court was very helpful in providing me with all the info about this judgment (even the credit card #!). She did give me the URL of a form to fill out to appear in court pro se and prove that this person is not me. Hello...I'm the victim here! This is going way overboard. IF I were to do that it would be with legal counsel. Just wish I had seen the letter of the URL that you kindly provided for me before I disputed this with EQ. We are going through some tough times right now and this is the last thing I need to be bothering with. Believe me, if either the attorney or the collection agency try to turn this around and pin it on me, I will sue for damages. BTW, Equifax stated that all information is provided by a collection agency when a negative is placed on a report. She was emphatic that EQ does not make errors of this kind and that no one wants to pony up to the fact that they goofed. P.S. If you think I should dispute this by letter in addition to what I have already done, I will happily do that as well. We are dealing with serious illness in the family right now and my energies should be focused there. Sorry that I sound so crazy.
  3. Please critique this letter, which I plan to send to the attorney's office as well as Midland Funding: Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to inform you that the entry posted on my Equifax credit report regarding a judgment against me is incorrect due to the fact that I am not the person to whom this debt belongs. Upon contacting the Court, I was informed that the first name on this debt is Sharlene and that the person resides in a city 60 miles away from me. In addition, I am a resident of a different county and have lived here for 22 years. I have never had a credit card with the lender involved. I am very concerned that a negative entry has been posted to my Equifax credit report in error and would appreciate it very much if you would kindly contact Equifax to remove this incorrect information. I have also filed a dispute with Equifax regarding this. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Sincerely, *****Any suggestions would be most appreciated. *********
  4. Sorry, already did that.....wish I had written here first. Am trying to locate Midland Funding now...
  5. Thank you both. When this happened awhile ago with a Lab Diagnostics Company, I had called them and they verified the debt was not mine. I then phoned the collection company, who had Equifax remove the baddy. They claimed it was a mistake by Equifax, but somehow that is hard to believe. The collection agency, who apparently uses the law firm I spoke with yesterday, is called Midland Funding LLC. A quick look up on Google shows them to be an apparently shady entity who buys bad debts from the CCs and then tries to collect the full amount from the debtor. So far I haven't even been able to find an address, let alone a phone number for them. Worse yet, the lady from the County Court told me to fill out this long form from their website to appear in court and PROVE I am not this person! I am disabled and find this very difficult to do. I am furious that such a ridiculous mistake can be made when none of the info except my last name is the same as the debtor. I think I will compose and send a letter to the attorney's office referring to my phone call and requesting them to inform Equifax of the error and give them the correct person's info. They would probably get correspondence from Equifax anyway asking them about this and it will save everyone a lot of time. If anyone can find something on Midland Funding, please post. I'm having difficulty and usually am a lot better at this but for some reason this is proving very difficult for me right now. Thank you and please keep the suggestions coming. I am so upset I can barely type this.
  6. Hi all. I was just wondering if any people here have experienced a problem with what appears to be Equifax's data entry system. I was greeted this morning by an email from my Equifax monitoring service that a judgment had been entered against me by a County Special Civil Court--a county which is 60 miles from my home. Further research with the County Court clerk reveals that it has been reported by a firm which buys bad debts from creditors at a low price and then initiates legal action to collect on the debt--in this case, a credit card amount of $906. To make a long story short, the Court clerk provided me with name of the attorney handling this case. I called them and after asking for some info from me--last 4 digits of SS#, dob etc.--confirmed that this debt had nothing to do with me. In fact, although the last name is the same, the first name matches mine somewhat but not that close that it would be easy to confuse the two. Say my first name is "Sharon"--the name on the debt is "Sharlene". This person does live in the respective county, whereas I have lived for the past 22 years in a county over an hour's drive away. The attorney's office said that Equifax is the one who has erroneously placed this judgment on my credit file, and that I should initiate a dispute with Equifax immediately. I did this today via their internet site, and now I have to wait until the matter is cleared up. Meanwhile, my score dropped from 740 to 722--not terribly bad but very unnecessary and aggravating. Why I am writing this is that not too long ago, Equifax made what I presume is another data entry error regarding a past due bill for lab work that amounted to $300. After checking with the creditor and the collection agency, it was discovered that it was not mine. Again, the first name was "Sharlene", not "Sharon". Is anyone else experiencing problems with the way Equifax is misplacing these negatives on credit reports? One would think that, considering how important a credit score is today, some kind of care would be taken to put the negative on the proper person's account. To sum up this overlong post, I have some questions that I hope someone can help me with: 1. Although I have disputed online, there is no area where one could provide additional information. In my case, I would have liked to add the name and phone number of the attorney (I also have their file number re: this debt). Should I do a follow up dispute in writing to add this info or just let the online dispute suffice? 2. Realizing the vast amount of records Equifax has and the work involved, still I can't understand how someone placed this negative on my file. What criteria do they use for their entry system? I probably wouldn't be so upset but this is the second time and a judgment is a very serious matter. Any thoughts or experiences of others would be most appreciated. I have to wonder how often this happens to others who may not realize the error for months or even longer
  7. Actually, it's not that great a position. He's applied at six other places that offer more money and hours, none of which pull credit, only background checks and are much closer to home. Now if they were on the verge of hiring him and said that they just had to pull credit and he'll get the job, that's different. Since FICO doesn't differentiate (at least for now) as to the source of the pull, he'd rather not be bothered.
