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  1. Please list any/all installment loan companies that allow you to pay the balance down quickly, but not completely off, i.e., $20 so as to keep the account open, which is good for the credit score, but saving you lots on interest. i recently tried to do this with Prosper on a $20,000 loan, but they made the last payment due whatever the remaining balance was (like $22). i was not too disappointed as i saved a boatload of interest. Other than that, i think Prosper is ok. But which companies CAN you do this with? Thanks.
  2. Could only get $500 CLI from discover it today
  3. At any rate, $11,000 CLI in 3 days................ Night-night.
  4. i should update my new credit portfolio as far as balances etc. Too sleepy now. But, i understand your point.
  5. 1) PayPal CC automatic $1300 credit limit increase today. Didn't ask for it----was automagic. $5000 to $6300 2) Cap One rejection reasons: "Thank you for applying for a credit card issued by Capital One®. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application and information obtained from your consumer credit report(s) from the agencies detailed on the back of this letter - we cannot approve your request at this time. The reason(s) for our decision are: •Based on your credit report from Trans Union,there have been too many recent inquiries •Based on your credit report from Equifax,there have been too many recent inquiries •Based on your credit report from Trans Union,insufficient experience with high lines of credit or credit amounts •Based on your credit report from Experian,there have been too many recent inquiries"
  6. Williams Sonoma $1500 Summit racing equipment $3500 (i shop here frequently, so......) Lexus credit and Toyota credit both "under review," so it's likely i didn't get them...............
  7. To get the highest credit available possible without paying any annual fees. i want to rule the world essentially.......
  8. So far: Amex $1000 credit line increase from $1000 Barclay $1000 credit line increase from $10,000 Home depot approved for $1000 Lowes approved for $2000 (i actually shop at HD and lowes quite frequently) Capital One QuickSilver rejected. So, 92,000 total credit available from 87,000
  9. True, but i just prefer not to pay annual fees----everything adds up.
  10. Need easiest to get credit cards with a 754 fico (transunion), followed by the more difficult to get CC's and so on: Goal is to get as many credit cards as possible with the highest credit limits possible. Stipulations: 1) Must have no annual fee. 2) Only non-secured cards/cards that do not require a deposit. 3) We want the cards with the highest credit limit, but will take anything. 4) Store cards/gas cards etc. ok. The reason why i want the easiest to get first, followed by the more difficult and so on is i don't want to waste inquires on cards that i'm less likely to get.
  11. Found out today, after the bill came that i got an automatic $1300 Credit limit increase to $6300 from $5000 on the paypal (synchrony).
  12. TransUnion just went up to 764? i'm only paying the minimums on the 0% cards, not because i can't afford to pay more, but i'm trying to figure out the best course of action.
  13. Ok, what i'm trying to do is the pay it down to almost paid off, but not completely paid off strategy-----so that it stays open on the cred report, but you save so much by paying virtually no interest, but installment loans really help the credit score (generally.....?) Hence, why the balance is $22----i have about 23 months left on the loan term. So i figured, i'd pay $1 per month and maybe a few pennies interest. (learned this by listening to Rondi Lambeth) And i think they don't report and/or care about the actual amount of the balance, but only that you've paid as agreed? However: Prosper requires (i'm not sure of the exact term) "direct" pay from a linked bank account. And on my profile page the balance due IS the $22. i talked to a customer service rep, and she had never heard of this before (can't blame her as i had never heard of this strategy either until about last May). She got with a supervisor and....No, they can't finance the remaining $22. i decided to pay $1 on the last due date, but my account page now has a "LATE" / "Past due" flag on it. (Although prosper doesn't charge late fees until 15 days and doesn't report to the credit bureaus late until 30. So i have some time. Does anyone have any experience with Prosper/Prosper loans? Maybe they can't do it because this is peer-to-peer lending vs. a conventional bank? Is there a special step i'm missing? It's not THAT big a deal to me if we can't do it because i saved a TON of interest and i don't think it's going to hurt my score THAT much if and when it gets closed.........or will it?
  14. Just a little update: Around Feb, i applied for and got: 1) ABOC, Amligated bank of Chicago (mastercard) $3,300 CL 2) PayPal (synchrony mastercard) $5,000 CL 3) Wells Fargo $7,500 CL Then April-ish, applied and got: 4) Bank of Amer $11,000 CL 5) Discover IT $5,500 CL 6) American Express Blue $8300 CL Combination of paydown/balance transfer of the Prosper loan balance down to $22.00 And it's down to $22 rather than pay in full because i have questions on that which may be more appropriate for another thread.......? Got another raise to 95K last week. Was previously netting approx $5,800 per month. Not sure how much of this net could be, and was applied to debt? Not sure how much the new net will be either yet? Fico according to Discover (they use TransUnion) was 750 in June. It's now 735. i suspect due to the balance transfers of the Prosper Installment loan? Citibank Fico (they use Equifax) is now 725. Although back in April, it was 749 The bank of america balances are mainly balance transfers of the Prosper loan AND from the Barclay's which, itself was a balance transfer from other CC balances.
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