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  1. CAT is the other company offering a similar account
  2. Card offers definitely crop up more regularly with good business checking balances, “Just for you” offers with fixed interest rate are the most solid
  3. Sorry, my mistake, Northern is Net 30, will did out the other I found
  4. I got a Honda Commercial Power Equipment account with a SL of $1000, which after 2 months and zero spend they increased to $5k ! following on from that, the Toro-Exmark account application is exactly the same, and yes I got a start limit of $1k Northern Tool and Tractor Supply also now have the exact same business card application online, both with no PG option, both started me at $2k ConocoPhillips Fuel card with synchrony and Exxon Mobil with Wex also approved no PG accounts
  5. To update and to give hope to all those starting out......whilst a lot of info about business credit on the web is very outdated, if you use common sense and read all the important recent threads on here you can get there , eventually! it really does take time, and more and more emphasis is placed on your personal credit when applying for business credit cards my company is 3 years old in May , with the help of folk on here I have... 16 trades on D&B (good rating, low risk) 8 trades on Experian (score 95) what i I have found is that once you spend your initial $51, and the account is reporting, you can spend $5 and the account will report that amount, not on all of them but most seem to do this. Apple have raised the minimum from $2500 to $4000 for business finance Citi do a hard pull for CLI on Staples and Home Depot accounts ( lesson learned!) On my Lowes act it has always been soft pull for increasing, $2k, $5k and now $10k, with very little spend i have given up trying to get a NewEgg business account, they are impossible to deal with ! so, don’t give up, it all comes together eventually, thanks again to those who offered sound advice Bank business credit cards next for me, in August !
  6. I finally got approved for Amazon Net 55 account, albeit with a low start limit, but no PG ! do I give it 3 or 6 months before applying for the revolving version ?
  7. Anyone have this account ?? https://commercial.syf.com/EApplyCommercial/load.do?cHash=9941244770&langId=en
  8. Oh yeah, i forgot.......can you tell im excited ? Freedom Unlimited & They pulled Transunion
  9. WOW , i have a JP Morgan Chase Card on its way...........i am wearing a massive grin !!!!!!! What may be useful to some of you applying, i went from the 30 day message on the application status phone line, to 7 to 10 days........which from what i have read on here is usually a decline Before i received the letter, i called the verification phone number and after a few details was approved, so......never say never ! Start Limit is $7000, scores around 740, oldest card 2.5 years A huge thank you to all those who provide the help and info on here.........
  10. Im not 100% sure which ones still report.......all granted me 30 days easily enough ABC Supply US Plastic Amsterdam Printing Meynards MSC Seton Gemplers WB Mason HD Supply Supplyworks
  11. The available credit is all im concerned with, any bonuses are just.......a bonus ! My options are not straightforward, i have quite a few inquiries and ITIN not SSN which complicates things, otherwise my file is all positives Right now the most important thing is getting my first cards with Chase & Amex, the rewards will follow later, i hope ! So please, any advice on which is most favourable to qualify for, i would be very grateful
  12. Am i right in saying that the Chase Freedom and Slate cards are the easiest to qualify for ? and also in the case of Amex, the Delta Gold ? These will be my first cards with both companies, my Fico is 730 ish, oldest card 2.5 yrs, youngest 3 months Also, at what point does a thin file become a thick one ?, is it simply age or number of accounts or both ? Thanks in advance
  13. Can anyone confirm they report please ?
  14. Supplyworks definitely report SNS do not report to D&B or Experian or Equifax, save your money !

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