  8. Based on not knowing what kind of pull this particular employer would be, my husband has decided not to apply. They are based in Brooklyn, quite far away from us. I agree with the above poster in that these should be soft pulls since it has nothing to do with them lending anyone anything or providing credit. It's also hard not to say "None of your business". The criminal checks I can see, but this? We are not the sum of the numbers of our credit scores! We are individual human beings.
  9. I did do a search on this but it still is confusing to me. My husband is just now filling out an application for a job and the employer wants permission to pull credit reports, among other things. Other than the fact that this bugs me to no end (I don't think it's any of their business) and his scores are around 720 (and he's an LPN, not an accountant or someone dealing with finance), would this be a soft or hard pull? Just wondering while I'm on the subject: what would be the scenario if a landlord wants to pull credit also? Thanks so much for any help. It seems that we've become nothing but numbers anymore.
  10. I've read through HDPorter's excellent post and have also done a walkthrough on the CHASE website regarding Blueprint. Let's just say I am still confused. I do think CHASE's people could have done a better job with their demo; maybe it's just me. Here's a question: Say I wanted to purchase a new PC (it's iMac for me next time; I'm done with Windows). This may become reality soon since our current PC is over 6 years old and really starting to show its age. OK, so I decide to purchase the 27" iMac at $2000 using CHASE. I'm under the impression that I can choose either how much I want to pay per month, and Blueprint will show me how many months remain at that payment amount. Or, I can specify how much time I want to use to pay it off-say 14 months-and Blueprint will do the math and let me know how much per month I need to pay. Did I get that right? I like the way it tells you how many months you have left and tracks your payments on a graph. It's a handy little tool if that's how it works. It think they want to help people control and manage their spending. Of course I could always buy the computer through Apple, Best Buy etc. but I really don't want to add an additional account just now. Did I get Blueprint right? Thanks...
  11. Thank you so much for your replies. The interest rate on the cash advance would be 1.5% until 8/2011. Paying it off before then would not constitute a problem. My husband has been working steadily and off UI for quite some time. This is a matter that a former employer drummed up out of vindictiveness because he found someone better to work for. Who would think that UI would punish someone who decided to go with a better paying job that enabled him to go off UI? That's how the system works. 9 times out of 10 it favors the employer. Good thing we didn't hire that lawyer for $750 on top of everything. I'm going to try and sell the 2nd car even though we would be lucky to get anywhere near what it cost us. Every repair is over $500. In fact, that is why our CC debt is $585-less than I put in my first post as I forgot we returned a printer and received the credit for it. We're putting $200 towards the one card it so that will bring it down to $298. As I said, we could just pay the $2000 but don't want to dig into the savings again. I would hate to go on a payment plan with UI due to the fact it would screw up the mortgage We do have to leave this house. We are bleeding $$$ living here. The heating system alone is so bad it only heats two rooms, yet the cost of oil is through the roof. Last winter it was so cold in the bathroom the body washes and shampoos could barely be squeezed out of their containers. It's a hard call, isn't it? Driving us nuts. We simply no longer have any pleasures in life. Too many dark clouds over our heads. But I wish to thank you for replying. We are so tired of fighting.
