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  1. Thank you. I'm not sweating it very much. I've got a ton of inquiries right now and may hurt on some things, but right now I'm concentrating on obtaining a mortgage and was just pre-approved from my lender for a VA. So that it first. Then down the road when the score gets a little better I would like to get a AMEX Delta card since we fly Delta quite a bit. Thanks again, Joe
  2. Thought I would update this thread once. Yes I was in a bad place credit surprised NFCU gave me a chance even if it was only $500. I'm trying to figure out my score when we first started this journey. I'm guess it was low to mid 500's. I ended up asking for an increase to my NFCU and they jumped it up from $500 to $1500. Still not a lot, but every bit counts. Today I'm proud to say that I've cracked the 700 score on FICO. I've been getting the Ultimate 3B reports for the past couple months. I'm not sitting at Eq-663 Trans-704 Exp- 672 My wife and I are constantly looking to make our credit better and are on the right track. Oh yeah, FYI, NFCU did do a hard pull for the CLI. Next thing we are working on is getting the credit pulls down. should have 4 or 5 coming off in the next couple months and next year there should be a bunch coming off again. Thanks Joe
  3. Do you remember what your credit score was when you got your Amex? I can't wait to get an Amex Delta card, since we really only fly Delta.
  4. I do not see Midland as a tradeline. So Midland bought the debt from Barclays. KK says a 0 balance for Barclay's. The remarks say charged off as bad debt.
  5. So my Barclays was sent to Midland and Barclays remarked that it was Charged off as bad debt. We have paid Midland in full. Should or will the remarks in Barclays change to paid in full or will it stay as the charged off as bad debt? Thanks
  6. I've had my NFCU card since Novemberish and have never asked for a CLI. I have not missed a payment on anything for over a year now and am thinking of asking for a CLI on their website. It currently is $500. What would be a good limit to increase it to? I feel if I ask to high, it'll get denied. To low and they may give it to me and then I'll have to wait again to ask for another increase. Thanks
  7. I only got use out of it when my ATT bill would get me points. Haven't used it since that stopped.
  8. Curious if anyone is familiar with the Wisconsin Chapter 128 law. We are currently in it and just sent our trustee a check to pay it off. Wondering how much I can expect my credit score to jump. And, will the items that are currently in there show paid in full on the CR. Will those items show derogatory information? Thanks
  9. Do you mind sharing what your credit score was when you obtained it? I'm working on rebuilding my score and am in the 620 range I would guess. I haven't pulled my 3B MF Report yet. Thanks
  10. If you don't mind me asking what are your current scores? I just got a VA loan approved with a 610 middle score. Hi MMarch, sorry I didn't see this until now. I'm not quite sure what my scores are? I need to purchase the 3B report. Where did you get your VA loan done through? Most everyone I talk to say the magic score is 620. I think I'm close to the 620 mark. Thanks Joe
  11. I am wondering what credit scores mortgage lenders generally use? With all the different FICO and Vantage types, I'm just curious as to which one I should be looking at or does it even matter? We're working on getting our scores up to try and take advantage of a VA loan and would rather put our rent payment towards a mortgage payment. Thanks Joe
  12. Good afternoon, I read a thread a month or so ago, but can't find it now. I just got a NFCU card with a $500 limit. I have read that I should try to a CLI after the third billing cycle, but I also remember reading something about finding out when the cut off date is and when the report or something like that. I think the point of that was to utilize the card and then a week later pay off the balance or something like. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly what was said, but I'm hoping someone can tell me. I saw the earlier thread that got derailed. So, do I use the card and then pay off the balance? If so when should I pay it off? Probably not the same day, correct? Thanks for any information anyone can provide. Joe
  13. LOL, Far from it. This is just one of the problems with my credit report. I was curious about this one. I am going to be starting on the others as well here in a bit. Thanks Joe
  14. We have a lot of credit inquiries on our credit reports from us trying to get an auto loan from dealers and they went out to a plethora of banks who ran our credit. According to CK, there are 16 Hard inquiries on my Transunion, 5 on Equifax. I'm not sure about Experian right now. I am wondering if there is a way to get rid of these since they are all valid with exception of one. That one was from my step daughter who tried to use us as a co-signer which we didn't approve. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Joe
  15. Sorry for all the questions, I'm just confused. So with the tracking stickers, I keep the customer copy of the sticker for my records and then put the large bar code portion of the sticker on the outside of the envelope or do I put it directly onto the letter? I'm assuming I put it on the envelope so it gets scanned so I can see the tracking. Thanks

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