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  1. 401k, because the first $1m is exempt from non-government creditor judgements. If you owe back taxes, then your 401k will be subject to judgments, because your creditor now is the government. Depending on your state of residence, IRAs could be exempt from non-government creditor judgements. But IRAs are not exempt from judgements if your creditor is the government. Upon the successful completion of a bk, only non-government debts could be discharged. Taxes and government guaranteed loans (e.g. student loans, VA guaranteed loans, FHA guaranteed loans, etc ) are extremely and very difficult to discharge even under bk. These are the lawful ways. I'm not an accountant or a lawyer Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  2. Called last Sunday at 8:03 am PST, right after they opened, CSR picked up in a minute. DW called at 9:30 last Saturday PST, hold time was 45 minutes. Sent from my LG-H830 using Tapatalk
  3. Great! The ongoing $1 trial is still there. I just signed up and will cancel tomorrow. Well, I'm half p!ssed off. Just tried to cancel and the robot lady said I could cancel from the website or hold for over an hour. The only instructions on the website is to call the freaking number I just called This is my last signup until more people confirm this automated crap actually work Agree there is no option to cancel online, Phone number on post #7 does not give you the option to cancel anymore.
  4. FICO scores of mid 700s across the board. To reach this, strategy is to: Cultivate and grow existing TLs Payoff credit cards balance Remove chap 13 bk & 5 IIB accounts in my CR Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  5. Hello again, I noticed in my TU report that my 1st mortgage will drop off/disappear in 12/2018 along with my chap 13 bk info and the iib accounts. I think this is what's causing it: Shortly after discharge, we paid off the original 1st mortgage by refinancing thru a different lender. The paid off 1st mortgage lender is reporting the paid off 1st mortgage as part of in our chap 13 plan. During the bk, we were paying the 1st mortgage outside of the chap 13 plan. Also, the confirmed chap 13 BK plan said that we could refi or modify the original 1st mortgage without further order of the court upon written approval of the trustee. If the original 1st mortgage disappears, will this lower either my FICO 8, FICO 2, FICO 4 scores? Is it even worth disputing? And if it is worth disputing, should I dispute this with the CRA or the original lender? Thank you
  6. I am an honorably discharged vet just like you. This is my story: I joined USAA. 2 months after my Ch 13 discharge, USAA approved me for a no rewards classic VIsa with an unsecured line of $6,000. This month, I applied and got approved for a USAA no anual fee cash back Amex with an unsecured CL of $12,000. 4 months after discharge, NFCU denied my unsecured cc app due to bankruptcy. But NFCU said I will be approved for a secured cc. I did not pursue this matter further. Both NFCU and USAA was not IIB.
  7. Thank you for the kind welcome and sage wisdom. I'm glad I found this community. Sent from my LG-H830 using Tapatalk
  8. Hi everyone, Chap 13 discharged Jan 2017. Current FICO 8 scores per Credit Check Total is 668-Ex, 658-TU and 666-Eq IIB accounts currently in my CR: WFB 2nd loan due to lien strip, 2 Amex, 2 Chase, and 1 credit union Visa. IIB account that drop off my report: Capital One. For some reason it dropped off in Feb 2017. This enabled me to get an unsecured $3k limit Cap One Platinum Card. Authorized User on my mom's WFB Visa since Feb 2013. The account is in good standing. CL is $6,500, balance is $40. 1st mortgage refinanced in April 2017. Scores used in refinancing: Equ Beacon 5.0 - 701: Exp FICO 2 - 723: TU FICO Classic 4 - 704. Credit cards under my name only, all unsecured. Months credit cards opened is included: Mar 2017 - 6k - USAA Visa Classic: July 2017 - 12K -USAA Amex cashback: May 2017 - 10k - Discover IT cashback: July 2017 - $3k Cap One Platinum Classic. Collectively, utilization at 4%. Opened Credit One Visa in Feb 2017 unsecured CL at 1.5k, closed July 2017. Closed it to avoid the annual fee. Utilization was under 10% and always PIF. AAOF is 2 years and 4 months. Somehow, the being an AU on my mom's WFB helps. Hard pulls that resulted in denial: SDFCU , NFCU, & Barclays. SDFCU and NFCU denied to to BK showing on report, even after recon. Barclays said come back in 4 months. Denial reason given was due to all new accounts. Objective: get the best possible automobile loan rate. I'm looking to buy between 18 to 24 months after the BK and the derogs dropped off my CR. Also, 2 years should give me enough time to save up 33% down payment. I went to Cap One Auto Loan pre-qualifier, and was given a CL of 40k for 4.6%. Interest is too high IMO. Questions: Do I need an installment loan to add to my credit mix? Or is the 1st mortgage considered an installment loan? I still have several paid off installment loans pre-bk showing on my CR from Levitz, Citi, BofQ, Springleaf Financial, American Honda Finance, etc. which is all in good standing. Several of those I think will drop off soon given its age. How much of a score bump will I get after the CH 13 drops off from my report around Jan 2019? Will the IIB 2nd loan and credit card accounts drop off too? Thanks in advance, CreditB0arder

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