  12. Hi folks. This is complicated so please try and stick with me as it's hard to describe our situation. It seems that FHA may be willing to give us a mortgage (the initial pre-qual stated the maximum selling price should be $171,000). Once our scores were checked-they're in the 720-740 range-the rep said go ahead and find a house and we'll see what we can do. Since we live in a terrible place and have been paying $1200 a month the last 5 years for the privilege, we are anxious to become homeowners again. We have very little debt. Right now we owe $700 between two credit cards. My husband had been on unemployment in the past and now one of his employers claimed he "quit" their employ. It wasn't true, but after 2 appeals hubby lost the case and has wound up owing UI $2000. It couldn't have come at a worse time. Now, as I see it, our options are this: 1. Just pay UI in full and get it over with. Our savings will take another ding since we had to buy a used car recently for $2800 and paid cash for it. Didn't want an auto loan on our credit report. We would much rather not take out any more money since we do want the mortgage. UI is offering a ridiculous payment plan that would take 7 years to pay off $2000. I suppose we could make other arrangements, but then there's that mortgage to consider. Isn't it true that any debts that would take longer than 6 months to pay off are subtracted from what your max qualifying monthly mortgage amount would be? 2. My hubby's CC occasionally offers cash advances at a very decent rate and usually gives a year to pay it off at the low rate. If we borrowed about $1200 this way and paid $200 a month, the debt would be gone in 6 months. I would never take any cash advance offer if we couldn't pay it off before the low interest period was up. 3. Sell the car we recently bought, hoping to recoup some of the money. It will be hard going back to one car again, esp. since the 2nd car enabled me to more easily go to doctors' appointments etc. 4. Unfortunate to say, but asking relatives to help is out. My mother had told us she would give us $2000 towards buying a used car, but after we did she backed out of the deal. (I wouldn't have bought the car if I knew she was going to do that. But it's too late now). It really hurts since in the past I've given my mother to help with taxes etc. and also loaned my brother $ for a car, which he did repay. We would only borrow the money from them and pay them back; the difference is it's something that won't show on a credit report. Again, my major issue is that the timing of this mess is so bad. We could go for another appeal, but frankly UI is adamant that because taking on a new part time job that paid a lot better than the one he had (and that led to full time work for my hubby) is a "personal" reason to leave an employer. I won't go into that issue but suffice it to say the ruling is very unfair. Which way would do the least damage? I welcome any and all suggestions. My husband has gone into quite the depression when, after all his hard work at fighting this thing, it ends up against him anyway. I am leaning towards the special cash advance offer that his CC sends out. Yes I know there is a fee involved but it still would not be that painful. Kind of like--lowering of his score for taking on more debt vs. reducing our savings (again) while trying to get a mortgage. We have to come up with something very soon. Thanks in advance.
  13. I agree about the banks. I think they alienated so many of their customers with nasty tactics (like rushing through interest rate increases before the new Fed regulations were to take effect) that many just said "adios" to the card. So instead of making more money from the increased interest, they lost the consumer instead. As far as the offer as listed by the OP, I would immediately assume they would pull a hard. The whole thing just raises my suspicions about that bank. They're enticing people to increase what they owe by dangling the carrot of an increased credit line. Don't you just love their tactics?
  14. Hi, my husband and I only have one credit card apiece (with different banks). In fact, our credit reports almost look like a desert with no other open accounts. I wonder if it would help if we each made the other an AU on our credit cards. I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. It would be so simple....CHASE makes it easy online as I just have to give some basic info and they will send him a card. Any thoughts? Thanks and have a great day. Sharon
  15. You have to wonder why they are so easy to give out credit after the big credit collapse and now crunch. This was supposedly how the predatory lenders got in trouble. A Google search shows up some troubling complaints about this company, with people alleging being charged bogus late fees, changing of their due date on almost a monthly basis, paying more than the minimum and still ending up owing interest etc. The poster who wrote about the hefty Doctor's fee for use of this service is correct. We were offered a 5% discount if we used a credit card instead. Still, the office manager was practically shoving the app in my husband's face to sign, and it even contained blank spaces. So just beware and as always, read every single line before you sign.
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