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  1. I got preapproved offers for the Power Cash Rewards and Promise when my quarterly score was loaded up this past weekend. Selected the PCR and I got a $3,000 SL with 17.74% APR. I must confess that I was pretty astonished to get Penfed's newest and most heavily-plugged card on a soft pull - you expect it from a Comenity store card you get via the shopping cart trick, but Penfed?
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    I was pretty astonished when I got a Penfed Power Cash Rewards on a soft pull this past weekend after their quarterly review. I already know that Comenity does that for their store cards - I got my Overstock card that way after getting a prequalification offer in email - but I'm amazed Penfed is awarding its latest and most heavily-advertised card that way. I guess they must really have liked what they saw in my Equifax for this past quarter...!
  3. I've known about this board for some months now from the Credit Pulls Database but (shame on me) didn't get around to joining until today. I'm in the midst - I want to say in a somewhat advanced phase - of rebuilding my credit from a 2014 Chapter 7 bankruptcy, having started out at the end of 2015 with a secured Capital One platinum, and am now starting to get good rewards cards (I have Discover IT since March and just got the Penfed Power Cash Rewards on a SP from their quarterly review). Looking forward to sharing information and experiences with all of you here!
  4. Came here from researching the Credit Pulls Database on Google, I've actually known of this forum for several months now but was so lazy I didn't get around to joining until today.

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